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Explosions on London Underground


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I'm thinking terrorists but the media keeps saying it might not be


apparently there was a power-surge that could have explained the explosions on the underground, but the national grid has now stated that that was unlikely to be the cause.


Its still not confirmed as a terrorist attack, but there seems a number of underground trains and a bus involved, which makes it unlikely (but not impossible) to be attributable to accident.


Last I saw, there were 90 casualties and 'some' fatalities.


current advice, to those in london, is to not make unnessesary journies so as not to impede the emergency services.


FYI, the underground and zone-1 busses will be inoperational for the moment.


(above from BBC News 24).

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"arab intelligence services, who moniter the activities of al kaidea, have told the BBC that todays activites are almost certainly the work of al kaida"


Metropolitan police chief says to londoners "stay where you are, and dont phone the emergency services unless your life is threatened", whilst they deal with the situation


(source: BBC News 24)

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That's pretty bad. :-(


After Spain got bombed, England was always a possibility, I doubt that's any comfort though, at least it looks like it wasn't as bad in terms of casualties which is something to be thankful for.


If Al Queeda thought bombing the British would get them anything, it seems they haven't studied history.

I suppose that makes us(.au) next on the bin laden bash up list.


dave and dak:

Keep your chins up.

Bin ladens a wimp compared to what Hitler did and your lot saw Hitler off. :)


I suspect that the ID cards are probably all but guaranteed now though, talk about rotten timing.



Can't be the french, no greenies were killed. ;)

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A group calling itself ''The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe'' posted a claim of responsibility for the blasts, saying they were in retaliation for Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.


That came from a report I read right before getting on here.

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Best wishes to our British friends here on the board. After such a happy day yesterday, to have this happen, must be devastating. I'm so sorry for you guys, and I hope you and yours are all well.


Thanks, Pangloss :) I know a couple of people in London that work around there, but thankfully all is okay with them and their families. I have to admit that I've been rather engrossed with the BBC News coverage, but after 8 straight hours I'm ready to take a break ;)


Anyone requiring a very good example of the British attitude towards this should listen to Ken Livingstone's speech. Britian has been through this before; we've had 30 years of IRA bombings and other assorted illegality to deal with. Whilst Al-Qaeda think that they've brought London to its knees, the exact opposite has happened. The British are a very proud nation, and events like this unite us like no other. I couldn't help but feel rather proud as the first bits of news came in, reporting how calm and restrained the public had been. I also have to say that the emergency services have done an amazing job.


They won't get away with this, though. We'll simply re-double our efforts to find the bastards.

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I don't know how this is going to come out, but it's incidents like this that kind of make me happy that New York City didn't get the Olympic Games in 2012. I have a feeling the IOC decided against NY in fear of a major terrorist attack happening there. I just hope that they also make sure that security is tightened when the olympics happen in London.


One thing I will say, however, is that when Bin Laden is finally caught, you will see a massive celebration taking place throughout the world. I know that in the grand scheme of things he really means nothing, but I guarantee you that you'll see a lot more happy people on this Earth as pretty much everyone has lost all tolerance for these terrorist groups and their beliefs.

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the filthy rotten ba$tards ought to rot in hell!

I watched the story unfold from about 10 past 9 GMT, told Richard on IRC about it, ther were no definates then, then the power surge story came out, about 20 - 30 mins later it was a shit storm :(


there`s 33 confirmed dead, and those on the bus are yet to be added.


the local BNP are gunna have a field day with this, they`ve been almost begging for an excuse :((

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My main concern is that we dont have any 'lets go beat up some muslims' shit as a result (btw, the british muslim organisation has already heavily condemed the muslims who did this)


Other than that, daves right. the UK has an attitude that deals well with this kind of thing.


callouse as this may seem, this'll get 'shrugged off' pretty soon: the IRA have bombed us before, and we always mourne, but get strait back on with things: the tube and busses will be up and running pretty soon, planning will go on for the olympics pretty soon, the G8 summit will continue (apparently the prime-minister is headed back tonight to continue it)...


the terrorists will have accomplished very little exept to incur some retaliation (which i hope is moderated with common sence).



and: cheers, pangaloss.

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there`s a Strong hatred of them around here anyway, some of their "political manouvers" have endangered our heritage, they`re not looked upon kindly anymore.

which is a pity that those with a little bit of power in that community have to spoil it for the ordinary guy that`s just a Muslim that wants to get on the same as any of us do.

It doesn`t help that 6 of those arrested and detained from the last large barbaric acts of terrorism, were also from Tipton too!

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The thing is, these terrorists now have the USA ROYALLY pissed at them, and now the UK will become even more ROYALLY pissed at them too. Pretty soon, they'll have pissed off every country on Earth and they'll have nowhere to hide. What is tragic is that now there are millions, if not billions, of law-abiding, respectful Muslims who may wind up losing their lives and respect due to this very miniscule handful of racist pigs. :(

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What is tragic is that now there are millions, if not billions, of law-abiding, respectful Muslims who may wind up losing their lives and respect due to this very miniscule handful of racist pigs. :(
That's what I was thinking about today. It's hard to remain cool, but as otherse have said, the UK is particularly resiliant in the face of these types of things. I just hope that things don't escalate to where the rest of the world is as genuinly pissed off as the united states is. Because then there will be trouble, and lots more innocent people will lose their lives.
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