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Need advice on eqipment


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Hi, I'm no scientist. I'm here because I think someone reading this can help me with a problem I would like to resolve.
I restore pottery and porcelain art and antiques. The method I use involves airbrushing small amounts of two-part epoxy paint to cover the repairs. Measuring out the two parts of epoxy (1:1 by volume or 3:1 by weight) is a slow and messy process and I am looking for a better method.

Currently, I use the weight method and two eye droppers but the thick viscosity of the epoxy make measuring and mixing a slow and sticky job.  There must be a cleaner, more efficient way to measure and mix these small (+/- 1/2 ounce) amounts.  Any suggestions?

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You could try an epoxy gun, RS stock some that you use with cartridges https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/epoxy-guns/1462873/

The cheapest way is possibly to go to DIY wharehouse where you can buy syringe cartridges ready to go with hardener and epoxy in seperate chambers. 

You still need to give the epoxy mixture a good stir before using it with these.

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