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What's the stupidest conspiracy you can think of.

the tree

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I've always liked all the secret organizations that rule the world. From the "Gnomes of Zurich" to the "Illuminati". How do these guys compete with each other?


The other versions of the stories are that these groups are "in the process" of controlling us. Now they've supposedly been around for centuries at least, always in positions of power, they must be bloody inefficient if they are only now "in the process" of controlling us. :D


As an aside, perhaps there would be less conspiracy theories if some of the so called "debunkers" did not put forward explanations that are physically impossible as explanations of different phenomena.

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There are only two people posting to this site. One uses names containing numerals [e.g. YYT2095, d22k], the other uses purely alphabetic names. Both persons are schizophrenic with multiple personalities. There medication maintains them in a state where they are wholly unaware of the other personalities in their mind. [The exception is when the Sayonara personality exhibits, as he hears voices telling him he is the chosen one of the great sphagetti beast.]They are being held in a secure facility in an abandoned mine in Irian Jaya by a consortium of scientologists, Trotskyites, defrocked Greek Orthodox Priests and former members of Take That. It is hoped that they will either discover the cause of canaries or be able to explain why Dick Cheney and Michael Jackson are never seen in public at the same time.


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Hotdogs come in packs on 8....hotdog buns come in packs of 10....those dirty low bastards...


[Edit]-It's no theory, it's true, but I love to see my friends rant and rave over constructing conspiracies over nothing but hotdogs.


There's a story behind the conclusion above. My friends and I were over at another friend of mine's house, grilling hotdogs. When we found ourselves with more buns than we knew what to do with, one of my friends came to the conclusion (he's a tad slow :D ) that there were more buns in a package than hotdogs!

Me:"ok...sorry man..."

Friend 1 (Im keeping their names secret because if they see this, they might not forgive me for calling them stupid...they're also over sensitive :P ): "Seriously man, they must have planned it that way!

Me: "So? It's a way to make money from people who have the buns but not the stuff to fill it."

Friend 2: "Well, we've got the stuff to fill it, just not recommended stuff." *takes up a pickle and places it in a bun*

Me: "Creative. How's it taste?"

Friend 2: "Needs mustard"

Friend 1: "Im on it!" Goes to kitchen and from the window connecting the kitchen to the porch, projects mustard all over the table. "So the companies are just out to screw us? God, I love this country."

Me: "Who said anything about the companies that make the hotdogs and hotdog accessories? I'm blaming the aliens!"

Friend 2: "Either them or the south..."

Me: "Dag yo" (inside joke, if you get it, then Im sorry...)

Friend 1: "So the aliens convinced the companies to make them that way?"

Me: "Nope, didnt convince them...MiNd CoNtRoL!!

Friend 2: "They speak through the hotdogs...tell you to do things...to burn things..."

Me: "No, wait, we're talking about how the aliens are controlling the hotdog nazis to make their packaging incosistant...hotdogs havnt spoken to me for some time, and even then, I doubt it was aliens..."

Friend 2: "Wait..." Long silence

Me: "yeeeeeess??"

Friend 2: "Now Im confused."

Friend 1: "As it should be, as it should be."

Me: "I concur!" *raises a bottle of soda*

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More conspiracies..or are they?...


1. Roosevelt knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and let the Japanese bomb Hawaii so that the US could enter the war.


2. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were based on revenge for Pearl Harbor, rather than to end the war.

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Since we're on the topic of war.


There's a conspiracy about how all wars are started by the organization known as the Illuminati, or the one government that works behind-the-scenes and someday plans to control the whole world, under the name of evil (haha). Well according to this theory, the Illuminati (filthy rich) supports both sides in a war and make sure that a certain side wins in order to create new plans of somesort to further advance their conquest of world domination.


If you're interested (really really interested, because this is sort of a long read), then feel free to check this website out: http://www.trueconspiracies.com/

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Cornelius, that was what I was getting at before. The Illuminati have supposedly controlled the governments for hundreds of years, but they "someday plan to control the whole world"? Can anyone else see the logical inconsistancy here?


If they've been at it this long and haven't succeeded, they must be bloody poor at it. :D

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Right on. There are so many conspiracies that people have made, interesting stories, but extremely far-fetched, almost tall tales. It should also be noted that if you compare two or more subject matters for a long period of time many, many comparisons can be made, thus forming "conspiracies."

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a couple of people, before there was a timeout for editing, used to go back and replace all there posts with '...', which ruined the thread: hence the lack of delete button.


or, back on topic, its a SFN conspiracy to hold all of what we say, even the embarrasingly stupid things and the posts with personal info, so that if we get famouse one day they can black mail us.


It sounds stupid, but it goes on alot around here... Dave, for example, got his position because he possesses embarrising pictures of blike and a goat.


actually it may have been a senator, or a pornstar, rather than a goat... i forget.

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