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Supramolecular Chemistry


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Basically it's a form of chemistry that is being researched to this day. It has to do with things at the atomic level. EEETY BITTY TINY LITTLE molecules and the chemistry of them. Not only that, but it also has to do with the chemical bonds between cells and how those bonds are related to each other through chemical elements.


A part of this chemistry has to do with nanotechnology and cybernetics in the future more so.

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Hermann Emil Fischer (1894) is credited for the "lock and key principle".

I was totally unaware of that fact when I was a biochemistry student.

On the last year of my University B. Sc. studies (1978), I was assigned to study "Soybean Trypsin Inhibitors".

Apparently, I have reinvented the wheel when I proposed a Lock and key mechanism of the enzyme inhibition.

In my dissertation, I gave full details of the Supramolecular Forces that effects that mechanism, thus promoting Fischer's conjecture into a discipline without knowing that I did such a thing. :D

A group of American chemists visited our department three years after I have left without a trace changing my career. They specifically asked about the chemist who published the abstract of the Soybean Trypsin Inhibitors, which is me. I was informed six years later by my supervising professor that my professors did not take them seriously and that the inquiry was merely taken as a compliment. In 1987, one of those chemists shared the Noble Prize on that very same subject, but I am not sure if he was Professor Donald J. Cram or Charles J. Pedersen.

Of course the Supramolecular Chemistry has evolved as a discipline since I contributed to it, and the Nobel Laureates have added a lot of technological research into it, however, I still feel proud to have pioneered that science before it was even born.

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