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Printing problems.


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I got a problem on my cartridge.

I thought it was almost out of ink, so I refilled some into it.

But after that, the intensity of the black colour decreases. I am absolutely sure about it.

The most strange thing is:

My printer is all-in-one. That means I can scan some documents and print them out without my computer on.

The intensity of the black colour is normal and perfect for this option.

Can anyone help me?

In the photo, the background and the text show their difference in intensity obviously.

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I cleaned. I guess the errors is caused by the normal decline of the cartridge.

Do you know how long a cartridge can last for?


I can refill mine at least three times. After that, your on borrowed time. I start getting skipping, streaking, etc. I once rinsed out a cartridge with water and paper towels that took me hours and made a big mess but still ended up replacing them. I think the (gold?) plating on the print head part just wears out.


And....I think the cartridge manufacturers know this, and make the printhead with a built in life span.....short as possible.



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I heard of the drying of sponges in a cartridge. Probably mine is in this case.

I tried to fill in two-third of a inkjet refill kit, but there is no ink leaking out even I smear the cartridge mouth with a moist paper tissue.

In fact, I suspect my way to refill in it. I don't know the proper method and I just forced the ink into the cartridge, lol.

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Hi Primarygun,


First, what type of multi-purpose printer is it? e.g. HP deskjet 355X.

Second, what is your computers OS; Windows98, Me, XP, NT?

Third, what type of cartridge is it? single color black, or tricolor?

Fourth, how is your printer connected to your computer? USB, Parallel Port (LPT), or network print server?


Meanwhile, until I receive a response to the questions above, you can try the following for possible quick fix:

If you are using Windows 98, Me, XP, or NT goto control panel, select printers:

1) Verify your printer is the default printer (the printer icon with the check mark). Fix: If not the default, right-click on your printer icon, select default from drop-down list, and left-click on 'default'. Your printer icon should now have the 'check mark' designation. If not, repeat until it does, refresh the screen and/or browser if necessary.


2) Now verify your printer settings: once again from the control panel, select printers: select your printer icon (the default printer with check mark), right-click and select properties. Once in properties, verify all settings: printer port (select appropriate USB or LPT), paper-type, paper tray, etc. Then check your ink settings: if possible, check 'new ink cartridge' installed settings, or Reset ink level option, etc..


3) Last option, RE-BOOT PC. Shut-down all open windows. Then shut-off the Printer power. Next, shut-down windows normally (click-on Start, Shut-off Computer, Shut-down).


Wait at least 30 seconds, then FIRST turn-on your printer. Does your printer give an error? (e.g. out of ink, paper jam, etc.) If so, follow the printers procedure for replacing ink cartridge -- remove your old inked cartridge and then replace it again.


Once the printer error is cleared, shut-off printer, wait 30 seconds and power-on the printer again. This time you should not get an error. If so, repeat until error cleared. If and ONLY if, you do not have a printer error, then power-on the Computer.


Once boot-up is complete, launch Notepad (but not Word or Wordpad). Then type in a sentence or two, and try printing. If your Notepad text file prints normal than the problem is probably fixed. If the Notepad text prints correct but type is thin, light, or jaggered, then run the printer 'clean head' procedure from: control panel - printer, properties - clean head setting.


If it is a network printer, then let me know because this is more complicated and requires knowing your print server IP address, your printers Ip address and all other network computer devices IP addresses. You can get this info from your network admin.. Then resovle any and all IP address conflicts -- e.g. never use an address with all O's or all 255 (F's), this is broadcasting and you will most definitely jam the network.


Hope this helps, it is a long drawn out process but this should cure the problem. If not, buy a new cartridge, install and check print. If the problem goes away, then most likely you trashed the old cartidge by touching the cartridge circuit boad (static zapped). In which case, the old cartridge will never work again, no matter how much ink you force into it. So, toss it out. Also, if you scotch-taped over the bottom opening of the ink cartridge while filling from the top, then you might have clogged the sponge with glue -- again, this is taboo and it is probably trashed.


Good Luck, let me know if this helped.

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