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WHAT!!!!!!! can i do with python??


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I am little "confused", don't fully understand your question..

What can you do with computer language?

You can write computer program.. ;)


It's up to you, or your clients, what kind of application you will write.

Python script interpreters are now often used by large applications to extend their functionality. You can write scripts to e.g. 3D applications. User-client in that case will be owner of 3D application, who needs some functionality that's missing in base-application, and script-programmer is making script which will fill this gap.


You can f.e. make script which will be speeding up some slow-annoying-manual operation like parsing text from websites or documents. People who don't program, have to open browser, find interesting them data, copy and paste them to spreadsheet (Excel/OpenOffice). Repeat as many times as they have websites/documents to process. Person who is programmer will write script which will download websites, find interesting data, extract them, and write them to CSV or other spreadsheet file format. Instead of manual-boring-task, automation. Better productivity.

The most common seek data is e-mail address (to be able to send offer of company to new clients).


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