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favorite bands


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Favorite guitarists and bands

Carlos Santana

Jan Ackerman

Alvin Lee-Ten Years After

Eric Clapton (With Cream only and not the studio stuff)

Leslie West-Mountain

Jimmy Page-Led Zepplin

Jorma Kaukonen

Jimi Hendrix-Whatever band he was with

Robin Trower

Neil Young (Genius in simplicity)

John Cippolina_Quicksilver Messenger Service (Live stuff only)

These are the ones who come to mind right now.

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One of my favourite bands atm is Coldplay - their latest X&Y album is absolutely great.


Apart from that, I'm into a lot of stuff - Evanescence has been played a lot recently, as has Green Day, Linkin Park, etc. Also, a lot of Jazz (Miles Davis, NYJO, etc) and Classical (mainly Handel).


Favourite guitarist? Don't really have one, I'm afraid. They're all terribly good ;)

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I don`t have a favorite' date=' it depends what mood I`m in.


but for Guitarist, it would have to be Gary Moore.[/quote']Guess your a bluesy kinda guy, eh ?


I dig Knopfler too. And of course, many other guitarists from the 60s and 70s (and few from after) - hendrix, clapton, harrison, vaughn, king, townsend, page, blackmore, santana, gilmour, beck, allman, frampton, dimeola, mclaughlin, de lucia, slash, satriani, vai, malmsteen, hammet, van halen, et al...


...and of course, no guitarist list is complete without Chet Atkins !

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Tom Morello (guy from Rage Against the Machine).


*clap clap* RATM is so ****ing powerful, yet so simple, ahh.

nirvana is one of my favourite bands, but cobain is an average guitar player at best

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Tom Mattson, I downloaded a couple songs by Super 400 and they're pretty good, any particular favorites that I should listen to?




I've just noticed that unless you are a member of their message board (which I am), all you get mostly is snippets. There is the complete recording of Blast the Message (title track from their 2nd album).


If you join the message board then you can raid the archives for many live MP3s. I love the albums, but this is a band that really catches fire onstage, so I would definitely recommend joining up and snagging some of the live ones. My favorite ones are "Made Up Worlds", "Northern Girl", and "High Hopes", so I'd say start with those.




Ah, there are some complete live tracks there for the taking on the audio page, down at the bottom. High Hopes and Day Bye Day are originals, and they are two of my favorites. Be warned though: they are a little on the long side. This band likes to jam, but not in the lameass Grateful Dead kind of way. It's more like Zeppelin or the Allmans. Don't Burn, Baby is a great, quick rocker that is actually a remake of a Sly and the Family Stone song. And just about everyone knows Que Sera Sera (also redone by Sly), but Super 400 does it with a strong bluesy accent.

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The Beatles

Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Rolling stones, Ozzy, Hendrix, Van Halen, Tupac, QOTSA and velvet revolver.

All great artists but the Beatles in my opinion are the greatest band ever. Their music is timeless.

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