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there is are many legends of giants in north America, which are now extinct. Captain Cooke took journal that he once encountered some of them and caught one, which escaped. I just wanted to know if there is more scientifically accepted evidence of large races of humans. Its not that far fetched in the case of those found in the graves of the mound builders, who were 8 feet tall. however it is unusual that they have double rows of teeth.


Are these findings hoax, or are they credible? I did not find any info claiming that these discoveries were discounted, so i'm hoping some one may have more information. Not neccisarily on these particular findings of giants, but any throughout history


here's a couple of interesting sites on the issue




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It's hogwash. There is no reputable record of any such "giant" human races, and you could be sure that if any existed we'd hear about them (witness the pandemonium over the "hobbits", Homo floresiensis). Also, note that every source is from the 1800's or so. If there was something to this, don't you think there'd be a information that's a *little* more recent?


Futhermore, there are biomechanical limitations to the size of an erect-walker like humans. While organisms 8 feet tall would be possible, they'd be so ungainly, slow, proportionally weak, and just generallys bio-mechanically screwed that they'd be selected out pretty fast. Humans with gigantism tend to suffer from cardiac, back, and joint problems due to their size.



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