Collusion with Russia

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1 minute ago, iNow said:

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility. 

If he does I'll be calling him Teflon Don.

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"Coats says that Russia utilized social media as a relatively "cheap and low risk" opportunity to sow dissension in the U.S.  He said in the eyes of Russia, it "offers plausible deniability and is proven to be effective at sowing division."

He said that Russia will "continue using propaganda, social media, false flag personas and sympathetic spokesmen to build on its wide range of operations and exacerbate social and political issues in the U.S."

Coats noted that Russia perceived its past influence as "successful" and aims to use the 2018 midterm elections as a potential target. 

Director Pompeo added that intelligence officials have yet to sees a "significant decrease" in Russian activity as it pertains their influence in U.S. elections and social and political issues. "



Both Dan Coats the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Mike Pompeo the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were appointed by Trump. They are not Democrat deep state plant. Both acknowledge under oath both the Senate today to Russia perceives their influence in the 2016 election successful and have continue to seed division. Meanwhile Trump himself continues to challenge whether Russia did anything a lot with regards to the 2016 election. Even if a person choose to ignore the fairly obvious fact that at a minimum Trump's campaign willfully and knowingly accepted help from Russia propaganda they should still be upset that Trump continues run defense for Russia to this day.  

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