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Why is ScienceForums going so slowly these Days?

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When the latest forum format was introduced, for all its many faults, it was not slow.

For the past few weeks SF have been interminable waits between moving to another page or responding to simple questions like hovering the mouse over the who is online list.

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Yes, I've had the 'bad gateway' and I've also found that other sites are not acting like this.

The problem occurs on ( fully up to date) Firefox on an older PC and also on Bing on a fully uptodate windows 10 machine.

If I for instance clcik on to move from page 2 to page 3 on a thread I see the timer circling with the word 'connecting' dosplayed.

I also see 'waiting for scienceforums.net quite often for upt to 30 seconds in the activity box in the bottom right, along with the

waiting for google ads, etc etc .

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It looks like we were getting bursts of traffic faster than we could start PHP processes, and didn't have enough spare processes. I bumped the maximum number of spare processes up to 25 (from 10) and the overall cap up to 50.

I'm not sure if that will solve the entire problem, but it should prevent some of the Bad Gateway errors. Let me know what you experience over the next day or so.

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10 minutes ago, Cap'n Refsmmat said:

Let me know what you experience over the next day or so.

Thanks it's already much better and someone else is concurrently watching HD video over my broadband as well as my use, whereas it's been solo all day here till now.


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Originally thought it was the latest Win 10 update that was buggering things up.
Tried another laptop without the update, and same issues.

Logged on tonite, and seems pretty smooth sailing ( or surfing ) so far.
Thanks Cap'n.

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13 minutes ago, geordief said:

Just got 502 Bad Gateway again.(just a hiccup perhaps.Seems fine otherwise)

Yeah, there's a PHP bug that makes it crash occasionally, and you get a 502 when that happens. It seems to happen every few minutes, and one random person trying to load a page when it happens is the lucky winner.

I wasn't able to find any bug reports that matched the crash, but I did just upgrade our PHP install, and will watch to see if that fixes it.

2 minutes ago, MigL said:

Spoke too soon...

Gotten progressively worse.
waiting about a minute to navigate between pages, sign in, or save a post.
( feel like I'm on dial-up again )

Backups just ran and sucked up a lot of CPU. Also I was running the upgrades. Let's see how the next day or so goes and that'll tell us if it's fixed.

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Wiated 90 seconds for

"waiting for csigstatic .com" whilst moving from page 1 to page 2 of a thread.

waited 45 seconds for ad.doubleclick.net after clcikcing on a thread in "Activity" tab.


waited 18 seconds after clicking on save to post the above.

'Edit' took less than 5 seconds to work

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Just made another tweak: allowed nginx (the web server software) to use 16 processes instead of just 4, since we do have 16 cores available on the server. Perhaps that will decrease some of the latency we've been seeing, where it takes multiple seconds before the server even replies to a request.

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