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Computer reconstruction


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hey all


my computer is irratibly slow because its old. i have decided to rebuild it and still use the same cpu case, cd-rom,cd-r,floopy,zip and possibly monitor. could anyone recomend parts, tips for construction, or anything else of that nature? thanks much

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What do you mean the CPU case??? You mean the computer case? Or the CPU? Unless the CPU is a good one (which, with a not so good computer I wouldn't have expected) I'd very much recommend you do purchase a new CPU... it is, afterall, the main part!


Otherwise a nice quantity of RAM at reasonable speeds is always good. I'd recommend 512MB of RAM, unless you are a serious gamer or do a lot of renderring and graphics works (or if you have money to spare) in which case 1024MB (aka 1GB) of RAM should do nicely.


A good quality graphics card is only required for serious gamers who like high resolution graphics and image-liking/using-people (sorry, can't think of the right word!)


As for the motherboard, the only real requirements is that it works with all the other components. Right CPU socket, correct RAM speed, right slot for graphics card (PCI Express or AGP).


A PSU (power supply unit) is required, make sure it has the right connections, most do have standard things which should work, assuming you aren't using excessive numbers of fans or lighting effects, 450W PSU should be sufficient.


Cooling: PSU should come with 1 (or preferrably 2) fans... the CPU needs a decent heatsink and fan... the graphics card may come with a fan and certainly a heatsink, if it doesn't have a fan, some people buy "system blowers" or fans which fit in the PCI slots to get air off the card.


Hard drives... SATA is preferrable to PATA.


What do you need the computer for? (Gaming, word processing, CGI effects, professional business (if so what does it involve?)) The computer built for each scenario varies.


And what's your budget?

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Hmm, actual values would be more useful.


And I have one more question, what do you have at the moment? (Asking because if you have absolutely abismable system then a cheap upgrade will give you a noticeable difference)

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