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Why is Freud so famous?

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I think some of Freud's stuff is great, what i have read about boys trying to internalise a male role model, and thus rejecting the female teachers' behaviours and values in schools is great, although it is clearly not scientific and entirely untestable. Some of it does seem to follow though.

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he was a nutter...i play snooker .

According to him i have a tendancy to stroke balls in with a phalus





The sexual content of snooker seems more to be one of penetration and aggression - except the spear is now a stick and the animal is now a ball.


Don't get me started on the "getting your balls down a hole before another male does" part of snooker.


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Freud was the one to suggest humans have only 2 main motivations. Sex and aggression.......no wonder many of his theories were based around the subconscious sexual meanings of our conscious thoughts, our dreams, our actions, feelings and our subconscious "slips".


Wasn’t Freud also the one to suggest that EVERY conscious thought and action was a result of a deeper more subconscious desire? So basically everything we say has a "hidden" meaning.


If you believe in this theory you can do some fun psycho- analytical experiments with your friends. Just get them to make up a pretend dream and make sure that they do not attach any personal attributes to any of it. Then sit down and do some dream analysis. If your any bit of a half decent Freudian dream interpreter, you can really pry into their deep subconscious. Your friend will be shocked and outright embarrassed with the interpretations you come up with, most likely because they well reveal some pretty deep feelings he/she has. Pretty neat stuff....I don’t know :P

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Simply put, Freud first developed psychoanalysis, which is still used to this very day. Just because all of Freud’s ideas where not entirely correct doesn’t mean that many of his other ideas had no basis to them either. Psychoanalysis along with cognitive behavioral psychology have combined to what is most commonly called "Combined Cognitive Behavioral Psychology" and is the most common and widely used psychology to this very day.


So just because you don’t like Freud’s ideas of sex and aggression doesn’t mean that those 2 drives are not major drives or wishes of humans. Just because he was a bit sexist doesn’t mean many of his theories were not correct.


His models of the mind, the Ego, Super ego and ID, dream analysis, psychic determinism, penis envy, castration complex, mechanisms of defense, compromised formations, the Oedipus complex and so much more........ find out how he contributed to psychology instead of trying to find out what he couldn’t contribute and you'll like the guy a lot more.

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