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Eastern Spirituality and reality

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Many of my friends hold interests in various parts of eastern spirituality. The other day one of these friends said something about Yogis or some other sort of spiritual masters being able to go hundreds of days without food or water (she might have said a longer period).


I disagreed, but the science of why it couldn't work interested me, so I could give her an exact reason for it being false. I decided to do some research, so first stop here.


Does anybody have any explanations proving right or wrong the above statement?



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well what were here sources? that one sounds quite iffy, but i know there are Tibetan Monastaries in which the monks go into the himilayas in only their robe, and draped in a soaking towel, and stay the night. Conditions that would give an ordinary person hypothermia, a discovery channel special investigated it, scientists attached electrodes to the monks. They confirmed that somehow, by intense power of thought they regulated their body temperature to not be effected by the harsh environment.


I also have studied eastern spirituality, tho i am skeptical of the supernatural, it can at least be said that within these paths there is a deeper key to unlocking human potential, unlike comercialized western religion which is mainly political.

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Yes me too, in response to both of you. I beleive it's easily possible for somebody to go in the himalayas with only a robe because it's been known for not only humans but all animals to do amazing things, but hundreds of days without food is something else. The book she told the story from is one you would probably recognize, I think it was called "Living With the Himalayan Masters"

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