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Design a device to catch egg from 2m drop


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Hi, i'm in grade and 9 and have to complete this project for my science class. I need help please!

I'm given the following to make my egg device:

2 sheets of computer paper, 2m of string, 8 elastic bands, 5 cotton balls, and 30 cm of scotch tape

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Presumably you also have something to hang the device from or stand it on or tie it to?

A good way to start would be to make a list of exactly all the things the device must do (and not do) in sequence as the egg is dropped into or onto it.

Then you can talk about each one of these separately to make them happen.

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I love puzzles like this.

The way *I* would do it would be to make a cone with one sheet of paper, place the cotton balls in the cone and then make a cylinder with the other piece of paper to place the cone into, for supporting the cone and keeping it in stable.

Although I think the objective of the game isn't to get the "correct" answer, but to assess your own problem-solving skills by thinking about how you would work out *a possible* solution for yourself.

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