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mini motor


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Yes it's possible, sure.

For instance the turbocharger of a piston engine is about half as powerful as the piston engine and is very small. A gas turbine alone would only be twice as big as the turbocharger.

If electric engines are allowed to run as quickly as a gas turbine, then they're even a bit smaller then them. You can check this at a turbo-alternator:
the three yellow casings host three pairs of low-pressure vapour turbines, the high pressure turbines are before, and the alternator (of same power necessarily) is in the small red casing at the rear.

Then, you may ask if an electric motor running at 100m/s or more makes a convenient transmission to the wheels. Helicopters have such a gear.

Intermediate situations exist. Electric cars have presently powerful motors that rotate not so fast and are typically located at the wheels. Find some drawings.

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a motor small as a foot, i'm not sure it's possible. Whether it is an electric motor or a combustion engine, there are physical limitations to matter. So, to produce the same torque as a car's motor with smaller motor, this last has to be made of stronger materials (stronger than steel), materials that can supporte higher temperature,...etc
So maybe we should ask physicist first about this.

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