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Box Packing!

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On the subject of hacking the client side software, and automating your answer


I suggest you


1) learn HTML

2) learn asp

3) learn javascript


Then you have different options

A) reverse engineer the client side soft and write a parallel solution that pulls the "answers" from a data base of some sort (since youve learnt asp by this stage it shouldnt be a problem.

B) write a plugin to automate your browser to push the answers into the existing software again from a database you have constructed.


however it does seem that the site has put up some barriers to doing this sort of thing, so you may find your IP address gets logged and you get banned from the site.

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I think i made the assumption that the puzzle was given on the more usual basis of "here is a puzzle that I came across and worked out/couldn't work out; what do you all think of it?"


rather than "here is a problem that i want the solution to, you lot are a cheap resource and if it is presented as a challenge you'll work it out for me"


I have no objection to the later presentation, that is what the homework forum is for but I mistoke it for the former. that is entirely my fault and due to an obvious imparment on my part in how i process information about the intentional states of others.

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As an admin on the site in question I find this thread very sad indeed and it's just as sad that the admins here have not pulled this thread and discouraged such discussions.


You of course realize that discussions of this nature undermine the validity of such tests and that once the answer to a question becomes common knowledge the question may have to be removed?


I don't suppose the considerable wasted effort of creating and norming these tests bothers you guys? Hm?

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As I said, high IQ society doesn't pay my bills nor my taxes. The test can be repeated till the correct answer comes up.


And what exactly will be gained by doing that? Do you do it to impress gullible friends of your "mammoth" IQ? Perhaps it's to gain membership into a society you're not otherwise able to, again to impress the impressionable? The only one you'll be fooling is yourself; fool being the operative word.


I can assure you that very few members of the society itself would be overly impressed by any score you tout. Something you may also be unaware of; the membership certificate that's awarded when you have successfully signed up makes no mention of the score received.


Now, you're quite welcome to pay up the 60 bucks for a fake membership if you wish but as has been previously pointed out, you are in breach of copyright by continuing to post society test questions here and in other threads.


Oh yeah, and one more thing; test takers are logged of course and it's quite obvious from the logs who are the people that repeat tests.

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Oh come on Ade now you're just being harsh. I understand your frustration but the digs are a bit much. I think from the posts you can see john321 is a smart guy. At least smart enough to score a meager 126. I beat that on the normal tests without even breaking a sweat. Then I tried the "Exceptional" test and found out I was a complete idiot. He's probably just like me and wants to know where he's gone wrong in trying to do the tough questions. Of course you want to check that you have the right answer before really analyzing a solution.


Ade perhaps you could try and curb this behavior in future by posting a few of the "underminded and invalidated questions" up with a link to solutions in a mock "Exceptional" test. Then people like me wouldn't have to lay awake at night wondering why I can spend a night figuring out the normal exam and score 150 and then only be able to get 2 or 3 of the "Exceptional" questions.


By the way, how long should it take to answer one of those questions?


If I can't figure a question out in a night should I realize it's over my head?


I'm sure if I took six months I could probably get 2 or 3 more, but does that mean I had a higher IQ just waiting to come out or am I just a persistent idiot?


I only ask because persistence did get me to the cannon ball solution on my own. Anyway, these will be the questions keeping me awake tonight, but at least I won't be pondering balls in a box.

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Naugh, I'm happy with the couple you posted here. Besides Ade would have a stroke and then who would we have to make up new questions!


I'm still wondering if my IQ grew when I figured out how to stack tertrahedral cannon balls or if I'm just a persistant idiot?


Also, is 150 the highest you can score on the culture fair test? I tried getting higher but couldn't.

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I don't know about the fair culture, what I know is, the Test for Exceptional intelligence goes up by 5 every time you answer one correctly. At the moment, I have 17 out of 25 correct, inwhich gives a score of 185. I could post you a solution on how to solve the 5meter box question( #18) or can give you a part solution to question #2. By the way, did you read about the thread on the Furble Question?

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I began by labelling the squares A-X. NB: J is the smallest square; it was too small for me to properly label!


The next step was to convert the diagram to a series of equations. These are summarised below:


(1) H=K+J

(2) I=K+2J

(3) F=2K+3J

(4) E=4K+4J

(5) G=3K+5J

(6) B=9K+12J

(7) A=13K+16J

(8) M=4K+8J

(9) L=3K+9J

(10) X=7K+17J

(11) D=10K+26J

(12) Q=P+W

(13) S=P+2W

(14) R=2P+3W

(15) T=P+3W

(16) V=4W (from Q+P+O=S+T+U)

(17) U=P+7W

(18) O=P+11W

(19) N=15W

(20) C=P+26W

(21) P=14.5W (from R+Q+T+U=S+P+N+C)

(22) 11K+14J=23.5W (from A+B=O+U)

(23) 17K+43J=47W (from D+X=A+B)

(24) K+14J=8.5W (from B+C=D+R)

(25) W=2J (from above)

(26) K=3J (from above)




A=55J, B=39J, C=81J, D=56J, E=16J, F=9J, G=14J, H=4J, I=5J, K=3J, L=18J, M=20J, N=30J, O=51J, P=29J, Q=31J, R=64J, S=33J, T=35J, U=43J, V=8J, W=2J, X=38J


Assuming the puzzlemakers were interested in the smallest integral solution, we should let J=1, in which case the required square, X, is 38 units long #

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