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What destryos my cpu?


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I severly hope that it wouldn't, if it did then your CPU would suck beyond belief.

It would probably take a intentionaly malicious program to actually phisically damage your computer, it would need some phisical control over your fan or something to overheat your CPU and destroy it, that's not the type of thing you can do by accident.

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As far as I know all new pentium and AMD chips have built in heat sensors. If the tempreture gets too hot, they throttle back the processor and the processor will survive.


I've yet to see any virus that can do any quick physical damage to hardware.


The only thing that comes close is some malware program that sets your screen refresh too high in hopes it fuxors your monitor. It may hurt your monitor, but a refresh rate being set too high is obvious (your screen looks all crappy or simply turns off) and it takes more than several seconds for the bad setting to hurt anything.


Lemmie know when someone writes a virus that can rip the heatsinks off your cpu. Then I'll worry.

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i read in the 2000 version of guinnes world records that: The CIH virus, or "chernobyl" virus has affected one million pc's since it was first triggered on april 26, 1998, the 12th anniversary of the nuclear reactor disastor in chernobyl, USSR. According to the taipei authorities, the virus was written by Chen Ing-hau, whose initials make up the name of the virus. CIH irreversibly alters a computers BIOS chip, which is soldered on the motherboard. The damage can make a computer totaly useless.



This is what it reads as. Anyway, i dont know if this is a software problem, or a hardware. Sounds scary though. What does a bios chip do anyway? I believe it contains and runs the computer's basic software (like before windows (or watever OS) loads). Im not sure.

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As far as i know, no virus can really **** a computer up.

And i really mean it, they can make a mess that's true.

But only if the components are really low qualit they may hurt themselves.

But directly a virus cannot make any harm to the hardware.

At least i can say it surely for modern laptops (that obviously have high quality components).


They cannot do anything unreversible or nothing that can't be solved.


And for the case of the bios flashes and cmos stuff, in most computers if the cmos is ****ed up, the still run after some 2 minutes.

and well some bios flashes were made cheap, so they only supported 2 flashes so if you **** the 2nd flash then the computer is "irreparable" or you could replace the chip :P but i don't think you can. But that mistake is not precisaly a software damagind components, because event own mistakes like using damaged disk containing the bios updates, could make this.

But in modern computers suck like 2000 --> i am almost sure this won't happen.

that's it.

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