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Extra gene in Chromosome of toddler

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Hope someone can help. I had my child get developmental bloods due to speech delay. The results came back and showed he had an extra gene in a Chromosome. That's all they said. No explanation as to what this could mean. He is 2.5 years and just has a speech delay. Otherwise seems healthy.  They want both parents to get bloods to check for same and then go to genetics centre to discuss results. Anyone shed any light on this as I am a little worried. Thanks. 

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I would find it totally wrong to speculate without having all the facts at our fingertips.


Be patient and all will be revealed to you, and you may be given medical advice from genetic counsellors.  


In the meantime, as a parent, I would need to do some further reading and would choose sites such as the following:


If you need help in understanding any of the disorders, please respond and I am sure someone will help you.

Good luck

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