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The definition of wisdom


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Suppose you are faced with the following decision: You are forced to choose between one of two people to die tomorrow through complete incident: Your spouse, or a person all the way across the world that you have not met and will never meet. What is wise? To choose your wife to die? or to choose a person of unknown potential, unknown intellect, who will accomplish unknown things in his lifetime? 

There is no right or wrong answer as you do not know what your spouse will do, much the same as you do not know what the person that you do not know will do. The only thing you can do to find a wise path is to remove yourself from the situation wholly and consider all sides. Wisdom does not benefit anyone, it is not self seeking nor charitable, it is not pointed towards one or more specific goals unless you point it there, it is flowing and calm like a river, which flows to the sea. Wisdom is the ability to remove yourself from yourself to think freely within confines by seeing outside them. 



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