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I have found the cure for Cancer and Aids

Eldad Eshel

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I have found the cure for Cancer and Aids. It is one simple text line.

The cure for Cancer and Aids is:

Do not impersonate.

I will now go into some detail. 

Impersonation is the most foul act possible. It is when one impersonates another, and causes dispute with another subject. It is the dirtiest of sins, and needs to be completely removed from the universe. It causes a great mess that leads to many negative results, the most harsh of these being cancer and aids. Impersonation can be done physically, but is most and foremost done telepathically.

To remove cancer, aids and other negativities, one must completely stop to impersonate.




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As this claim is speculation, unfounded in science, it belongs in the Speculations section; however, the Speculations rules state:


Speculations must be backed up by evidence or some sort of proof. If your speculation is untestable, or you don't give us evidence (or a prediction that is testable), your thread will be moved to the Trash Can.

So I will skip a step and close this thread directly. Please do not post unfounded speculation in the science forums, or as answers to scientific discussions.

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