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Shocking Evidence: Egyptian Empire Has Been Relocating And Disguised Themselves as Sumerians, Mayans, Aztech etc...


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Almost a year ago, I made a claim by writing an article about a hidden technology that is capable of doing a satellite-based brain stimulation to control our body and I also made a claim that this technology has been used to give a range of psychological illnesses throughout the world. Although my claims looked controversial to certain people at first, I managed to find more and more astonishing evidence directing me towards a truth, that is much more bigger than I initially expected. Based on the observations that I made earlier I published an article on “Before it’s news” and few other web sites. Following is a link to that article,



While my journey to understand the truth behind this global satellite grid and certain mental illnesses that people are facing around the world, many things came to my attention one after another showing me a whole new world which we have failed to notice mainly due to the worldwide false education about our history. The observations made by me raised some serious questions about the true history of man kind and the technologies that we used in ancient times. By researching into our past, one could understand that our past is so different than what our history books are telling us. More and more people around the world have noticed this and we are just beginning to understand this truth. Prior to this, just like the majority of people around the world, I also had the same view that our ancient civilisations were so primitive and they were not capable of doing things that humans are capable of doing today, however, a person who critically analyse the history with new evidence which are coming into surface in recent times, will never hold into such ideas or views. Researchers such as Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, Brian Foester and so many other great people around the world are bringing some solid evidence for the existence of a highly advanced technology in the past, sadly these information are not going to our school text books worldwide, thus keeping everyone in the darkness. 

Shocking Evidence for the Greatest Deception: 

Below video has been uploaded by Brien Foster showing very clear evidence for the presence of a highly advanced technology on Earth. Thanks to these great researchers, today we are able to understand the truth. 

  - Giza Pyramids. (3rd Millennium BC or older)



Brien Foster claims, according to the machinists who have been in the site, the penetration rate of these ancient drills are estimated to have 500 times more efficient compare to our modern drills. This will give us an insight into how sophisticated this ancient technology must be. Researching online, one would also be able to find further evidence for extraordinary precision cutting of stones around the world which will help someone to understand the existence of precision machinery in ancient times. This will also help us to understand the reason behind why we observe certain mathematical values in these ancient structures and this is due to their true knowledge.

Following is what Andrey Sklyarov has to say:


Following is what Andrey Sklyarov has to say:

 -   Andrey Sklyarov. One of the best videos. 



“The first conclusion is this: Are there facts which prove that ancient times had an advance civilisation left its mark on our planet? Yes. There are. Furthermore, a technologically advanced civilisation which was capable of advanced machine manufacturing. There are so many traces of this. We found literally thousands of cases of signs where advanced technologies were used. So in my view, the question of was there or wasn’t there some kind of a highly advanced civilization on Earth in ancient times? I consider this case to be closed. There was.”

Let us forget what the text books are saying for a moment and use our common sense to make some judgements. Following links will show you images taken at the Giza pyramid site and various others sites, if you happened to observe these stoneworks while you visiting these sites, what kind of conclusions that you would end up by seeing such stoneworks? Therefore, as you can see, this raise some serious questions with regard to our true history.

Advanced Machinery Can Be Seen In Many Sites Around The World:

https://www.ancient-code.com/abusir-evidence-advanced-technology-ancient-egypt/  - (Abusir - 3rd Millennium BC or older)



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYPx72Tcg9c&feature=youtu.be   -  (2nd Millennium BC or older)



http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/boliviapumapunka.htm  - Puma Punku - 1st Millennium AD or older) 


(Tiwanaku Bolivia - 1st Millennium)


 https://hubpages.com/art/A-Formal-Analysis-of-Berninis-Greatest-Work-The-Rape-of-Persephone - (The Rape of Persephone, Extraction from a single Marble block - 3D Printing,16th Century)


 http://bizzarrobazar.com/en/2015/08/23/i-misteri-della-cappella-sansevero-i/  (Sansevero Chapel - 3D Printing, Extraction from a single Marble block, 15th Century)



Some Interesting Links:


http://www.gizapyramid.com/mehler new article.htm

http://www.amusingplanet.com/2015/05/the-mystery-of-puma-punkus-precise.html - Bolivia  - Puma Punku

 Peru, Cuzco



Other Mysteries Related to Giza Pyramids:

Today, more and more people are beginning to understand that our history books don't reflect the true history of man kind and there are so many contradictory evidence which goes against what these history books are telling us. Though we see evidence for the presence of a highly advanced technology in ancient times, most of us just can’t grasp such ideas due to our false education, for example if we take Giza Pyramids, people are still believing that these structures are being built by using primitive tools, however, evidence tells us a totally different story. A person who is able to critically analyse these new findings by researchers all around the world, will be able to completely change their perspective on how our past must be. 

When it comes to Pyramids, it’s undeniable that the people who built these Giza Pyramids had a remarkable understanding of Mathematics, Physics, Geology Engineering etc.. and these structures reflect their true knowledge as well. According to researchers:

1). The Great Pyramid of Giza is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and it faces the true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error.

2). Located at the center of the land mass of the earth. The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the earth, one in the ocean and the other is at the Great Pyramid.

3). The geographic coordinate of the Giza Pyramid is  29.9792° N, 31.1342° E. This reflect the speed of light 299,792 Km/s.

4). The Golden Ratio has been encoded. Though egyptologist believe that this value is just a mere coincidence, this value appears again and again in the structure of the pyramid, which actually means that they must understand this value. Which make sense since we see precision stone cutting as well. We see the value of Pi in the same way.

5). Mass of the Sun has been encoded.

6). The mass of the Moon has been encoded. 






We invented the metric system and metre in the 17th century only but strangely Giza Pyramid builders knew this too. Therefore, by analysing all the evidence presented by these researchers, Giza Pyramids, is a clear example of an intelligent design, a primitive group of people would not be able to achieve such remarkable structures with such accuracies and since we clearly see machine marks, no one can deny their true knowledge. 

The Greatest Misunderstanding Between the Mainstream Historians and Alternative Historians:


When we analyse these unique structures in these unique worldwide sites, we can find undeniable evidence for the presence of a highly sophisticated technology on Earth and  this is not all we can observe these stoneworks millennium after millennium in the past. Though we can find these advanced stoneworks,millennium after millennium, we can’t find evidence for a highly advanced global society in the past, which means this technology must have been holding by a group of people secretly.

What Can We Conclude By Looking At The Stone Works In Different Sites: 

1). As explained above, this technology must have been possessed by a group of people only and since we can’t find evidence of them sharing this knowledge with others or other empires, then a society in a totally different continent will never be able have this knowledge. However, in the most strangest way, we can observe that this same Egyptian technology being used in other sites like Mexico, Peru and around the world by different Empires. Which means some Empire must have disguised themselves under a different name and relocated their empire. Therefore, empires such as Olmecs, Aztechs, Mayans must be the same Egyptian empire, since Egyptian empire has been using this technology prior to these Empires. Again, if this assumption is true then we should be able to find certain evidence to connect all these unique ancient sites together. 

Similarities Between Ancient Egypt and Peru: 

Following is a video uploaded by Richard Cassaro showing similarities between Peru and Egypt. He has made some excellent observations by looking at these sites which are on totally different continents. 


"The ancient Egyptians (in Africa) and the ancient pre-Incas/Incas (in South America) evolved on opposite sides of the globe and were never in contact; yet both cultures mysteriously possessed the same strikingly identical body of ancient art, architecture, symbolism, mythology and religion.”

1). There are similar pyramids in both sites. 

2). Similar arches. 

3). Similar Obelisks. 

4). Similar trapezoid doors.

5). Buildings with three doors. He has named it as Triptych. 

6). Mummified bodies.

7). Gold Masks. 

8). Similar stone arrangements in structures.

9). Precision stone cuttings.

10). Keystone Cuts. 

11). Both sites show Elongated skulls.

12). By looking at the sites one could understand that they were sun worshippers.

13). Find serpents in their artefacts

14). Similar arts.

15). Godself Icon. An Image depicting a central figure, with both arms outstretched and holding an object in each hand. 

A person who logically analyse these two sites will never assume that these are pure coincidences, since drilling can be seen on both of the sites. Having said that, since we observe precision drilling in both these sites and by looking at the similar stoneworks and other similar things, it’s reasonable to assume that these two Empires must be the same, in other words, what we find here is that Egyptian empire relocating their Empire to Peru.

Than again, would it be logical for us to believe that they have only build some sophisticated drills which is far more superior to us? What about flying machines? What about Satellites and Computers? Therefore, this should help us to understand what kind of other technologies that they must have secretly possessed. Following hieroglyphs can be seen in the Temple of Seti, therefore, by looking at the below case, one could also assume that they must have possesed flying machines too. Cause, if they had drilling machines that are 500 times more efficient than to our current drills, then it wouldn't be logical enough for us to desregard the existence of flying machines and believing that they only had efficient drills.  


The Contradiction Between Mainstream Historians and Alternative Historians:

1). When alternative historians see such abnormal cases and since they don’t see an advanced global civilisation in certain times, they put everything to a golden age, an age which is way back in the past. However, archeologists still deny such cases too. Having said that, according to my view by looking these stoneworks:

For Egyptian empire to hold such a technology there must have been a golden age way back in the past, where people around the world had the same type of advanced technologies. However, at some point, due to the technological advancement of the society, we could suspect that Egyptian empire had a thought of ruling the earth forever and they must have started a global destruction and destroyed every country until all the other countries lose their technologies, cause there can’t be a possible destruction in the world helping Egyptian Empire to survive whilst all the other countries being destroyed, if they had the same capabilities. Further, if such an event has taken place, if Egyptian Empire had a good intention of helping the survivors in such a catostrophe they would have shared the knowledge then due to this we would have seen a global advanced society at some point again after such a particular event, which is not the case what we can observe by looking at these sites. Therefore, from my point of view, this destruction must have caused by the Egyptian Empire only. 

"My research also show that this technology is capable of creating Earthquakes, Climate changes, Tsunami’s, Fires(by using satellites), Floods etc.. They also relocate their empire after staying for a specific duration and reappear under a different name in a different location. This is why we see highly advanced civilisations coming out of nowhere and then disappearing after sometime. This will help us to understand the story behind Phoenix bird too."

To understand this claim further, we can analyse the following sites, where it show sites such as Ollantaytambo, Tiahuanaco (South America) connecting with Angkor Wat, which is a site in Asia and all these sites, show similarities to Egypt. As we observe earlier there are evidence for the existence of flying machines and due to these technologies they are capable of travelling around the world. This will also help us to understand why we see pyramids around the world. However, whenever they have relocated their empire to another place they have come under a different name. Therefore, we can understand the intention of this empire, which is to deceive people. In this way they seems to have ruled the Earth for such a long period of time.




"Ancient Egyptian Empire has been ruling the Earth for a long period of time by relocating their Empire to different sites, different countries, or different continents. Therefore, by looking at certain stoneworks, knowledges of certain civilisations, we can say that they have once lived as Sumerians, Persians, Mayans, Olmecs, Aztechs, Osirians, Incas, Persians, Nabateans, Indians, Chinese, Cambodians, Indonesians, Dogon’s, Pagans and Celtics etc.. Therefore, it was always the ancient Egyptian Empire who were on these unique sites at different times in the history. These sites can be identify by looking at the stoneworks mainly. This also give us a clue to why, sudden appearance of civilisations and disappearance of civilisations without a trace. Further, by analysing certain structures, we can see that they have given a significant value to sun and moon too and according to records they worship sun and moon too.

2). Alternative historians thinks of a cyclic development and a destruction and then we start from the beginning. Mainstream historians reject this idea too and still hold into their false views though they see contradictory obvious evidence for their views.

However, my research show that, one unique race has been holding this highly sophisticated technology for such a long time, and when humanity reaches a certain level of an advancement, they work on a global destruction in various means. This is the reason for the end times drama that we see in the bible. End times, is not a cause of a true God as most of the people out they are are thinking. By looking at Torah, it’s also evident that they have pre-planned these dates too to make us believe in God. 

What I observe from their work is that they let people to flourish and then at some point they destroy all the knowledge systematically or doing a reset to the civilisation to continue their rule on Earth. Today, we see the Jewish year as 5777, most likely this could be referring to the last civilisation reset date. Bennu bird gives us clue to this cyclic creation and destruction of the world.

Bennu Bird:

According to historians, Bennu bird associate with the beginning of time and also end times too. It represents a cyclic origin and destruction of the earth. 


“Standing alone on isolated rocks of islands of high ground during the floods, the heron represented the first life to appear on the primeval mound which rose from the watery chaos at the first creation. Being the oldest living creature, the cry of the Bennu was the point which time began. It was also the Bennu who would announce the end of time and the return of the world to chaos. According to Egyptian myth, the Bennu had created itself from a fire that was burned on a holy tree in one of the sacred precincts of the Temple of Ra. Other versions say that the Bennu bird burst forth from the heart of Osiris.”

"Because the Bennu represented creation and renewal, it was connected with the Egyptian calendar. Indeed, the Hewet-Bennu ("Temple of the Bennu") was well known for its time-keeping devices."

"It was the Bennu bird's cry at the creation of the world that marked the beginning of time. The bennu thus was the got of time and its divisions -- hours, day, night, weeks and years.”  http://mythicalrealm.com/creatures/phoenix.html


Further Evidence of Relocation of this Ancient Race: 

1). Godself icon: 

The following example would help us to understand that this ancient race has used a special icon on their sites and whenever they moved to a location, they have used the same icon with a slight difference in it. 

 -  Lost Freemason Symbol Connects The Pyramid Cultures




As we can see in his observation, the Godself icon, is a unique feature that we see in all these sites. This will help us to understand how Egyptian site connects with Indonesia, Cambodia, Bolivia, Nigeria, Peru and India, Minoan, Persia, India, Greece and North America. Meaning, it’s the same race who ruled in Egypt travelled to other parts of the world during various ancient times and in each location they used the same icon with a slight difference in it. Which means, they have done this slight change to deceive future civlisations and made it harder for someone to track their true origin. Therefore, by analysing this we can observe that ancient Egyptian empire once were Celtic People and once were Sumerians. This is why both Celtics and Sumerians had an advanced knowledge. 

According to the site: "The GodSelf Icon is a central feature of art and artifacts found in ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, Africa, China, Cambodia, Mesopotamia, India, Crete and many other places.” Thanks to Richard Cassaro’s remarkable observation, we found another crucial evidence to understand the actual stone builders of these unique sites. 

2). Tryptych or Temples With Three Doors:

This is another unique feature which can be seen in these unique ancient sites. This would also help us to identify the stone workers or this ancient race. 


-  Lost Freemason Symbol Connects The Pyramid Cultures

Note that, this unique temple design is not due to a universal religion which has flourished in a remote past, these are the locations that they have once lived and these temples are being built by them to worship their gods. This is not a coincidence or neither showing an ancient golden age, they simply relocated the empire from time to time. Therefore, Triptych door is another crucial evidence to understand the connection between all these sites. We can see this in cathedrals too in middles ages. Which means certain cathedrals are built by them.

3). Corbeled Vault Architecture 

This is another unique building design feature that we see in these ancient sites.



4). Key Stone Cuts. Stone Designs Which Had No Cultural Significance: 

This is a another unique feature which we could observe in these ancient stoneworks. These key stone cuts has been found in locations such as Egypt, Japan, Italy, India, Greece, Iran, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Peru and Bolivia. Meaning, Egyptian empire has lived in all these locations under different names. 

According to the following source: "The use of metal clamps in T-Grooves (key stone cuts) has been discovered in Tiahuanaco, Ollantaytambo, Koricancha and the site of Yuroc Rumi, Vilcabamba. These clamps were also used on the Parthenon, on buildings in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Cambodia. - 


Another source says: "Several structures show the blocks cut with an internal angle, so as to 'fold' the stone around corner's. It is suggested that this was incorporated as an earthquake 'preventative’. http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/constructiontechniques.htm

Key stone cuts in Angkor Wat.





According to Andrew Collins who’s in the video, “the use of key stone cuts is not something you regularly found, it’s just found in hear and there. Now why it should only be very rare occasions to find it, I don’t know, why isn’t it used all the time.”

This a good question to understand that these key stone cuts had no cultural significance. These designs are aliens to these cultures. They come with a foreign culture (Egyptian empire) and then they disappear from these locations or countries. This stonework cannot be seen in all over the country, except specific locations in a country. This is the reason for it to be very rare. Which means, some unique race has visited these locations and then they made their move perhaps few centuries later. All these will help us to understand their long term ruling on Earth.

5). Lions Gate:

Another unique feature.



6). The Great Circle Which Connects These Ancient Significant Sites:

This is another astonishing observation made by certain researches where they claim to identify a 100 kilometre wide global circle passing through these significant ancient sites, connecting sites from Easter Island to Nazca lines, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman, Paratoari Pyramids and in Africa, it passes through Dogon lands(they knew the star sirius B and C before any astronomers), Tassel N’ Ajjer and in Egypt it passes through, Siwa Oasis, Giza Pyramids, Petra, UR (Abraham was born), Persepolis, Mohenjo Daro(Pakistan), Khajuraho (India), Pyay (Burma), Sukuthai (Thailand), Angkor Wat(Cambodia), Preah Vihear and ends in Easter Island. Further, the distance between the Great Pyramid and Angko Wat multiplying by the golden number (1.618) will be able to find the distance between Nazca lines and Giza Pyramids. According to their observation “At some remote point in the past, someone had built a series of sacred sites on this line circling the globe”. Therefore, non of these are attribute to a coincidence. We can clearly observe the similarities of these sites, unique features such as precision stone cutting, key stone cuts, Goldself Icons, Megalithic stoneworks, temples with Tryptichs or three door designs, Corbel arches etc…

- The Great Circle






"Angkor Wat is 4,745 miles from the Great Pyramid and the Great Pyramid is 7,677 miles from Nazca. This is a precise expression of ?, the Golden Section: 4,745 x 1.618 = 7,677” - This will help us to understand the usage of Satellites too. Besides, when they have drills which are 500 times more efficient than to our current drills, wouldn’t they use other technologies such as computers and satellites? Flying machines? This is why people throughout the past have been claiming of seeing flying machines. And this same sophisticated satellite grid are being used to identify our thoughts or induce thoughts to us by stimulating our brains. They sacrifice human beings to their Gods by torturing human beings, therefore, stimulating brains and inducing voices to people will not be a big thing for such a empire.

https://grahamhancock.com/geographic-geometric-relationships-alisonj/ - - "Many similarities between these sites have been well documented, including the use of perfectly cut and precisely placed monolithic stones, exact orientations to the cardinal points and astronomical orientations”

7). Advanced Knowledge: Athenian Empire Had An Advanced Knowledge similar to Egyptians, Sumerians and Many Other Ancient Empires: 

I). Parthenon (447 BC):  

Parthenon is being built on a location where it’s width matches one second of meridian arc at 38° North Latitude. 

While we finding further evidence to prove our claims, following is another great observation done by Randall Carlson.  

Based on the location, the Latitude of Parthenon is 37° 58’ N or Almost 38°. 

One degree of Meridian Arc At 38° N Latitude is: According to International Ellipsoid = 101.1499 feet and According to Clark Ellipsoid = 101.1449 feet.

Dimensions of the Pathernon,

Width of East Facade = 101.2957292 ft 

Width of West Facade = 101.3236163 ft

However, according to architectural historians Pathernon was originally built to be 100 Greek feet in width.

One Greek Foot = 1.0114064 English Foot. Therefore, the width of the Parthenon must be 101.14064 Feet. To amaze us this matches with an astonishing accuracy, one second of meridian arc at 38° North Latitude which is 101.1499 as mentioned above. Note that we have taken 38° here, therefore, if we take the exact coordinate, most likely these two figures would match precisely. Which means, someone had a capability to accurately measure locations of earth. This will also give us a hint for the existence of sophisticated satellites in ancient times. 

Apart from this Randall Carlson mentions: “What I’m suggesting is not necessarily that the Gothic Cathedral builders of 800 years ago were able to measure the Earth with that accuracy but then again it does seem to imply that somebody was that somebody was able to measure the Earth that may be there is been a tradition going back to who knows when from the building of the pyramids coming down through the age of the Greeks right down to the building of Gothic, European Gothic Cathedrals 800 years ago” 

Louis Charpentier also giving us an insight from his book called “The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral”, that certain wise men knew, well before Galileo, that the Earth was round and the dimensions were known to them.

Therefore, this is a classic example for the existence of this satellite grid. Someone out there was using satellites to measure locations of the Earth with such an astonishingly high accuracy. 

Earlier, I made a claim that someone is using a highly sophisticated technology based on my analysis and observation of mental illnesses and pointed out to a satellite grid for the cause of it in my earlier article and I also observed that ancient Egyptian Empire is the root cause of it. Now as you can see other researchers are claiming that someone has or had a sophisticated knowledge. They are claiming that certain people knew the Earth’s dimensions and they were able to measure the Earth with such a high accuracy, which implies the existence of Satellites. Therefore, this gives us more and more evidence for the cause of these mental illnesses which I have mentioned in my earlier article. 

  - Randall Carlson

II). The Great Pyramid: 

The great pyramid is located at 29.9792° N, 31.1342° E. If we multiply this value by 1 million we get 299 792 and the speed of light is 299 792 km/s. Which means even way back in the past prior to building the Parthenon they knew the speed of light. - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306097887_The_Great_Pyramid's_conspicuous_speed_of_light_latitude_is_no_accident


III). Stonehenge: 

Stonehenge’s Aubrey circle has a diameter of 288 feet. The base perimeter of Giza is exactly 288 reeds. The Giza plateau was set out as a grid of 288 squares. 

Source: http://www.celticnz.co.nz/US9.html

Stonehenge has been built by the Celtic high priests who were known as Druids. Meaning this ancient race once disguised themselves as Druids too. By analysing this site one could understand that the builders of this site knew the diameter of Sun and the Moon. Note that the Egyptian Empire worshipped Sun and the Moon, therefore, we can understand the connection between this site and Egypt.

- Further interesting relationships can be found here. 





- Easter Islands wall construction similar to Peru


A Plot to Control History? 

What I have been claiming throughout this article is that, Egyptian Empire secretly ruled the world by holding an advanced technology. If we observe a normal world, then can there be claims of archeological suppressions again and again from people around the world? Why people around the world talking about a acheological coverup? There must be some logical reason for this. Following documentary would help us to understand this strange phenomenon,



According to the Above Documentary:

1). George Carter was fired for trying to prove that man was in the western hemisphere 50000 years ago. 

2). Virginia Steen couldn’t work on her article cause of a sudden disappearance of a manuscript.

3). Marshall Payn couldn’t get a permit to excavate the site for two specific reasons which later this turned out to be not true. 

4). Neil Planned to visit Mexico to inquire about this, however, suddenly one of his colleagues and a friend died two days before he arriving Mexico delaying his trip. Then finally after going to Mexico what Neil heard was “If you had been here few weeks ago, we could have done the interview but now I’m prohibited from doing so.”

5). In another occasion, interview had to cancel cause the person that Neil was about to meet has traveled to another state. However, he managed to communicate over phone and emails and what he found out was that all the permits had given. Which means, this organisation was not involve in a suppression and they neither had an intention of delaying their work.

6). Overall what Neil experienced from his Mexican trip was, four people agreed, one person died, three people were stonewalled one way or another. Giving a clue for an involvement of a third party.  

7). Neil has faced a threatening phone call too from an unknown person.  

8). They finally got the permit a year after this incident but then again the site has been occupied by people and they have landscaped, built walls, fences and planted trees in the excavation area, therefore, they failed to continue their work.   

9). From their experience Marshall Payn also claim that the Mexicans had nothing to do with the suppression. Further he claims, “Somebody didn’t want that dig, dug”. 

The abnormal deaths that Neil faced looks so natural and non of the deaths were caused by someone bringing a gun and destroying these lives. Since, overall, we observed their work has been interrupted beyond any coincidence, sudden deaths must attribute to an invisible weapon, cause there are no evidence for a visible weapon such as a gun being used to destroy their lives. We saw similar strange deaths in the past too. For example, president Franklin D. Roosevelt died 7 days after promising Saudi’s that he will not make any policy changes, then he mysteriously died cause of a cerebral haemorrhage and we saw similar deaths in biblical times too where God punishing people with Tumours. Note that 7 is an important number to Egyptian Empire. We also find many claims from people around the world that whenever they were about to reveal some important evidence about our true history, they suddenly go through abnormal issues such as peer problems, sudden issues in fundings, losing jobs or certain abnormal deaths too. In Neil’s case, these strange deaths occurred in different countries and no visible weapon has been used. Then we also observe that these kind of strange deaths are happening around the world for the people who are trying to bring truth, therefore, this invisible weapon must be able to target any person in any country, giving us a clue to a space based global satellite grid. It’s evident that Neii is being tracked by an unknown party, they knew when and where Neil was and we don’t see evidence for someone coming behind Neil to all his locations to know where he is, therefore, this must be an invisible tracking. Further, the person that Neil was planning to meet had a sudden thought to go to another city, when he was about to meet him. Since we see so many abnormal cases here, we can assume this sudden movement also could be attributed to this same technology. This gives us a clue that not only Neil is being tracked, they understood thoughts of Neil and the cause of the sudden thoughts that the other party had could be due to stimulating the brain and inducing thoughts.

A Global Conspiracy or a Unique Race? 

Since these cases are being reported worldwide, then we must observe that people around the world are working on a conspiracy. We don’t see this either. Meaning, people who oppose such views are absolutely right and there’s no such a global conspiracy. However, since we have undeniable evidence for such cases, then this must attribute to a unique race who doesn’t like people around the world understanding the truth and this will be another clue to understand my claims. And since these people are not in every country and in certain positions to disrupt work, then they must disrupt work in an invisible manner, so no one can understand this strange phenomenon of suppression. This will also help us to understand the existence of a global satellite grid.

About Egyptian Empire: 

By analysing everything, it is apparent that everything connects to ancient Egyptian empire and then we see this ancient Egyptian empire moving from place to place, even Egypt could be just another location where they have chosen to stay.  

Which means Egyptian Empire's origin could be some other place. At some point they must have chosen this location due to the geographic significance of this location as we understand that the location of the Giza Pyramids are at the centre of the land mass of Earth. This will help us to understand why they have chosen this location and their arrival to this location. Therefore, it was never a coincidence for the Giza Pyramids to be seen in this location. When we analyse Hebrew language one could understand that a sophisticated knowledge has been encoded in Hebrew words. Therefore, this language cannot be created by a God, it's a work of this ancient empire and this must be their lanaguage.

- This will help someone to understand this.



What Is All Seeing Eye: 

According to my research, All Seeing Eye refers to this global satellite grid that is capable of knowing anything. This satellite grid tracks people and do a realtime scanning to decode the electrical activities of our brains. These satellites are capable decoding and seeing exactly what your eyes are seeing, what your feelings are, what you hear, what you taste, what you smell and your thoughts etc.. Another name for this would be Eye of Providence that we see in Christian churches. This will be another clue to understand that Egyptian empire was behind in creating Christianity. All seeing eye is normally associating with a Pyramids, since it’s a symbol of Egyptian empire and all seeing eye usually associate with Illuminati too. Therefore, illuminati is non other than Egyptian empire who is still living among us and controlling world affairs in an indivisible manner by using their sophisticated technology. And this is the reason why we have been seeing UFO’s for such a long time.

“Eye of Ra: Ra sends out his eye to seek information as well as hand out wrath and vengeance against those who have insulted him.”

UFO’s : Further Evidence for the Existence of an Advanced Technology on Earth Throughout Our History.

Though people who have never researched into UFO incidences, deny the existence of these highly advanced flying machines, researchers in this area has found undeniable evidence for the existence of UFO’s. Following link will take you to one of the documentaries for you to understand these strange cases which will give you some solid evidence for the existence of a highly advanced technology on Earth.

  - A documentary about UFO’s.

Reported UFO Cases During the Past 100 Years:

According to Monfort's report, there have been 104,947 reported sightings over the past 100 years. Though there could be many misunderstandings here, we cannot simply deny everything due to the evidence that we see. Source:


Ancient UFO Sightings: 

https://www.ancient-code.com/arrival-sky-gods-ancient-egyptian-papyrus-details-mass-ufo-sighting/  - Around 1480 BC

http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/703237-nasa-reports-on-credible-ufo-sightings-in-ancient-times/  - Ranging form 300 BC to 200 AD.

http://www.aliens-everything-you-want-to-know.com/AncientAlienSightings.html -  12th century to 18th century.

http://wikivisually.com/wiki/List_of_UFO_sightings - A list from second millennium BC to present day.

http://www.dudeman.net/siriusly/ufo/art.html - Some paintings of UFO’s.


What Does it Mean? 

By doing a ground level research to understand the existence of a highly advanced technology on Earth, one could find many undeniable evidence as explained above. Then again there must be a good reason for us to see this abnormal archeological cover up cases from around the world. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjuPV87P6WU&feature=youtu.be&t=133  - Michael Cremo explain the same just like other people.

As you can see above, not only our ground observations, people have seen flying machines throughout our known history thus giving us evidence for the presence of a highly advanced technology on Earth since ancient times. Which means, there's a group of people holding this technology without leaking this to any other race apart from them. And this can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian empire and as you can see they have been disguised their empire under different names. Further, from this research, I managed to identify Egyptian empire as the people that we have been calling as Illuminati. Since millennium after millennium we see evidence for the presence of a highly advanced technology on Earth, one cannot simply deny this strong evidence and claim that human beings had a linear technological progress and these are just made up stories or put certain things as pure coincidences. A person who use their common sense and logic to understand the world would never hold into such views. And since we cannot see a global advanced society in the past, it's evident that only one race who have been secretly holding this technology and as explained above this can be traced back to ancient Egyptian empire. Further research on this helped me to understand that Abrahamic religions(Christianity, Islam, Judaism) are being created by Egyptian empire as a political tool to control the society. And I will be releasing an article about this soon to explain how people have been deceived by this technology. The voices that people hear today (in schizophrenics) or the Godly voices that Jesus heard some where around two thousand years ago, was also due to this hidden technology. Jesus has become a victim too, just like the voice hearers that we see today. One could imagine, if ancient Egyptian empire used drills that are 500 times efficient than to our current drills, how advanced their technology could be and if that's the case, what could be their understanding of our brain? According to my research, they have completely decoded our brain and their technology is capable of not only decoding our thoughts/(and all electrical activities of our brain to understand all kind of perceptions), this technology is capable of stimulating our brains and induce thoughts, visions, voices, smells to name a few. This technology is the cause behind multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. Having said that, since non of these physical evidence that we see in so many sites around the world are being recorded in our school text books, people around the world are having a false understanding of our history and they just can’t grasp ideas  such as having advanced sophisticated technologies in the past, even after they looking at these stoneworks. Our beliefs are being effected and we look at these cases with a narrow mind. Therefore, it's time to look at these cases in a different way and have an open mind to understand the truth. The truth is so much stranger than what we could possibly imagine.


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1 hour ago, DanRaleigh said:

Let us forget what the text books are saying for a moment and use our common sense to make some judgements. 


The alternative is to accept that history texts books are usually written by scholars who know how to evaluate data. Why should we forget this?

Common Sense also tells me that if any of this were true, then there would be clear tangible evidence, not just some conspiracy theory.

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OP where are the tools, machinery and technology? All we have found is primitive tools!!

Even if some group took all the tools, machinery and technology away, so we cannot find it!! Yes some major cover up!! Where are the paintings and drawings showing such tools, machinery and technology?

Where are stories mom and dad tell the kid to tell his or her kid of this amazing tools, machinery and technology?

why was physics, biology and medicine so primitive?



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2 hours ago, Manticore said:

What a load of complete and utter bollocks.

Maybe but is amusing bollocks.

One might be forgiven for thinking that the Roman empire adopted the Egyptian ideas and religion as a method of controlling people. :)


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OP what do you mean by satellite-based brain stimulation causing mental illness? Are you saying there are satellite in space now the government does not know about causing mental illness?

Some secret society or secret group above the government and military that have satellites in space causing mental illness?

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OK so many things are acceptable in the lounge - rampant tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories are not.  This is a scienceforum - one of very few which are moderated - not a conspiracy forum of which there are hundreds.  Please peddle your wares elsewhere - even in the lounge we need a modicum of groundedness.  Thread locked. 

You may still open threads to ask simple SCIENCE based questions.  But any other huge screeds will just be locked. 

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