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Teleportation - Debunking


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Hello Forum,

I have a friend who is passionate about physics but is pretty naive and will believe pseudoscience and every Ted-talk that he sees as true science.

We were arguing about the video below and he was really excited about it as I argued that (in my opinion) teleportation will not be possible as even if I will somehow travel a distance instantly, and have an exact copy of my cells, it will still be different "entity" more like an exact clone than the original.

Aside from that the video below shows more of a travel at light-speed option not teleportation in the exact sense of the word.

Can you please give more opinions/debunk/confirm or just trash this video below?

Thank you! 



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Moderator Note

A very interesting topic.  Could we perhaps stick to the physics of quantum teleportation (including I would guess talking about indistinguishablity of fundamental particles) in this forum?  If you wish to discuss the more metaphysical themes - is a perfect copy of me me? - then philosophy is the more fitting place

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One thing it gets wrong is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. It equates it with measurement-induced uncertainty, which is a different issue.

Another is that it claims the baseball will disappear, and that's wrong. The state information disappears. The baseball remains. If it didn't, it would be a violation of conservation of energy (since E=mc^2)

An under-emphasized difficulty is in entangling so many particles and maintaining it. We're in the regime of perhaps hundreds, and a baseball is more than Avogadro's number. Plus the immense difficulty of making two object have the identical composition, down to the impurities, isotopes and number of atoms. 


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