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Are highschool summer school courses credited same as regular school (in canada)? What I mean by that is summerschool courses looks worse in resumes?


And, if summerschool run different than regular school, does it have different reading list?...Or does it even have one? You see, I'm taking an extra english course in summer school.


Sorry, I'm asking these because my school teachers couldn't answer my questions and google doesn't have it either.

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I'm from the Toronto area, and afaik, HS courses are credited the same.


In fact, many grade 10's and 11's take grade 11 and 12 courses during this time, to lighten their workload for the fall and winter semesters.


What type of jobs are you looking to apply for?

If general labour, then they don't care much for what you're taking anyways.


I think the reading lists should be approximately the same, since the curricula are the same throughout the school board anyways.


Feel free to ask more questions. After all, it'll happen alot in English ;)

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