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Identification of the apocalyptic beast


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Says the Apocalypse that the beast could say greatness and blasphemies by 42 months, adding that their number was 666. We can take each month as being 30 years, obtaining, a period of 1260 years, precisely the period between 610 and 1870 A.D., when the Papacy was consolidated, after his birth, with the emperor Phocas, in 607, and the decree of papal infallibility with Pius IX, in 1870, which noted the decadence and absence of authority of the Vatican, in face of evolution scientific, philosophical and religious of Humanity.

The number 666. We must to search to roman numerals, explaining that is the Supreme Pontiff of the roman church who uses the titles of VICARIVS GENERALIS DEI IN TERRIS, VICARIVS FILII DEI and DVX CLERI meaning Vicar General of God on Earth, Vicar of the Son of God and Prince of the Clergy. It will suffice for the scholar a little game of patience, adding the roman numerals found in each papal title to find the same equation of 666, in each one of them. Source: url deleted

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