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Seeking Instruction Manual

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Does anyone have a halfways decent instruction manual for one of these please?



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Product name? Product number? Serial number?

Can you give any information to be able to help you find it?

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Transistor Tester Integrated Circuit IC Tester Meter MOS PNP NPN Detector A9A6


This is a you tube link I think but my internet cafe is too slow to show it.
The panel has 5 buttons are on the left, right, bottom, and Enter keys.
The next key is used to adjust the directory and change the model number, the or so key to move around the cursor options to change.The Enter key for the switch machine and execute the test command.Gently open the battery cover, add a 9V laminated battery, and then close the battery cover.Press Enter for more than 2 seconds can boot, boot automatically display the current battery voltage, when the voltage is lower than 7.5, please replace the battery, the low voltage will affect the reliability of the test result and protection automatic shutdown.
Boot: Enter key press 2 seconds then boot.
Shutdown: 1 in the OFF directory, press Enter button to immediately shutdown.
2 in any directory, press Enter button for more than 10 seconds then off.
3 in no operation after 60 seconds, automatic shutdown


Methods of devices placed:
1, the top of the chip alignment
2, put the most left transistor three slot
3, a 13 foot alignment IC Optocoupler
4, voltage regulator tubes placed IC block 13 and 14 feet.
Note: the transistor display pin order from left to right and the corresponding IC block, 10 feet, 11 feet, 12 feet







Auto mode


Device search , the unknown model chip inserted in ic seat can automatically identify the part number
( Automatic identification without input) ( other directories are auto- mode )


5.0v mode


3.3v mode




74HC series of logic device test (of the same, and 74LS series base drive level (different) need to manually enter the model)




74LS series of logic device test (of the same, and 74HC series base drive level (different) need to manually enter the model)




CD4000 series of logic device test (different, and HEF40 series base drive level (the same) need to manually enter the model)




HEF4000 series of logic device test (different, and CD40 series base drive level (the same) need to manually enter the model)




45 series 145 series logic device test (the need to manually enter the model)




Interface drive device testing, such as: MAX232, MAX485, 75175, 75176, 75c11.. (the need to manually select the model)




Operational amplifier, comparator class testing, such as: LM324, LM358, LM339, LM393, LM2902...(the need to manually enter the model).




Transistor identification , and automatically determine the transistor types and pin order . Identifiable NPN , PNP, transistors , N- MOS , P -MOS way thyristor , triac , common anode common cathode rectifier automatic identification without input )




Zener regulator value test , test regulator regulator 0v-50v range accuracy 0.01v automatic identification without the need to enter




Optocoupler secondary the saturation voltage test , can test the the ordinary 4 feet optocoupler secondary saturation voltage automatic identification without input )














Tests are normal




Battery voltage


Not found


Can?t find




The chip damaged or type mismatch




Open circuit


Not supported






























Common cathode and common anode rectifier




Specific pin


Out of range


Zener voltage beyond the scope




Self-test failure


I hope the above Helps


Thanks Andy

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Thanks andy for finding a working video. +1


The video linked on the seller's site didn't work.


The written text instructions are worse than a joke.


5 buttons - I count 7


Long screed about fitting a 9 volt battery


As the video says, it uses two AA batteries.


Hold enter down for off.


No it has an off switch.


"put most left transistor three slot"


Your guess is as good as mine.






Well the instrument has arrived and mostly works as described by the guy in the vid, but it didn't recognise a 741.


Correctly identified a 2N5401 pnp transistor type and pinout.


Correctly identified CMOS 4001 gate chip.


Thanks everybody else for suggestions, keep them coming.



It could be a very useful gadget with some reliable instructions.

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Maybe this is too obvious a 741 is an "analogue" operational amplifier, not intended for "digital" operation perhaps that is why it wasn't recognized. The 741 is not programmable other than by using external passive circuit components.

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