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where can i get some good math/science t-shirts. i looked at thinkgeek.com, but they don't have too many options. at school, i saw a girl wearing a shirt that had a kid spray painting a sine curve on a brick wall and the caption said "gang sines." i am looking for shirts like that or Swanson's cartoons. or perhaps something simple, yet geeky like 2b\/~2b. i saw one on the net(warning, kinda inappropriate) that said [imath]\int{e^x}=f(u)^n[/imath]. i am looking for witty, math/science shirts. please help.

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I wasn't able to find any links online, but the University of Waterloo has/had an interesting shirt; my former high school math teacher wore it one day.


On the front and back of the shirt, Physics formulas are written all over, and it basically looks like a scribble of writting. It's funny because the font seems hand-written, and the size is maybe 12 at most.


It's quite amazing.


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