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whats a good essay checker?


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I have never heard of these before. I can't believe they have much value. All the grammar checkers I have seen report perfectly good sentences as being wrong. And, even if they could correctly identify grammatical errors, they wouldn't help with things like structure, developing a logical argument, etc.


Use a spelling checker and read your essay out loud to yourself. You will spot a lot of errors doing that.

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There are dozens of essay checkers, that I have used, and not all of them are really.....effective. Are there are good, free essay checkers?




As Strange said, you are the best essay checker available. For instance read your above question out loud or to yourself as if someone else was reading it, and see if it makes complete sense.

You will easily find the word you meant was not the word you wrote. An automated checker, not knowing what you meant, would not be able to pick that up, for sure.


Besides, if you know in what manner the checkers you used were insufficient, you must have some good idea of what a good checker would do. So do that.


Regards, TAR

Human judgement is the best judge. Why use someone else's judgment when you have a human judge available for free, that is always willing to check your work. Read it like it was written by someone else, who you knew had made some errors and might have some weak construction or have failed to supply some element you would have wanted present. Then you find the weakness, correct it, and it is even more your work than it was before. You are your own best critic. That is also the bedrock of scientific checking of one's own hypothesis. Look hard for the reasons why it won't work. Turn it over and over and look at it from every direction...and when you find a flaw, correct it...and look again.

Pay attention to agreement, that one part of your sentence agrees with the other in tense and mood and such, and make sure you are using idioms correctly and completing ideas that might be spread out over several clauses. If it "sounds" wrong it is wrong. Fix it. It has to make sense. It has to work. It has to express the thought you wished to share.

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