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stupid question about Stephen Hawkings

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Work in theoretical cosmology and quantum gravity, a couple of popular books about physics, and being active in physics despite suffering from ALS (and living way past what was originally expected after he was diagnosed)

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OK, that answers my question to some degree, but can anyone complete the following sentence?


Einstein is to the Theory of Relativity, as

Darwin is to the Theory of Evolution, as

Copernicus is to the Theory of a Heliocentric Universe, as

Stephen Hawkings is to the Theory of...

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yes you must severian............unless you want to make a fool of yourself


And why is that? Have you actually met him? I have....


He is a reasonably good physicist but is by no means a genius. I would even dispute that he is good enough for the Lucasian chair at Cambridge.

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I give him credit for admitting that he can make mistakes. Someone in the public eye making serious suggetsions about blackholes etc, and then be able to say he could be wrong takes some courage.


But then einstein did as well so.....

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Sorry. I thought we were talking about Steven Hawkins' date=' the itinerant double glazing salesman, musician, pixie impressionist and amateur physics buff.


Pictured here with Sally Hawkins, the drunk: -



Pardon me for being crass, but Sally Hawkins is hot! :P

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