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The Elements In And Around The House...


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This thread is a thread for people to post elements that are in common household items. Here Are A Few To Start Out...


Zippo-Pt, Rh



Pots And Pans-Fe

Fishing Weights-Pb

Smoke Detectors-Am, Np


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they dont have atalyst's as far as i know. All i know is that some of them are windproof, which is just a minature bunsen burner. But ya, this thread is all over this forum. Ill contribute anyway.....


Copper from pipes and good purity Cu from electrical wiring. gold from circuit boards.

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In one of my chemistry books, it says that there were some high quality lighters that didnt have flints or electric thingies to ignite the fuel. There was a platinum ring around the fuel outlet, and when the fuel was released, it would make the fuel ignite.

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