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Solving Question - Linear Algebra (I believe)

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Hello all!


It's been quite a while since I posted here. I noticed this question while trying to help a niece solve a piece of homework and I just couldn't figure this one out. This isn't homework for me, trust me, I have left school long ago.


Could someone enlighten me as to the solution for this one and how to go about solving them? Just in case I need to assist with homework again in the future... at least then I'll be able to provide pointers. I also hate not being able to answer such things.


I had initially attempted to treat it as a simultaneous equation but I'm not convinced that it's the correct way to handle this one.




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Ok, so you have A) y = 5x-4 and B) y = 3x+8. You want A = 3B, so


5x-4 = 3*(3x+8)


5x-4 = 9x + 24


4x = -28


x = -7


It's just a single equation since you only have one unknown.

It's presented as "two number machines," but the 3x condition links them together so you wind up with just the one equation.

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So, I was correct in my initial assumptions then? Ha, the irony.


I had attempted to solve it as a simultaneous equation but I figured that was the wrong method and abandoned it.


Thanks for the answer!

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Well, you could set it up as simultaneous equations by introducing a new variable:


3x+8 = y

5x-4 = 3y


which become


3x - y = -8

5x - 3y = 4


But that really makes the problem more complicated than it needs to be. Step one in solving that is to multiply the first equation by 3 and subtract them, which eliminates y.

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