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Low Emissions Vehicle


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Would this work?



I noticed that water forms droplets, and that stuff can stick to water and all.


I was thinking, if you ran a spray mist of water through some smoke, would the smoke stick to the water. If it did then you could attach this to a tail pipe or something of a vehicle emitting toxic fumes. Stuff like monoxcide could be broken down by platinum catalyst. Things like lead and stuff could be collected by the water and then as the water was collected after it was sprayed would be filtered(not very well). Then the water would go through another cycle and try to remove more air filth.


If this idea worked and the water(since it sticks to stuff) if it would stick to smoke and lead and other garbage then it could possibly be used to create a air filter that might lower pollution and all.


This would be great for places like Los Angelos, if it worked efficiently then California might pass laws forcing people to buy it and that could be like 10 million automatic buyers and if each air filtering system was sold at 25 or at 50 dollars, thats 250-500 million dollars gross profit right there.


Los Angelos has extremely smoggy air I hear. Japan might also do the same.

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