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Rusting of iron, corrosion of zinc ??


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Hi guys, as the title says I just have a couple of questions regarding ^


I am aware that rust is a compound that contains water molecules and is an oxidation of iron with oxygen and water, but just wondering if iron can corrode and the result be something else other than rust (no water molecules present - corroded iron, something like that).

And regarding zinc, just that if this is the main difference between the corrosion of iron and zinc, that iron forms rust and zinc would not.

I tried a google search but couldn't find anything specific. Cheers.

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Rust is Iron Oxide. Water oxidises the iron faster than air but as far as I can remember no water actually forms part of the rust as you suggested above. It is Iron and Oxygen giving iron oxide.


Oxidation of Zinc takes a lot longer... it doesn't 'rust' per se but oxidises to a white zinc oxide (rust is a specific term for the oxidation of iron). This takes a lot longer than Iron - I do not know what the exact conditions are for Zinc to form it's oxide... maybe you need heat and maybe other conditions rather than just air or water at STP. Google 'oxidation of Zinc' for that kind of info.


Hope that helps a little.

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