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TI-83 plus graphing calculator help


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Doesn't really help much if the person in question hasn't touched differentiation :)


As I said, plotting it will show you where the minimum point is. The other (slighty more) mathematical way of doing it is to work out where a line of zero tangent intersects the curve. And, of course, there's calculus if you've done that kind of thing already.

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Hit 2nd TRACE. If the parabola's vertex is at the bottom, hit "minimum" and if it's at the top, hit "maximum."

Now it will ask you for a left bound. Arrow over to the left of the vertex and hit enter. Now it asks you for right bound; move to the right of the vertex and hit enter. When it asks for a guess, just hit enter where you think the vertex is.

Voila, it spouts out the vertex.

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