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Gravity is a force .. not Energy

Roger Dynamic Motion

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It was my understanding that space/time both existing and existing as a single entity we simply percieve as two different things, is a fundemental premise of everything we know on the subject. And that without this premise assumed true then everything else just doesnt work.


Is this understanding of mine false?



Sounds reasonable.

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That is true in both cases.

Yes, but we can see orbitals, while, as far as I know, we can't see space time curvatures. All we can see are the effects of what space time curvature describes or, if it's physically happening, causes.


I'm not sure what you mean by "physical". Space is the distance between things and time is the, err... "time" between things.

Space would be room for 'stuff' to exist in, while distance is the difference between two points. For the mathematical model it doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you get the right output for a specific input.


But when we measure things, there is obviously a distance or interval involved.


It's about the fact that the atoms interact. It's physically happening. What's physically happening in the case of gravity doesn't seem so straightforward.


Space and time seem more obvious than electron orbitals to me. I can see distances and time passing. I can measure them.


Not to me. The orbitals are really physically there as described, but do space and time exist as described?


It is only possible to see orbitals with very specialised equipment.


Doesn't matter, as long as we can see them so that we know they exist.


Also, all of our senses are highly specialized 'equipment' too ;)


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Yes, but physically space might just be nothing, while time could simply be the speed at which things happen and not some physical thing. Or, they could both be something completely different.


Who is advocating space and time being some physical substance?

example / If the momentum is = to X force, and ; is a force moving an object, then it must have an opposite force that is = X also and that opposite force happens to be the ''laser'' it self,,therefore the laser must be fixed stationary to give rise to the compressed wave to accumulate momentum in time .

You still haven't explained what the significance of a compressed wave. It seems central to your thesis. You need to explain and describe what this is.

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This made me wonder just now, does the equal and opposite reaction rule apply to light? Because thats a Newtonian rule but light is a quantum thing. And lots of Newtonian rules dont apply to quantum mechanics.

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An absorbent sail acquires the momentum of the photons that impinge on it. A reflective sail reverses the direction of the photons that impinge on it. So the photons undergo a momentum change equal to twice the momentum they were carrying prior to impact. The sail acquires that full amount of momentum.

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And each bounce on the perfect mirrors would impart a small amount of energy. Sounds like a potential exploit to gain infinite energy. Just make the top of the box out of microscopic pistons. Then make a billion boxes.

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Gravity F~ can move and displace matter,,,energy cannot.

One flaw: You assume energy cannot do work. Energy can do work, and Therefore gravity can be energy and still do work. But at the same time gravity is a result of the curvature of space, because mass distorts space and creates gravity wells, so it is hard to say if it is a force or an energy.

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