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Philosophy of Sex

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Heterogenics is the purpose of sex, all sperm start heterosexual by default, homosexual procreation and parenting only removes the freedom of children


Gays have more than double the rate of depression and suicide so how would their kids fare any better?


Single parents have more than double the rate of depression and suicide so how would adding more of the same gender to a childs life improve anything?


When gays neglect and invalidate the sexual needs of the opposite gender how would their kids value their own sexuality?


When gays have inherently fewer dating options and the overwhelming majority of the LGBT community is female (females are more likely to survive premature birth) how would their straight children socialize when the religious majority rejects them and knows they can only create children with less ability to enjoy sex


When LGBT females remove themselves from the dating market their sons are forced to work for what their parents already took away


There are no heterosexual pride parades promoting sexual deviance to children, homosexual parenting forces children to obsess over sex from a very early age


Opposites are always intended to attract, homosexual procreation removes all the mystery of socializing and forces children to question their worth before they even start puberty


Gays are more likely to have unstable relationships and unstable financial security which very negatively affects children


Aside from the endless negative first hand accounts of gay parented children on sites like experienceproject.com, recent studies by professors Mark Regnerus and Paul Sullins indicate 51% of gay parented children experience severe emotional disturbance and mental illness in adulthood compared to 19% of hetero parented children


Male homosexuality is impossible without injuring the digestion tract either the anus or mouth which is required for survival


While premature birth which modern science has increased the survival rates of may very rarely contribute positive mutation, its safe to say homosexual procreation and parenting is overall detrimental to children in our already overpopulated society, sex is the highest form of empathy, id go as far to say children of homosexuals may deserve reparations from the reckless governments which encouraged homosexual procreation creating a massive wave of social incompatibility


Gay parented children are much more likely to suffer obesity and abuse drugs which only taxes the healthcare system


The most notable gay parented children in the world at the moment, Rosie O'donnells children: her son is said to have been obsessed with war ever since childhood and begged rosie to send him away to a military academy as a teenager likely to get away from rosie and then he joined the military at 18 despite his moms 120 million net worth, rosies adopted daughter ran away from home after being publicly labelled the pseudoscientific term "bipolar" by rosie (happy and sad? no just depressed living with rosie) and recently overdosed on drugs which usually happens when people want to erase their memory, rosie recently declared her youngest 3 year old daughter autistic before the child couldve ever even learned how to fully speak and with clearly no ability to behave autonomously, despite most doctors refusal to diagnose girls with autism rosie is said to be obssessed with autism and seems to believe everyones children are autistic likely to reconcile her own socially maladaptive worldview


Very few have a problem with gays who keep to themselves but procreation needs to be saved for women with functioning clitoral bulbs who are able to sustain clitoral bulb erections for men, stronger female erections translate to stronger erections in male offspring and better sex for all, a woman who is able to associate strong male features with larger, stronger erections is also a sign of intelligence


Bisexual lesbians figure sleeping with who they deem the least attractive men a couple times affords their exclusive homosexuality later in life while gaining male protection for the overwhelmingly female LGBT community, to counter this men should feel for a tight vaginal entrance caused when clitoral bulbs fill with blood which allows clitoral displacement during penetration and indicates true arrousal


Aside from visual arrousal women can also become truly arroused if men do a good job with clitoral foreplay, if she loses blood flow during sex return to foreplay or combine penetration with manual clitoral stimulation, keep in mind the top of mens faces are really only a bigger version of a female face and scissoring is next to impossible


Sex fine tunes the muscles of the vagina to prepare for childbirth minimizing pain and injury, the more sex the better it feels for women after the hymen is broken, though sex before the end of puberty likely interupts development


Lesbian sex only wastes the beauty of a womans full face and body while also wasting male orgasms which are required every 1-2 weeks else men risk injuring their erection during sleep eventually leading to erectile dysfunction


Male foreskin which is analogous to the clitoral hood is intended to increase clitoral displacement during sex while protecting the penis head from injury, the hood attached to the labia increases surface contact with the clitoral head while the labia is tugged into the hole during penetration


Visual stimulation only enhances orgasm but all healthy individuals are capable of orgasming with no visual stimulation which allows focusing on the sensation more and women are the only ones without a refractory period


Men have stronger more precise tongues, facial hair begins where the face cuts off from the licking angle indicating men with facial hair tended to lick more, also there are men with naturally no facial hair and facial hair has always been removable


There will always be an ideal physical form regardless of gender, were all programmed to be attracted to physical health including muscle and fat, men have the backside proportions of a teenage female


Kissing during mutual orgasm is only possible when feeling the sexual contractions during heterosexual intercourse, oral stimulation is inherently less personal though of course enjoyable


The majority will always be heterosexual even if one gender begins devolving back to singularity, if the opposite gender isnt worthy dont create more of them, self lust or desiring what you already have is always pathological


Everything is dictated by physics, homosexuality can only be the result of incompatible genital structure or brain structure both of which change

throughout life


Anything gays can do straight people can too with sufficient imagination

but the reverse isnt necessarily true due to incompatibility, spreading

incompatibility only decreases freedom, parenting requires empathy for both genders most importantly their purpose which is sex


Humans have always had access to primitive birth control in the form of nature material condoms such as animal organ tissue, ovulation timing and pulling out, and diet induced miscarriage

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Moderator Note

I see a lot of claims, but no citations. You have one chance to back up everything you've just said before this gets closed.


Be mindful of the fact that this forum also has very strict rules on posting slurs against a group or groups of people. Much of what you've written is close to crossing the line, some of it is substantially over. We won't tolerate this. Stick to facts and scientific discourse, or you will find your time here very short lived.

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Everything I said can be confirmed on google I have no desire to cut and paste every citation for a philosophy thread, Ive posted no slurs whatsoever

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