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THE (Dang Near?) EVERYTHING ('cept Final) THEORY.

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THE (dang near?) EVERYTHING ('cept Final) THEORY



Dear All: :)



(Updated Review post):



This issued beginning (Introduction) is not by any means this thread's reason for being, please bear with this qualifying, circumstantially descriptive address to socio-political mentality, as it intrudes upon what otherwise proceeds as an altogether sincerely intended, responsibly prepared and thought out scientific discussion.


Please allow this introductory qualification, so that it may then be considered and set aside for what this thread very sincerely petitons the Reader to ponder, in a more scientifically germane vain, as it were.


But, first this address to the ever present, cheap thrill seeking joy killer's who flourish globally, on and off the net, as sincere persons everywhere, are altogether aware, though, few such persons care to allow such elements to fritter away what is usually more valuable time and energy. On the other hand, no problem can approach and effective and lasting resolution, when surrounded by an (however understandable) policy of ignoring, underestimating and/or denying.

Having said that, please allow the record to say this, before proceeding to what is hopefully a far more appropriate discussion, on or off any public or private medium of communication.


Flaming and foul gaming, copyright theft, identity theft, impersonation, pilfering and purloining: evoking and provoking reasonable self defense, are not the same thing, though such bellicosity and resulting, justice and resolution seeking, peacemaking retaliation are often evaluated as co-dependently amounting to the same thing, and dismissed - often co-jointly banned - from forums, without recognized distinction of forum busting antagonist, from she, he or they, who would simply defend themselves; rightly and obligatorily reveal cogent vandals (and worse) for what they are...


The import of this firstly subjected, unfortunately common example of mudlslinging and forum busting is, this author believes, an issue of cardinal importance to all sincere net denizens. Thank you.




Bkparque's post on "THE FOURTH DIMENSION" Forum - 'Gravity is the 0th Dimension', by Robert Grace 3/05.



Kent Benjamin Robertson ('IS A JAIL BIRD, SAYS HIS WORK REQUIRES A TENABLE DISQUALIFICATION AND UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE REDEEMS ITSELF - IS AN OBVIOUS QUACK, PEOPLE') may after all, have written and copyrighted GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION (As eye previously proclaimed he didn't), but, he "doesn't own the words."

By Lieutenant O-range Treadwater.

Aka, *Brian Kirk Parquette. (Refer, self described, 'ParanoidSchizoLoser')


Just prior to this - *bkparque's -latest effort at defining and confining reality at large, and presently the allusion to:


'robertson owns words? / not'.

(Refer entry of 5.20.05 'Information is the 0 - 4 and 7th dimension', by bkparque.)


Mr. Bkparque earlier and recently intruded upon the forum, *DEATH OF A BALL TURRET GUNNER', with the completely off topic, off the wall statement in upper caps :





This proclamative intrusion resulted in the removal of the entire Guest Commentary Forum at *that site.


Similar 'off topic' intrusions have occurred at other forum sites, sometimes resulting in the complete obliteration of the ensuing 'off topic' dialogue. This happened most notably on the ALLANStime science forum, and that of the ASTRONOMY NET, and, most recently at SCIENCE DEBATE & FORUMS and VOLCONVO. It seems that the malfeasant agitators are eventually sorted out, but not until after the fact of this or that administrator, mentor or server makes a blanket decision to simply lock down, gag, or altogether ban and/or obliterate whatever imbroglio may be snarling a given forum, thread, website and/or bbs.


This record has encountered several realistic dialogues and reciprocally communicating addresses to this apparently ubiquitous internet problem ('trolls', 'stalkers', 'lurkers', ' 'communications busters', 'misanthrope power mongers'. 'jealous monks', 'plagiarizers', 'cut 'n pasters': who conspicuously omit the sources from which they draw <there being an enormous difference between 'infringement' and abject 'copyright theft' and 'plagiarization', as well as the ubiquitous, sundry proponents and innovators of 'one-up-man-ship', 'gotachism', and 'brinksmanship'; those who would empower themselves by randomly and unjustifiably disempowering others; acquiring desperately sought security for self via the art-form of deliriously perceived opportunisties to generate insecurity in others (Re: GAMES PEOPLE PLAY, by Dr. Eric Berne).


As 'proof' of this gauche, maladroit, characteristically misanthrope ANNOUNCEMENT, one - quite exemplary -Bkparque, after invading a solemn Guest Commentary forum on the website, DEATH OF A BALL TURRET GUNNER, intruded upon that sanctum sanctorum (inspired by Randall Jarrell) with:





Then referred the Reader to 'Copyright laws' as entered in Google.


Truly yours is well versed - for decades - in that subject, and the reference recommended by Mr. bkparque proves to flatly disqualify and contradict the very UPPER CAPS proclamation he irreverently burst upon the solemn (DEATH OF A BALL TURRET GUNNER, By Randall Jarrell) scenario with...


A simplified source of the same conclusion regarding copyright regulations is authored, and copyrighted, by one 'Brad Templeton Copyright Laws', as immediately accessible when entered in Google, along with 'copyright laws'.


Mr. Bkparque (is of an often anonymous and multi email addressed and registered name) kind, consistently demonstrates no sense of consequence or accountability - in this exemplary case, his already http://www.com branded, hard earned internet reputation for veracity ((perfidy and crazymaking) is again characteristically reasserted by the immediate contradiction of his statement by the above referenced authority(ies) he refers the Reader to (via Google).


Regarding Bkparque's imposed implication of the 'ownership of words', he begs the Reader to take him seriously in what he despotically presents as a premise - the ownership of words - followed by his neo-stylish disagreement of that contrived, deviant premise - 'not'.


('Whatever it is, I'm opposed to it! Whatever it is, I disagree!' - Groucho Marx)


Bkparque (Aka, Count Diabolique?) has repeatedly and publicly stated in various ways that he 'doesn't believe in copyright'.


Has repeatedly and diversely pontificated that books authored, printed, published and internationally distributed and sold out, by Kent Benjamin Robertson (re: http://einstein.periphery.cc/) were written by himself - Bkparque, and/or noticeably oscillating - that, 'robertson's' books are 'public domain', to which anyone may legally claim authorship.


(Lately claiming that it's okay, 'because' 'GRAVITY IS THE 4TH DIMENSION IS NOT COPYRIGHTED!' Having apparently yielded to what he formerly proclaimed as not believing in.)


Graduating to an undeniably interesting denial of copyright on the material he claims authorship of, this time, because, he says (IN UPPER CASE!, in the middle of DEATH OF A BALL TURRET GUNNER, the Guest Commentary forum of which has been consquently obliterated, along with all the previous contributions this record made to that forum, in the name of his three WW II perished uncles, one of whom was Army Aircorps Lt. Savolainen, who perished in air combat), it isn't copyrighted...


Another of Bkparque's approaches to plagiarization for fun, profit, perfidy, impersonation, fraud, and undeserved accredation, is having created a system of 'versions'...


Where, for example, if the world grows too weary of Dr. Einstein's theories, anyone may liven those works up with versions 2 through 8, or more, paraphrase, edit and otherwise revise and narrate the archaically out dated works such as IDEAS & OPINIONS, for example, or THE EVOLUTION OF PHYSICS, and introduce said works with whatever 'spin' the version 2 (through 8) author(s) wish...


Placing their name on the version 2 - through 8 - renditions of the (unmentioned author of the unmentioned 'Version 1').


Distilled - original-thought inspired - genius, of course.


THE ILIAD and ODYSSEY (and 'Gravity Is The 4th Spatial Dimension'), Versions 2 thru 8, by Brian Kirk Parquette (etceteras...). A few years back, he did all this, including creating a website titled and based on my - self-explicity unique, unprecedented - work, on Delphiforums, amont the most senior and seasoned, wide spectrum webNet sites in the history of the public emergence of this unprecedented medium of communications..


The result was that my work was removed for about two years, while Mr. Parquette remained and continued, alternately plagiarizing, paraphrasing, pilfering my works, while simultaneously mocking this collective, 45 year written, printed, published, distributed, sold out, copyrighted author of seven books and 12 essays; without restraint, or any complaint known to Truly yours.


Recently the Delphi administrators and staffers amenably initiated a communication with myself, welcoming ths record to return to Delphi, which I was certainly grateful to do.


Many of Parquette's - bkparque's - former trespasses were removed, while many remain, not only on his site at Delphi, but, literally, posted all over the net - the vulgarity and vituperation of which is known to a massive number of regular net users, and need be seen and read to be 'believed'.


Having recently cornered himself while proclaiming GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION IS NOT COPYRIGHTED, Mr. Parquette's internet documented, permanently archived history of obsession to displace and impersonate this author's work and identity has emerged in admonition to his many other, apparently limitless forms of thumbing his nose, not only at this record, but also widespread sources of information he draws from but does not accredit; TOS regulations and regulators- including the persuasion of the latter element that civil statements of self-defense on the part of this record, are 'flaming',


Whereas, it is simply a much more dignified way - sometmes not without a spirited, wholesome sense of humor - in which this record (for example) effectively counter-states Mr. Parquette's archtypically ailing and not infrequently vile provocation and defamation of Truly yours.


Mr. Parquette's internet 'tagging' and vandalism, along with no small number of like minded and motivated others, are accumulatively gathering and will be publicly released as PART II, of the website faction (fiction based on fact story) at http://einstein.periphery.cc/machine_1 thru_4.


Returning to consideration of Bkparque's latest tack - a cerebrally stunning seminal revelation that:


'robertson doesn't own words'...


Indeed, there's a premise, however vain, no one may functionally disagree with.


There's about a quarter million words in the English language vocabulary, after all, that absolutely no one owns...


Evoking the fair observation that Mr. Webster, for example didn't, never has, and never will own any of the words in any of his renowned, extremely impressive, multi generation generated word listings.


On the other hand, he is the author of those listings and no ownership is required of the cogent compendium of words. Anymore than the extensive consortium of distinguished authors of the COLUMBIA ENCYCLOPEDIA, for example, own any of the words in that altogether consummately copyrighted Magnum Opus.


In summary on Mr. bkparque's latest approach to bringing attention to him self flagellation, in complete acknowledgement of the fact that Mr. Webster, for example, did not and do not own the words so meticulously listed and defined: he (Mr. Webster) - and his - did author, and copyright the world renowned lising(s).


Granted, Mr. Webster had a tremendous potentential for any kind of written communication, he doesn't seem to have ever formed any semblance of plot or structural continuity.


On the other hand, for example, when Mr. Webster's copyrighted and authored list of words are arranged in - perhaps infinite - variations of sequence and orderliness, rather than the world renowned alphabetical presentation prepared as resource-reference material...


Then, neither does that grant 'ownership' of any of those words to whatever author may have arranged them in whatever order...


Whereas, that author owns the arrangement of those words, including any paraphrasation of them; whomever else may elect to place their name upon such works or meanings, after the fact of the orginally written and published generation of the however ostracized, anathematized, demonized or otherwise obfuscated 'Version 1'.


Dear Mr. bkparque:

We look forward to your next sensational, undeniably world renowned lesson(s)in contemporary scientific and social literatures, literati, and the accompanying letters of the law, reason, creativity, etiquette, grace,integrity, and morality, however many of the anonymous or identified persons and/or institutions you may win over, persuade, cajole, spellbind and masterfully influence, to participate, be complicit with, or otherwise agree with you.





With the controversy of dimensions having emerged so thickly on the internet, since Mr. Bkparque enthusiastically volunteered to post K.B. Robertson's work(s) on the internet, December of '99...


(Resulting in a noteworthy series of 'misunderstandings', ever since..).


The following exerpts from the published writings of Kent Benjamin Robertson, are re-presented here, with the hopes of clarifying what appears to be a widely misunderstood, confused and confusing, otherwise generally well defined and relatively simple, issue:


It is frequently said in conversation on and off the net that there are 11, 26, 37, and/or an infinite number of 'dimensions'.


Perhaps there are.


It seems to be a matter of what context the various interpretations of dimensions are appplied to...


Whereas the following column is a list of the (at least) 18 formally recognized definitions for geometric and/or mathematical dimension(s).








Spatially Functional:







non- metric,



linear transformable affine collineations,

or Projective.

(18 definitions for dimensions)...


The generally affine geometry

(which I do not and never have pretended to understand, along with higher mathematics - has always been perplexing to me, though I highly respect metric mathematics and have some understanding of calculus, algebra, plane and solid geometry)


...proving the translation of right angle motion from preceding dimensions, is the geometry upon which the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions of gravity, electricity and magnetism, is based...


(The unprecedented work of Truly yours, arranged and authenticated by the - previously unrecognized, 'unrelated' works of many others)


Based: in metric, functionally spatial, solid geometry: although neither geometric point A, nor geometric 1-D Straight Line ( A---B), nor the geometric 2-D Plane generated by the right angle motion (B-----C), occurs in or generates functional, metric (real, existential), space: whereas, when Plane B------C moves at right angles to itself, C--D, it generates a three dimensional,. existentially manifest, functional - metric (measurable) space.


Respectfully reminding any challenge to the viability of my statement (which is not 'my statement' at all) - that when a geometric point moves, no matter which way:


..it moves at right angles to itself - commencing a series of right angle extrapolations, progressively generating dimensions - at right angles/ 90 dgs. out of what ever preceding dimension.


Moreover and at the locus of the ongoing, characteristically harlequin, debate:

Such metric, functionally spatial, solid geometry: begins with a non-existent Geometric Point A:

that is (also, furthermore) circular

(- morphologically: round - O - of shape... It does not exist, other than to convenience human innovated means by which locations in space may be precisely established (the geometric intersection of two or more - likewise non-existent - One Dimensional Geometric Straight Lines).


No matter which way Geometric Point A, may move, at whatever speed, for whatever distance, it moves at right angles from it's self (A---->B) generating a (non existent) geometric Straight Line.

When non existent Geometric, One Dimensional Straight Line (A ----> B), moves at right angles to itself, B-->C), it generates a (non-existent) Two Dimensional Plane.


In metric, solid, spatially functional geometry, when the 2-D plane moves at right angles to itself (C--->D), it generates existential, 3-D spatial reality, occupied or unoccupied by matter.


When any 3-Dimensionally manifest entity moves at right angles to itself - all three of it's established coordinates (D---->E), it is 4- Dimensional.


Einstein proved everything is 4 Dimensional, and, that the 4th dimension, previously unknown and inherent within 3-Dimensionally manifest entities, is closely related to time & motion (are synonymous).


The afore-reviewed, highly qualified laws of geometry demand therefore, of all three dimensional entitites, a sequential, progressively ongoing (perforce moving) right angle motion of all three manifestly recognized dimensions:


...recently proven and 'acknowledged' as inherent to and with the three recognized dimensions of space, having to do with time and motion: causing any and all such 4-Dimensional entities to be, either constantly contracting - fulfilling it's assigned obligation be conform to Einstein's 4th D.




...to be constantly expanding, fulfilling Einstein's(alleged 'acknowledged') 4-D space-time continuum.


Since test objects released near and above the earth's surface do not 'fall up', continuous contraction is ruled out as a functional 4-D vector.


Whereas, test objects released near and above the earth's surface do 'fall down', establishing - in the two possibilities of what this author calls 'the 4-D ultimatum' - that the 4-D quality of time and motion (space-time; space-time curvature) Einstein proved applicable to universal 3-D matter, is one of continuous enlargement, accelerating expansion.


Densities of 4-D accelerating entities remain uniform at any given moment, while continuously distributing themselves, omnidirectionally, in the law of the inverse square: squared.


There is no infringement on the Law of Conservation of MassEnergy - it's the same amount of energy, distributed over an increasing volume of space, via the Law of the Inverse Square: squared.


All enlarging 4-D entities remain relatively (comparatively) the same size and density, at any given moment; while having been more dense and smaller in the Past - MOMENT 'A', relative to the Present - *MOMENT 'B', *always at the center of the representative geometry of expansion expressed in the convergence of two straight lines - V - the 'bottom' of which structure representing infinite Past in time and density (microcosmic infinity - 'strong nuclear binding forces')... The middle - what would be the cross bar of V, if were an upside down A - being the Present - 'eternal now', and the increasingly progressing forks of which represent 'the arrow of time', moving into the infinite Future.


While the two lines - 'the Arrow of Time' - moving upward and outward from their microcosmically inifinite confluence (which finitely 'ends', only in 3-Dimensions), proceeding as the same amount of energy, increasingly distributed over a greater amount of inverse squared structured macrocosomic space: squared.

An ever enlarging universe of space-time (4-dimensionally moving matter), Without beginning or ending.


Constituting: reinstatement of Bondi, Gold & Hoyle's presently abandoned Steady State Universe.


Reinstatement of Einstein's presently abandoned Unified Field Theory.


Thousands of readers of this work have directly proclaimed or suggested it may result in: non-violent world revolution and a metaphorical 'quantum leap' in generalized, mainstream human consciousness.


Evolved perceptions not only in all branches of Physical Science, but also of and within Philosophy, the Arts, Architecture and very significantly reassuring confirmation of the ability of the average person to comprehend - without mathematics - what was otherwise considered non-mathematically incomprehensible.




Such adversariall dissentors are admonished; advised to take their argument to Martin Gardner's (exemplary) RELATIVITY FOR THE MILLION, and P. D. Ouspensky's Chapter On The 4th Dimension, in A NEW MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE, as well as every authority (and/or dilletante) on General Relativity's 4th dimension of time & motion (material space-time. space-time curvature, the equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass, the <so called> 'universal rate of descent' - every applied example of the 4-D 'Super-Cube', known or heard of by this record, on international record, in as many languages.


The 4th dimension of accelerating expansion of matter constitutes the 'impelling/'/attractive' effects of gravity on or near a major gravitational mass - the cause of which is actually the 'pushing' of the accelerating earth' upon all objects upon it's surface, and the earth's ever enlarging surface overtaking and striking apparently 'falling' objects; explaining the previously enigmatic fact that all objects, regardless of their mass value, when released from the same height, at the same time, invariably descend at the same rate of acceleration - 32' per" per", namely, because such 'falling' objects are not actually falling after all, but, rather, being overtaken and struck by the - unrecognized - ever accelerating expansion of the earth's surface.






Whereas, the 5th & 6th Dimensions of Electricity & Magnetism invariably generated by, and constantly emitting from the 4th dimension of matter, re: Maxwell's discovery of the existence and spider-web shaped, inverse square law structure generated by matter: causing the impelling - quasi-magnetic -force of 'action-at-a-distance'...


(other than upon or near the surface of gravitational matter, where and when gravity is a pushing force; whereas, it is an electromagnetic pulling force at greater distances from it's material source)


...terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric tidal effects, for example.


Gravity - the 4-D space-time continuum - at earlier, microcosmic moments, is the controversial, enigmatic and equivocationally 'identified': 'strong nuclear binding force' (within and beyond the bottom of the diagramatically proposed, afore described 'V'.


Gravity at larger, later moments (of chronologically sequential space-time - A, B, C acceleration from the convergent bottom 'ending' of the considered 'V' shape of expansion: structurally shaped as a so-called 'dimple' - in the rubber sheet (analogy) - of Riemannian Geometry, possibly generating what are presently and recently called (chrono-spatial - space-time 'curls' and 'curlicues' - not unlike thin shavings of wood from a fine plane) constituting the same 'weaker' force, at a later, larger moment, relative to observers, who are always exactly in the middle of the V (apple or pizza pie) shaped representation of Past - smaller more dense space-time (re: 'black hole singularities, if they exist).


That is to say, the ('strong force' influenced) microcosms are as infinitely endless as the ('weak force' influenced) macrocosms.


If Dear Reader finds the points being made here, redundant, this record may only beg pardon, for the characteristically called upon 'adjustment' to these all time prevelant, but previously unrecognized, disconnected composites of reality at large.


There is no 'ending' of space at the small end of the diagrammatic V, representing the ever enlarging arrow of 4-D space-time.


Where, the V shape formed by two lines, intersect with each other at the 'beginning', represent the '3-Dimensional end' of space-time, whereas, in a 4-D universe - such as that within which we are proven to live and be part of, whether we recognize it or not - smallness (Moment A) - the microcosms - is just as endless and dense, as infinite largeness (Moment C); with 'us' always directly in the (Moment B) center of the eternally V shaped diagram of space-time.


(LIkewise represented by the characteristic shape of Riemannian Geometry, where the transient structure approximately curves back toward itself - refer the north and south polarities of a given electron, planet or sun, where the electromagnetic field is generated by and projected from the 'upper' - north - pole, to curve back around the physical structure - electron, planet, sun or star - and return to and within the south pole of such electromagnetic field-generating elements, all the while growing ever larger, squared, ad infinitum:


...complementing the relativistic axiom that mass value increases with velocity; wherein such a bi-polar system may sustain, maintain and enlarge itself: the larger the faster the faster the larger: squared...)


Orbiting satellites, natural and artificial, do not actually describe circular or elliptical orbits, but rather, spirals - @ .


Citing the example of a person running around an apparently 3-D circular track, likewise actually describing a 4-D - @ - spiral with each completion of whatever round or ecliptic track being jogged upon or raced over...


The planet Mercury is astrophysically observed to 'inexplicably' lose 46 seconds of arc per century. Whereas, this 'unexplainable' loss is probably due to the exclusion of calculating it's orbit to be 4 - Diimensionally spiral @ shaped, instead of 3- dimensionally circular or elliptical.


All the other planets likewise, 'inexplicably' lose lesser but measurable amounts of seconds of arc per century; probably for the same reason...


With regard to Moments *A, *B and *C, constituting the *'beginning', *'middle' and *'end' of conventionally perceived, expanding 3-D space: in Einstein's 4-D universe, the 'ending' convergence of space at the bottom of the proposed, diagrammatic V, is in fact witout end, the microcosms of 4-D space being just as endless as the macrocosms - the ever distancing forks progressing 'upward' (re: 'the arrow of time') at the top of the V, with the 'eternal present' always between the top and the bottom of the diagramatically proposed - pizza or apple pie slice-shaped - V.




In such a universally prevailing 4-D dynamic, there is no 'beginning' of space, and, there is no 'ending' of space.

The unification of Newton's Classical Mechanical 'space and time', in to Einstein's realization of 'space-time, resulting from the functional inseparability of the only recently recognized, ominidirectionally moving 4th dimension (from the center of any point mass, or collective systems of mass points), prevailing in the 3 recognized, apparently 'static and non-expanding' - uniform expansion of what is now recognizable as '4-D space-time', and the reason for that term and its conceptual unification of what was formerly called, 'space and time'; as though they were seperable and independent considerations, which they are not.


Newton contemplated a 4-D space and time continuum, but his consideration was one of a linear, non expanding line of time (the interval between two or more events in space), within which space (matter and the interval between material points) occurred in a 'static' continuum of non-expansion...


That is, Newton realized, wrote and spoke of a continuum of time, past, present and future, but, perceived that the value of past, present and future time was comparatively the same, which, in a 4-Dimensionally acclerating physical universe, it is not.


(Incidentally and very notably, Galileo and Kepler inspired Newton to contemplate the incomplete (non-expanding, linearly restricted) 4-D space time continuum, as previously described, which eventually evolved into Einstein's advanced modifications of Newton's unarguably magnanimous work.




Re: The presently abandoned, now reinstated, Steady State Universe, and, Einstein's likewise abandoned, now reinstated Unified Field Theory (the cardinal objective of which is to find electromagnetism and gravity, two apparently unrelated 'forces', actually having the same causal identity).




In Einstein's 4-D space-time universe, yesterday's square mile, is comparatively much smaller than today's. Tomorrow's square mile is exponentially larger.


Yesterday's 60 mph, is comparatively much slower than today's. Tomorrow's 60 mph is exponentially faster.


Yesterday's (24,000 mile circumferenced) earth was much smaller, yesterday's hour was much shorter.




In Einstein's 4-D Space-Time Universe, yesterday's velocity of light, is comparatively slower than today's. Tomorrows velocity of light is exponentially faster than today's.


This is exactly why the velocity of light is constant, regardless of the velocity of it's source. The inconstancy of light's velocity is precisely - at any given moment - what sustains its apparent constancy.


(For further details and information on these issues, please honor this record with a study of - and perhaps an email response to - the content and import of the theoretical physics file, on the multi-topic menu at http://einstein.periphery.cc/ )

Thank you for reading this missive.



Kent Benjamin Robertson

World's #1 Einstein Groupie


Vini. Vici. Entiendo.



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MOVING RIGHT ALONG, (by the Reader's leave?) THEN:

Robert Grace's thread - "The 4th Dimension is the 0th Dimension" (actually written out with a typo of Dmension in the first usage of that word in the above title, for the proper entry in Google search, in the event that anyone cares to pursue same. It's also part of a forum entitled 'The Fourth Dimension'; in each case, including the name of Robert Grace... One of which post/forums is at Volconvo.)



Chonological order of entries - varying from correct, to dubious, to abjectely delirious - at point:

from March 21 05 by 'houserichiichi', to April 16 05 by 'Paranoid Schizo Loser', to April 29 05, again, by 'houserichiichi'.

Apparently three different approaches to grinding the same Swiss cheese forged & perforated, sky hooking hatchet...

Reminder: Sometimes such coordinated agreements to arbitrarily disagree are the work of one person attempting to emerge as another individual or group of persons.


Sometimes it's two or more persons in agreement to disagree with whatever agreed upon target - alluding to adherence to scientific method, while defending their would-be arguments with base emotional, inflammatory anger, name-calling and ridicule.


In any case. The distinctive factor of empty argument is that, under scientific scrutinization, it will be clearly, self evidently and tactlessly empty. Revealing the more seasoned forum busting procedures of establishing a false premise, upon which is then placed increasingly more premeses (Re: 'When will you stop beating your grandmother?', etceteras. The scientific objective is often altogether forsaken, while continuously held up as the ideal. Sometimes such tactics are done with cunning and subtlety. More often they are remarkably self revealing and apparently without any concept that anyone may easily and inevitably see through them.)


The record will cite each post in the order of its appearance, and respond to each, individually with the progression of the three exemplary - archtypically internet stitched - posts in point, here. Perhaps the most sinister of which is the half-truth, blended with distilled 'twisted' venom.




Posted By: houserichichi on Monday, March 21, 2005 (06:24:31 PM)


In Reply to: The 4th Dmension is the 0th Dimension by Robert Grace






A three dimensional torus has a hole in the middle, but it's still three dimensional...The "hole" itself is just part of the embedding space (exterior of the shape) which is, thus, also three dimensional. In 3 dimensions a torus looks like a donut. In 4 dimensions a torus looks like a 4 dimensional "donut". Each point on said 4-torus, however, is 0-dimensional, but that can be said about any point in any space. 0-D is a subspace of 4-D (and any n-dimensional space where n = 0). A torus is loosely a shape that is homeomorphic to a sphere with a "hole" in it, it is not necessarily a sphere exactly.


What kind of twisted logic did you use from the torus argument to come up with **your gravity-is-the-fourth-dimension theory? Are you trying to make a black hole analogy?


It's best to understand both the mathematics and physics behind statements before you start spreading theories across the web.






K.B. Robertson's - That Rascal Puff's responses to 'houserichiichi':


A ) Robert Grace did not originate -" 'come up with your - his - **gravity-is-the-4th--dimension' theory.' "


'Gravity is the 4th dimension' is uniquely originated as the uprecedented observation, and title of the series of books written, printed, published, distributed and repeatedly copyrighted by Kent Benjamin Robertson (Kent Robertson ben Abraham), Aka, That Rascal Puff, KaiduOrkhon, Mystic Horse, etceteras (and no one else, friend or foe)...


B ) Houserichichi is right in pointing out: "Each point on said 4-torus, however, is 0-dimensional, but that can be said about any point in any space. 0-D is a subspace of 4-D (and any n-dimensional space where n = 0)."


As is likewise corroborately observed elsewhere in K. B. Robertson's posts on this forum


C ) Houserichichi: "A torus is loosely a shape that is homeomorphic to a sphere with a "hole" in it, it is not necessarily a sphere exactly." ('not necessarily a sphere, exactly' - apparently Houserichichi means 'not exactly a sphere'...)


Houserichichi isn't all that far off the mark(s) in this first entry, dated 21 March, 05.


He closes with a statement that is more a chastizement of TOS approved free speech practiced by Mr. Grace, be the latter right, wrong or somewhere in between, he, Mr Grace is nontheless, apparently sincere. Whereas,. Houserichici begins to tip his clique-peppered hand in the condescension of totaliarian, web kommandant personalized megalomaniacally tainted reprimand:


"It's best to understand both the mathematics and physics behind statements before you start spreading theories across the web."


The Reader may know what Houserichichi is alluding to here, whereas, he's by no means clarified the case he sweeps his hand over as having been made.


Housrichichi's more measurable impetuousness emerges in his last message, just after the following entry by one so called 'Paranoid Schizo Loser'... Whose 'method' is much less stealthy (anonymous, of course. As most such posts consistently and cautiously avoid accountability, for self evident 'reasons' of the abandonment of the very standards alleged to be guarded...).





RGrace, do you know who you're referring to?


Posted By: Paranoid Schizo Loser on Saturday, April 16, 2005 (09:01:40 AM)


In Reply to: The 4th Dmension is the 0th Dimension by Robert Grace



the guy you're referring to is a paranoid shizo, not a scientist.


he's a street-dweller and in and out of jail, not the labratory.


i mean, who says their theory is true always and says it's up to others to disprove? is that science or pseudoscience? ask don simanek.




(*by all means, go to this site and behold more of the same mentality.)


look at "ben Abraham, Kent Robertson, New Gravity" OBVIOUSLY A QUACK, PEOPLE.




Self declared 'Paranoid Schizo Loser' is 'obviously' a (waddling) parody ('Quack') of himself - referring Readers ('People') to the square of himself, squared. Note that the singular effort to present a tenable argument is a click-on review of a list of scores of variously complimentary and dissenting reviews. ParanoidSchizoLoser doesn't bother with telling the reader that the review he's clicking them to is the ninth in a long list of reviews, and that it is no less arrogant, unfounded ane mindless than Paranoid Schizo Loser, who also leaves it to the Reader to fathom that what he calls himself, applies to who and what he's 'scientifically' at difference with. Namely 'ben Abraham Kent Robertson, New Gravity'.


Between Houserichiichi and ParanoidSchizoLoser, what is definitely is established is that two wrongs don't make a right, but three or more do. Note that the PSL's 'critique' doesn't direct the Reader to what he or Don Simanek is talking about, namely the abbreviated physics book on the menu at http://einstein.periphery.cc/.'>http://einstein.periphery.cc/.



This next entry, by Houserichiichi, again, no longer addresses Mr. Robert Grace, but instead shifts to an affront on Kent Benjamin Robertson.


The 4th Dmension is the 0th Dimension


Posted By: houserichichi on Friday, April 29, 2005 (01:37:35 AM)


Houserichichi, in reply to: The 4th Dmension is the 0th Dimension by Kent Benjamin Robertson



What kind of ridiculous logic do you have to justify point number 6 (*I couldn't bear to read any further after that one, and even the first 5 are flawed...shall I explain why)?


(*That would certainly establish a point of disagreement from which any argument might proceed, Mr. Houserichirichi. Why not explain 'why', instead of merely asking if you should? Moreover, what do you mean by 'point number 6'? You do clarify that you didn't read any further after 'that one', and that, 'even the first 5 are flawed'... Indeed, doesn't the structure of reasonable disagreement require you to 'read further'? Whether you feel like it or not?


*... A thousand pardons, Mr. Houserichiichi, but since neither Mr. Robertson or anyone other Reader of your ad hominem edicts is given any specific reference to what you mean by 'point #6, let alone what you openly say you haven't read "after that one, and even the first 5 are flawed ... *Shall I explain why?"


Apparently you consider that obligation <to read, refer to and explain why you disagree>, optional, Mr. Houserichichi?)


Either you're copying/pasting from another site without learning the background material or you're talking about something you don't understand.


Indeed, in this case as in many others, there are several copies and pastings from another site - namely my own - at http://einstein.periphery.cc/ . On occasions when that is done from sites other than my own, unlike the procedure or moral outlook of innumerable others, I owe and fulfill my Readers with that fact, and what source I copied and pasted it from. (Often I do not request permission from other authors to copy and paste their work - this is 'infringement'; whereas, invariably, I am personally as well as socially obliged to - invariably - accredit the source from which I cut and paste: infringement - identification of the original author - being altogether different from, and without the deserved stigma of plagiarization or copyright theft.)


Houserichiichi sums it up with a defiant point: to which there is no opposition...


Time is "the fourth dimension" in the context you're speaking of because it's one of the four parameters required to describe a four dimensional manifold called spacetime. You cannot argue it, so don't bother trying because that's how it is DEFINED.


Mr. Houserichichi: Truly yours has no interest in arguing this 'counterpoint' with you, since it is not in disagreement with anything I authenticate my unprecedented work - Gravity, Electricity & Magnetism are the 4th, 5th & 6th Dimensions - with.


Yes indeed, as you say, 'that's how it is DEFINED.'


What makes you think this record has any wish to argue with the statement of the obvious you proclaim I 'cannot argue with'.


Whereas, you, have, bothered trying, to establish a premise of disagreement, with which neither Truly yours nor any authority or skilled dilletante would - or does - take issue with. (Re: 'fixed fight', 'false premise', and 'straw man'...)


Thank you for reading this comparative missive.


Sincerely, Kent Benjamin Robertson,


World's #1 Albert - The Axe - Einstein Groupie.


The Last Man Standing




Vini Vidi. Entiendo.




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Dear tinymonkey (not KingKong?).

In praise of Avatars:


Spike Milligan ('Dont think about elephants'.) is it?

Couldn't agree with him more. Had I been educated via conventional methods Truly yours probly wouldn't be the author of 7 (small press, sold out) books and 12 essays, and, had I achieved something like that, I am sure it wouldn't have been comparable quality.


Associates degree in LIberal Arts? If there is such a thing, that's the big time 'credentials', here. Two years of USAFI (United States Armed Forces Institute - correspondence course - College).

On the other hand we read a heck of a lot of everything since about age six (1947, the year we read everything Jules Verne wrote, with about 90% comprehension. No. NOt any kinda genius here, just learned to read, well, early) particularly physical science and anything that has to do with the causes and effects of domestic violence and international warfare, in search of and conjuring information that may help minimize those elements.



What's the fastest growing violent crime in the United States?


(Dont feel bad if you don't exactly know... Most people - about 80% of them, at all levels of education and all ages, do not know the answer to this paramountly important, daily impinging, question.


Close guesses are, 'homicide', and/or 'rape'...


Close but no cigar. The exact answer is:



The physical abuse of women and children, including rape, by adult men.


The fact that most altogether responsible, intelligent people don't know the answer to that question - by definition, the most important priority 'social issue' in the nation, is the other half of the subjected problem.

No real problem can be resolved when it is surrounded by a policy of non recognition, disacknowledgement, and in many cases, abject denial.


Summmary. 'WE MUST STOP THE VIOLENCE!'. Who can argue with that imperative. On the other hand, polling the average person on the street, they all know who (the exemplary) Mick Jagger is, and, can quote his lyrics for a half hour without repeating themselves.... Whereas, when asked what they know of Eric Fromm (THE ANATOMY OF HUMAN DESTRUCTIVENESS, THE ART OF LOVING, MAN AGAINST HIMSELF, and a dozen other comparable titles), the 95% polled 'answer' is, 'Who?'


That is, if we are to stop the violence, wouldn't it be a great place to know where it starts? And it's infrastructured in the physical abuse of women and children, including rape, by adult men.


When a woman or child is found initiating significant violence - including language - there also is found a woman or child who is emulating what they've learned from - qualified, amok, non-biologically motivated, but rather culturally manufactured, anomalous adult males (seem to be the dominant paradigm, no? From the floors of the senate and congress to the parlor, streets and trenches... no?)

There was a time, when 'drive by shooting', for example, wasn't in the American vocabulary. Eating popcorn, drinking beer or soda, while passively and artificially experiencing the replicated or documented suffering of other people, in full color,via a Dolby Sound tracked wall sized screen, is, after all, the most popular of all American Recreations. No?

Yet, it remains mysterious - and the responsibility of parents and teachers - to prevent such influences from impacting their children, from birth, to age 18. Whether yer house has a TV in it or not, you can trash that, along with the internet (never mind hi tech 'lock out' control, by the time most children of this era are seven years old, they know more about hi-tech than the average parent. On the other hand, even in sceanarios of the absence or control of TV or internet input /stimuli, impact and influence in the home: the moment you step out yer front door, those who are impacted, stimulated by the negative elements of those mediums, will inevitably 'influence' you, and yours... The so called 'freedom knob', on the front of your television - the power to change channels or turn it off, will inevitably overtake you in the street, school and workplace...


Once yer chidren begin going to school, for years, the most powerful influence upon them is 'peer groups', and yer child may not watch 'negatively influential' TV, but, about 95% of his peer group - along with everyone else outside her or his home, does take in a household daily average of 81/2 hours daily.

Re: the key to brainwashing, neurolinguistic programming, behavior modification, psychomolecular restructuring and/or behavior modification, is repetition - the American People -exceptions granted where found - are not asking anyone that this record knows of, to run the previous - above - so called 'rant', by them again...

( On the other hand speaking of 'would you run that by me again': Reruns of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE <telecast on network TV, Christmas Eve of 1981> are on endless loop, with active requests for that and its equivalent to be re-ordered, due to sell outs...


Along with PRETTY BABY, featuring a 12 year old girl, Brooke Shields, playing the role of a 12 year old prostitute, being 'dry humped' - 'wearing a body stocking in the sex scenes' - in a movie the attending audience which is 'required' to be at least 18 years old, prevail, without controversy or reprimand .


(Refer the 12 yr. old Oxymoron, algebraically cancelled out by the 12 yr. old non-sequitur, camouflaged by the '18 yrs. or over' prevarication, exonerated by the national distrubution of the Premiere and further looped and relegated to permanent Friendly Fascist perpetutating entertaninment status by BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO?)


There is no federal statute of limitations on the sexual abuse of any child. Forensic evidence - along with BLUE LAGOON - featuring 15 year old Brooke, doing R rated fornication with another minor, in a film one must be 18 years old to see - available, on endlessly selling-out loop, at your nearest BLOCKBUSTER video store (SAVE THE CHILDREN!), coast to coast. Then there's Brooke ('is a bitch') spread eagled on network TV, cmmercializing for CALVIN KLEIN jeans, and proclaiming: 'I'm glad my CALVIN'S can't talk (but they certainly can spew perverse, pedophile proligerating profanity - on scripted que?)

We may only thank our lucky - KNOCK OUT HOPE! - stars that "THE CLIMB RATE IS GOING DOWN" - an American Cliche, originating from 'FBI reports', as parroted - twice that this record knows of - from the podium of the President of the United States (neither of which authorities - or negative elements of the Hollywood Entertainment Industries - would ever lie to you and yours, and/or our country 'tis of thee I sing'...


...The murder of the President 11/22/ '63, Dealy Plaza Texas. Vietnam. Bobby Kennedy - about to win the presidency - the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, 5/'68. Karen Silkwood. Waco. The White House murder of Cabinet member, 1st Lady lover, Vince Foster. Ruby Ridge. The Oklahoma City Federal Bldg. ENRON. 11 September 2001, demonic, blasphemous misrepresentations of the Koran and the Muslim religion...


The (exemplary, very recent) narration of a forthcoming TV re-run of G.I. JANE: by a female child's voice, joyfully reciting sound bytes of 'See Jane's breaking point be stretched by military hazing' (her 'Master Chief was fist fighting, binding and attempting to rape her, while a group of men - besides the movie going public, passively witnessed this)', etc, while corroborating visual clips of that film are run by the screen, ending with the female child narrator's voice, giggling light heartedly. (Network TV, May, 2005) :shock:


'Free Speech' is often vigorously employed in these realms, where that issue is null and void, eclipsed by endangerment of the public, national security, child endangerment, and the physical and sexual abuse of children (no federal statute of limitations - the law is meaningless if not enforced); not to leave out the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, which cites 'the insurance of domestic tranquility'. :twisted:


That is to say, violence and misrepresenations of sex, often mixed with violence, most commonly projected upon women and/or children - in the name of 'entertainment and education' - is, also, this record submits, unconstitutional: having nothing to do with 'free speech', any more than anyone has any constitutional right to generate, participate in, be complicit with - and/or vigorously defend, the physical abuse of women and children...

Or the elaborate - at large - creation of public mayhem and unnecessary suffering, as well as contrived 'crazy-making', via a conspicuously non-accountable, non-controversied insanity factory (the negative , unreeming elements of 'the entertainment industry'), the existence of which, when pointed out, characteristically brings shame, blame and name calling such as 'paranoid', and 'It's only a movie' (NOW PLAYING: It's Cool Inside) down on whomever may so identify and otherwise protest against it... (squared)... :roll:


Thank you for checking in and contributing to the thread just commenced by yours truly. As you can see, your entry is but one among a bushel basket of responses (at this time, it's the only entry there is).


Just wanted you to opportune, Truly yours does things besides physical science - namely, a branch of ethnology - the study of cultures - which focus's on *destructive human aggression; from the parlor and housing project, to the streets, to the international fields, ramparts and trenches - *its causes, effects and possible remedies.


Truly grateful fer Spike Milligan's elephant. That was (as it were?) as good a place as any to start. If you have the time to check out your choices of material on the menu at http://einstein.periphery.cc/ , please do. If you think it worthy, please share it with others.


Thank you for reading this missive.


Gratefully & respectfully (somehow, you show evidence of having a lot more to contribute - wherever you may choose to make or otherwise deposit, at whatever location?),


Kent Benjamin Robertson,


Aka *KaiduOrkhon,

World's #1 Groupie of & Apprentice to:

Albert - The Axe - Einstein.


The Last Man Standing


*Aka, kraziequus, Mystic Horse, Subedai, Savolain, Ben MaColley, etceteras. (A person is allowed as many personae as they find comfortable, as long as none of them are in serious disagreeement with each other?)




Vini. Vici. Entiendo.

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What's the fastest growing violent crime in the United States?



Male rape. Has been for the past 14 years. The statistics don't often show it as the penal service does not record male rape as anything other than 'prison violence'.


The physical abuse of women and children has not increased significantly, it it just more common for it to be reported. Previously, violence against women and children was estimated to only be reported by 30% of the victims due to it occuring in a domestic situation. If you take each individual occurance and not each case, the percentage drops to below 3%. The drive over the past 20 odd years has been to get the silent victims to speak out, to give supprt and outreach to the areas of society that need it.


You mention stopping violence by cutting the media related material you think is a source of the violence. This is a concept that's been mooted by many pressure groups, but is not recognised as a major contributing factor to dometic violence. The main detterent in domestic violence is education and provision of victim support. A man with a childhood history of violence is the type of man who will propagate the violence, not a man who watched a film involving violence. The first step is to find the victim, get them to speak out, and then work to stop the cycle.


As abhorrent as the violence is, there is no silver bullet to get rid of it. If there was a quick answer, there would be an army of people campaigning for it. Instead, there is just an awful lot of hard work by very dedicated people trying to make the situation different. If you want to help, help them: -







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what can I make with it?


why is a social issue in a physics topic.


was the tone of that first post a bit sulky?


Actually I really enjoyed it.


I have never seen language that I could call truly " Baroque "...until now.


Very nice.

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Granted, Mr. Webster had a tremendous potentential for any kind of written communication, he doesn't seem to have ever formed any semblance of plot or structural continuity.
Indeed, this can be said of many people.


I swear I can't tell if this is just philosophical philibustering or an attempt to simply use every word in the English language in order sue someone if they ever repeat them in a passingly similar fashion.


I had to move this from Physics to GD because it is so... general. And pervasive.

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Respectfully and gratefullly addressing the last two entrys and their authors in the order of their honorable contributions to this thread.


Avatar (tiny - primate - monkey?):

Not surprised to hear most of the the content of your message, though I was and am pleasantly surprised to be involved in an actual 'dialogue' - same-same with regard to the Honorable Mr. Reverse.



Some of your message(s) were news to this record. Some not. Allow Truly yours to further clarify. Since reading Susan Brownmiller's AGAINST OUR WILL: Men, Women & Rape (among many other documentaray sources) I have been aware of the correctness of your statement that, in the American prison system, forcible rape is the most common, violent crime. It is also true that prison is a condensation of the culture it occurs in.


The exception I take is what may be your remiss in not accomodating the fact that, the only reason rape (extreme physical abuse) is most peaked out in men's prisons, is because there's (usually) no women to be beaten and raped, there. Perhaps we may both rest our mutually complementary case(s), on that telling note ?

(I will if you will?).


Incidentally, you may or not be aware: rape in women's prison's is relatively unusual, and when it does occur, the assailants are aping amok male behavior. So much for the myth that 'women are more violent than men' (not even close - a contrived, mysogynically - woman hating-inspired prevarication <"A brutal lie will circumnavigate the world three or more times, before the Truth is allowed time to put her shoes on. - Anon>)


Presupposing that you are aware that nine out of ten rapes go unreported, due to the (fortunately dissipating) fact that a raped woman inherits a stigma, including what amounts to further victimization and public humiliation, in the forms of:


'What were you doing in that neighborhood? Out that late? Inappropriately dressed and/or wearing too much make-up? Why did you get in the man's car, go to his home? (Unless you wanted to be raped... Incidentally, about 50% of rapes occur in the victim's home, regarding invited or intruding assailants...) Of those one out of ten rapes that are reported, only one conviction is achieved. (And those are mighty damned good odds?) Another reason the crime isn't reported, and the statistics are way short of the realities.


There are those who are hasty in 'pointing out', that women do falsely accuse men of rape, which is true, albeit, the per capita occurence of such bearing of false witness is far and away disproportionately suggested or directly projected on genuine cases... Such perjurious and vindictive women are counterproductive, to say the least, to the liberation of all women from male oppression. Not spiritually unrelated to their rapist male counterparts - often influenced to apes such treachery, by awry men (the biologically & mentally, healthy, mature adult male is of course, not an issue, here).


Malevolent interpretations of 'karma', maintaining that victims - of whatever extreme misfortune - are foreordained by God to be punished for their sins - promoting every type of violent criminal to the status of an 'instrument of God's will', demoting every victim (of whatever tragic misfortune, to some 'justice caught up with'...)


If and when a victim is a very young child, the commonplace (insane) 'explanation' for that is, 'they must have done something terrible in a previous life, gotten away with it, been reincarnated by God, so as to be duly punished without escaping 'justice'. This is a ('Savage God' - Sylvia Plath , Joan of Arc crucifying) theology of victimology and madness, of course. Very popular these days, in 'enlightened circles' - far too sophisticated to attempt to change anything in this perfectly balanced, predestined world, where 'God' is responsible for everything', and no mortal can have the slightest influence in making the acknowledged bonkers factory, a better place <Since it's all foreordained, and unimprovable?>)


Note the 'clip', excerpted from the Alfred Hitchcock novel inspired movie: PSYCHO. Where the very beautiful, naked young woman - Janet Leigh - is attacked by Anthony Perkins alter ego - in drag <'woman doing violence to woman'>, no less - with a butcherknife... How many times, since the release of that film in the '50's, has that TV transmitted, perhaps 5 to 15 second clip ('tease'), with the screeching, repetitive background rhythm music, been aired on public access TV, just to 'get the viewers' attention? (Refer, whetting the APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION, etceteras.)



Who does the viewer - however unconsciously - identify with, the victim, or the assailant. The one under the knife, or the one holding the knife?


Eye has no idea?


Only the vocabulary & increasing abundance of 'snuff film', is new...


Camera panning to and from that rising and falling blade upon her exquisitely perfect, naked, helpless body, to and from the screaming woman's face, to the - universally visualized and directly experienced showerhead, nearly identical to every showerhead in every bathroom in the world... (A little universally associative bathroom shower reminder? <Forget it? If yer rully my friend, you won't think about elephants? With the easily forgotten grace of a bull rhinocerous boarding a canoe from dockside?>



In the black & white original presentation of this film, the only color portion is when the beautiful female victim's blood is shown, swirling thickly, counter clockwise, down the bathtub drain.


The contrast of the nudity of the very very beautiful, very terrified, then very dead woman's vulnerability, with the flashing steel and the fully - granny clothed - man, in a place where most folks universally wish to be alone, bathing, urinating, defecating and pinching pimples... etceteras.


Combined with the popular publicization of the private (a distinct symptom of Facist/rapist, intrusive, invasionary mentality: being somewhere you don't belong, seeing and hearing what yer not supposed to see and hear) - very big on public access 9SAVE THE CHILDREN!) TV, especially in commercials; especially associating food and hunger with extreme violence - Re: comedian Chevy Chase, swinging on a handy construction cable in a street repair scene, stealing a bag of DORITO's potato chips from an old lady who is about to be run over by a steamroller - not to be taken seriously, only a comedian doing a commercial...


Chevy Chase (Is a comedian, after all!) could have saved the old lady, but instead stole her potato chips, just before they would have been crushed, as it were.

Swinging to the other side of the street, opening the stolen merchandise, popping 'the product' into his mouth, crispy crunchy biting sound, followed by Mr. Chase's commentary: 'Good chip!'


We don't actually see the - altogether expendable - elderly female crush-splattered by the oncoming steam roller, but know that was imminent in the moment Chevy Chase forsook her, opting to steal her DORITO'S from the top of the bag she's carrying (Only a commercial. Not real. Only kidding. Squared, for decades, getting worse with each passing day... <The early days of TV were incomparably more innocent and much, much less violent and explicit. Corroborating with the former American small town tradition of having no need to lock your doors, or your bicycles. Not even when you were away on vacation...> Yes. There was considerable violence in the pre TV movies, but, they weren't piped into yer livingroom.).


What is this DORITO'S sponsored, tantamountly crushed human being scene about?


Selling potato chips, naturally... *Mysogynic, normalized, laughablly murderous, *woman hating, ageism hewn madness: not to be taken seriously - lighten up!/'Chill! - rhymes with kill, If it's good, it's 'Bad!'; on Orwellean DoubleThink, NewSpeak/DeathSpeak, Ingsoc loop... 24/7 - 365 (no bigee).


The pedestrian, mundane normalizatiion of the horrifically anomalous. Why are women, children - and select, generally small physically statured, 'pretty', young men - targeted for extreme physical abuse, including rape?


Because they are generally easier to intimidate and/or physically overwhelm. An indictment of the entire American - increasingly NeoFacist, corporate state cultivated 'culture' <''She was terminally pretty, he was brutally handsome. They had one thing in common, they were both good in bed!' - THE EAGLES )...




My Ojibway Chippewa stepfather, William Henry Oshie, did ten consecutive years in Stillwater, Minnesota Prison: for manslaughtering four white men who - during WW II, were going to throw him out of a restaurant, in Kenora, Canada, for being a Native American. The fight started with a the base of a full fifth of Canadian whiskey thown at him, striking hiw right frontal lobe and imparting a 1/2" depth crescent moon shaped concavity in his cranium, just above the left eye.


Then, as he picked that innovative hurler off the floor, grasping the clothing at his crotch and the front of his shirt, raising said assailant in the air, over his head; whereupon 'the Big Indian', dropped to one knee and broke the man's back as one might compromise a thick stick of firewood.

Thence, using that man's body as a shield, to absorb six rounds from a .38 cal. revolver, wielded and fired by one of the other three remaining assailants.


After the expended six rounds, 'the Big Indian' hurled the broken backed, six times shot dead man, at the man with the empty revolver, delaying him long enough to grab the nearest of what remained of them by the shirt front and hair - snapped his neck as one might dispatch a Rhode Island Red. The fellow who was delayed by the impact of his comrade's body upon him was witnessed by over forty diners to have picked himself up from the floor and fled the premesis, while William Henry Oshie was preoccupied with perishing the third of the four men, the third of whom died of massive head injuiries from a single right hand hook to his temple.


The fourth man - who escaped - was unaccounted for at that time.


The ensuing Grand Jury investigation determined that, given the forensics and the witnesses, it was a cut and dried case of justifiable homicide; specifically self defense. The Big Indian, 'Chief', was completely exonerated.


But, the story, which I have read the court minutes on (when I was 13, in 1954), did not end there as one might expect. No. By happenstance, about six weeks later, Mr. Oshie was serving as a guide, on a large tourist boat -Lake of the Woods, Canada. At which time and place the fourth - escaped - man, inadvertantly encountered Mr. Oshie (and conversely) on that large fresh water, tourist fishing craft.


Mr. Oshie - in court - was asked, what did you do when you saw him. Mr. Oshie replied that he ran as fast as he could to the man, struck him, knocking him over the side of the anchored boat, causing # 4 to fall over the side, at which time, Mr. Oshie testified candidly that he leaned over the gunnel of the boat and held the man under water.

The court asked why. Mr. Oshie replied that he wanted to assure that the man died. His lawyer(s) attempted to talk him out of saying it that way, but Mr. Oshie was of the traditional genre of Native Americans who do not and will not lie.


For his completely understandable actions, and his honesty, he was convicted of 'manslaughter' - the all white jury still refused to call it murder - and sentenced to ten years hard time, serving all ten years, being released in 1953, meeting my divorced mother, and the rest is literally and figuratively history. All of this is a matter of record, of course.


At age 12, Truly yours bonded with this remarkably gentle, illiterate giant with a quick smile and unexpected intellectual celerity - loved him much more than his (monstrous) genetic father, Dr. - Optometrist - Richard Robertson IV. This story can be further perused, in Chapter Two of BUTTERFLY, OWL & Eagle: Athena Marie Prima, a Novel Journal, at http://einstein.periphery.cc/.


Learned much of the world from the innocent savage, including the atrocities of 'big time prison' - to which, unsurprisingly, he was generally immune and unscathed.




As a result of that particular learning process, and, as a child, witnessing and experiencing extreme brutalization of my mother and myself, by my genetic father, until she divorced him after the war, I went on to study penology and criminology, much later including the afore mentioned works of Susan Brownmiller, who confirmed what you, Mr. Avatar, Sir, related to Truly yours, regarding the peak - per capita - forcible rape of men, by men, in large prison institutions.

Take note of the 'womanization' of such male rape victims. Even when not in prison and in the reduced incidents of physically forcible rape of men by men, the very corroborate language is based (rudimentarily founded) in the rape mentality...



What is the most practiced manner in which one man grievously insults another man, in this American - and many other - culture(s)?



'Fork U', 'Corksocker', 'Bortfork' (paraphrased) - projecting the role of a woman, on a man. Consider that perennial broadside with the fastest growing violent crime - including your acknowledged, qualified exception, Mr. Avatar, Sir: alongside the fastest growing violent crime in the United States... Granting your well spoken points, sir. The panel still lines up the same woman hating, beating and raping BINGO....


(At point here, the record submits, is the infrastructure, of all physical violence, and all increasing tolerance threshholds compromised with it. Certainly including all of the newly blossomed 'spin doctoring' Orwellean DoubleThink, DeathSpeak spun out vocabulary, along with 'Get a life', and "I would kill and die for': this or that corporate state touted product or social goal. 'If we lived in a perfect world, there wouldn't be this or that problem'...'But'... (If we lived in a perfect world, there wouldn't be any people?)


If the violence problem continues to go unrecognized, disacknowledged,, digressed, diverted and/or aggressively denied, or 'spin doctored' at this level, the violence at all levels, in all forms, is - in turn - hopelessly gridlocked: foreordained only to go unacted upon, becoming progressively worse...)


The argument that 'the population is going up', and therefore, 'the crime rate only appears to be rising' is completely neutralized and exposed as a contrived denial, when the example of Tokyo, Japan - the most demographically dense population in the world, exhibits one of the most reduced violent crime rates in the world (Although, very recently, with inceasing 'Americanization'. Tokyo's crime rate is beginning to rise). It can be and is rationalized that the Japanese culture is different than the American culture, whereas, no such qualification is attached to the blanket statement that 'violence spontaneously increases with increased density of population'. That is a gold plated, much circulated, false currency - only further gridlocking any acknowledgement, and therefore any restraining attempt to meet the problem on it's own terms.


Regarding the perfidious cliche that violent crime is not actually increasing, it's only being reported more than it use to be, and it's always been about the way it is:


Are we to consider that, the surge of mass murders, for example, starting in San Ysidro, CA., 1981, in what has since been labled, 'the MacDonald's Massacre', featuring a man wearing a long coat, who walked into a busy McDonald's restaurant, seated himself in a windowless corner, produced a sawed off shotgun, several automatic pistols and several pounds of ammunition; then commenced to open fire on every man, woman and child in that location, pinning some of the survivors down under various tables and behind the counter, methodologically perishing those who survived the first fusilade, as they attempted to escape out various exit doors.


This atrocity proceeded for several hours (long enough to rivet the entire country with live newscasts, as the mad man knew it would - (Saying 'Hi' to Mom?), with SWAT teams surrounding the place but unable to close in due to surviving hostages, with the man having brought a portable radio with him for the sole, premeditated purpose of listening to reports about the incident he was carrying out. Finally dispatched by a police sniper....


Followed by a retinue of 'copy cat' massacres of other McDonald's restaurants across the nation. Followed by a series of post office employee's berserking and carrying out massacres on their fellow employees, similar to the chain of atrocities commenced at MacDonald's. Followed by a series of very similar, cross sectionally comparable work place massacres. For which there is no precedent in American history. Though mass - random - murders did occur in earlier America, they were very rare, few and far between...


(Note: Truly yours has yet to see any public or hear any private comment other than my own, and until now, published on this thread, on the noteworthy - perhaps far more than merely coincidental - observation, that the two upper middle class Columbine High School students from Littleton Colorado <Which I lived within two miles of, forty years ago - in Deer Creek Canyon, were both born in 1981 - the year of the first McDonald's mass murder, and the spate of unprecedented mass murders that have followed it ever since. Of course those two young men, who planned the atrocity for a year before carrying it out, were not influenced by the 'top news stories' they grew up with; ending their privleged, upper middle class lives, a month before graduating from Columbine High School. What a rush, after all. What rush, incuding all the snuff movies they'd witnessed on public access TV and the internat trash can, could compare with actually acting it out; having found the regular way of living such a bore...

Brought to you by the exemplary sponsors, producers of DORITO'S chips, MAKE 7! UP YOURS! and Brooke Shield's money counting parents, Hollywood and CALVIN KLEIN sponsored BIG BANG GANG... Would never do a thing like what they do. and are getting more bold at doing, with each passing, tolerance threshhold expanding, boundary warping day..?>)


Are we to draw from this ('The climb rate only appears to be rising, because people are ascending the stares, more?), that such has always been the case, and the piles of bodies at MacDonald's and the Post Office and workplace were simply and previously not being reported?

(Hello, Mr. Avatar and kindred rationalizing, snowed in, however well intended spirits?)




The deliberate mixing of violent prisoners with non-violent prisoners, so as to keep desperate friction, fear, chaos and turmoil active in the inmate population, so as to take pressure off their 'keepers', and minimizing unification of prisoners in legal and illegal actions against their 'rehabilitators', by diverting them to fighting among themselves.


Prison, notably being a condensation of the society it occurs in and is maintained by.


Moreover, I not only agree with your well made point, you may know, but did not add that in most states - in or out of prison - male-on-male forcible rape, is not called that, but rather, 'assault', as you say.


Were this not the case, of course the ascending rape rate would register much more alarmingly than it already is...


This also reveals the grievous chauvinist concept, confirming the mad doctorine that the crime of rape can only be committed against a woman, even if and when exactly the same form of rape is projected on a victimized woman, as is projected on a victimized man. That is, 'women are made for rape', whereas, 'men aren't made for rape'. Otherwise, if you will pardon the grotesquerie - marginally known as 'hole & pole' - rape - mentality.


Mr. Avatar (tinyprimate?) I have not yet looked over the information at your provided 'click ons', but certainly will, soon, and thank you most sincerely for providing them. I will consider and respond to them before very long... Please let me know what you think of my present response to your latest reply. Thank you very much, Sir.



Dear 'Revrese':

IOn response to your welcome reply(s):

'What can I make with it?'


Copernicus, Brahe, Galileo or Newton (for example), may have been called upon to diagramatically produce a detailed blue print of a BOEING 747. They couldn't have done so, of course, but, the example of the 747 would not exist w'out the rudimentary principles of physics that all of hi tech is based on (for better an/or worser?)


'Why is a social issue in a physical topic?'


Surely you aren't suggesting that social issues aren't physical, and do not directly efffect what has, in the past forty or so years, become the (BIG BANG GANG dominated) circus of what use to be the most stringentlly demanding, objectively evaluated discipline of all sciences, are are you? (Are you familiar with Lao Tzu's 'Butterfly theory'? Well. As of the publication of the - much misunderstood title of the physics book, CHAOS - which rocked the foundations of physical science, about twenty years ago, and is still doing so...?)


Yes. The tone of that first post was a bit sulky. Thank you for noticing .

(Have you not noticed, that if the social ways of the world do not dramatically change, soon, there will be no more people in the world to misunderstand their former place in it?).


"Actually, I really enjoyed it."


Glad - and rewarded - that you enjoyed it, and have the candor, and no small amount of spiritual starch in yer collar, to say so.


"I have never seen language that I could call truly 'Baroque', until now. Very nice'.


Sincere thanks for your having said that. I've been encountering a lot of folks who write as though they were composing a telegram, and, sometimes impatiently and arrogantly expect others to do the same. A lot of this is the result of two dimensional contact via an internet moniter, and, a lot of it has to do with the increasing tendency for people not to have time to be themselves, do their job, love their family, friends, life, or the world - let alone the miracle of the typographically and verbally expressed language. Yes. I tend to flourish filigreed - I also like to think that I'm pretty darned good at it - the diminishing art of vibrant communication, and a minority of rapidly diminishing persons still do compliment myself and comparably small percentages of others - instead of berate, and sometimes throw temper tantrums and even eject me from forums. I am learning that sincere scientific method, especially when it disqualifies assertions by careless and/or irresponsible others, instead of being learned from and appreciated, is instead, deeply resented, sometimes to the point of impetuous intolerance, denial, and blaming whomever they choose to arbitrarily and otherwise unfairly disagree with and/or berate, instead of nobly yielding to and learning from.

Their are types of Baroque - highly detailed embellishment - that justify themselves while frolicking good naturedly and educationally in and with the language, and, there are types of Baroque that are not self redeeming, often proving to be nohing more than fancified words, of litttle or no import. The distinction between those two kinds of language applied Baroque, seems to be increasingly disregarded.


Repeat: Folks - in gneral - seem to be ever more leaning toward not having time to make and/or learn good sense and have fun at the same time. Typographic communication - writing and reading - seems to be increasingly digressing to the style of the telegraphed message. Sort of like saying: 'This Baroque - or filigreed - is too detailed' (I'd rather be concentrating on the incremental schedule of TV GUIDE <By far, the most read printed material in the United States. Draw your own horizontal, vertical, contrast, and toned conclusions?> watching JUST SHOOT ME?).


Very nice of you to respond this way, 'Reverse' (molecule?)


Sincerely hope to hear from you again. Please tell others, as well as Truly yours, more about yourself, and what you think a title such as THE (dang near?) EVERYTHING ('cept 'Final') THEORY, should or not encompass, entail or exclude...

Thank you very much for reading and/or responding and contributing to this thread.



Kent Benjamin Robertson

World's #1 Albert - The Axe - Einstein Apprentice & Groupie,


The Last Man Standing.


Vini. Vici. Entiendo.

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[b'] Vini. Vici. Entiendo.



You came ...you saw...you played Nintendo??


Nullo metro compositum est!


Do you know how long it's going to take me to fish through that sea of words to find the core concepts.


You sure can make pretty good complex sentences though.


Please can we have it in smaller chunks....I fear that too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing.

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yeah, Lose the Fluffy Frills and make a point, quite a few of us would appreciate that alot more than a pesonal diatribe :)

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Brevity is the greatest skill.




I have never seen language that I could call truly " Baroque "...until now.

If it's not baroque don't fix it? Well, reverse, I think the reverse applies.

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Guest Hard Science

This guy's a paranoid schizophrenic. All his stories are made up, fictitious. He's not a "mongol." He's from Jersey City. He's also bona-fide, verified CRAZY.

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Dear Reverse, Y2TO5, Ophiolite & all other well intended's - soitinly including authors of sincere, however roughly hewn, constructively intended critiques:


Truly Yours has scheduled you for amenable response, whereas, the spell casting entry by HARD SCIENCE beckons hypnotically:



Hard Science




Join Date: May 2005

Posts: 0

(*Behold, the most recent, would be, bright eye'd, bushy tailed, thread, post and forum buster. <Who they're gonna call: speaking...>)




"This guy's a paranoid schizophrenic. All his stories are made up, fictitious. He's not a "mongol." He's from Jersey City. He's also bona-fide, verified CRAZY."



(*BB-lieve U Mimi is back on the intrepid, indomitable attack rack, continued:)


Mandrake FlatbillWobbleGluteous is presently replied to, more for the informational consideration of others than for H.S. - be it a 'he, she' or 'it', this time.

Mr. and/or Ms.HARD SCIENCE represents the mythological, multi-headed departure, severed from its flightless hangar and suspended by its cranial turf in the extended fist of a deity - wearied of the annoying intercine squabbles - the consequently silenced, formerly co-dependently bickering heads (of Medusaso?) endemically disturbing the peace of the neighborhood...


HARD SCIENCE is another word for a gathering of interspecific, electro-chemically shorted out, synapsis snarled, ego syntonically squabbling cranial vaults sustained by and attached to the same body politickie talkie. (Has literally been diagnosed, professionally, as the approximate equivalent; more about that, later <soon, very soon>)

IT summons attention here, as wherever Truly yours goes - the chronological sequence of intrusions confirms that IT obsessively follows its accumulating reflections around, depositing refined, fly larvae 'n scat, skelter 'n thither all over the net, sometimes w'out following any lead'; more often in a skunked hunter's posture of deliriously stalking a hallucinated quarry (IT LOOKS INNA MIRROR 'n the devil WINKS BOTH TIMES. Digs it with an excrementally sullied flush of spades.).


HARD (Aka, self declared '"8" of mutually consenting') SCIENCE (as posted and canvassed at other - world renowned if marginal - net locations) specializes in futile efforts to present this record with something to deny. (Hey it's IT'S lucky daze?)


HS has many (other) names and identities, occupying many equally contorted bodies of white knuckled no-ledge, and has a paranoid schizo obsession to name-call this record (and others) what HS - and ITS many manifestations, is.


Sumtyme's it's BB - Buster - Brown, and his dawg 'Tye', Rumblestiltskyn, Deep Throat, Kount Drac, and occasionally manifests as Cry'n Squirt Carpette - though even then, it usually is sum buddy elsie (Moo?) The insatiable appetite for publicly exhibited self mutilation and masochism in the ill tailored raimants of whining sadism are one of many identifying marks, scars, tattoos and HS parle vouz, TootRicochetReparteeDe'Jur.


The record isn't always accomodating, but will bend Adler, Jung undt Freudly this time to the clear and overwelming, typically self evident authority of HS - a covariant handle of itselves founded on a a self consuming, interminably digested and painfully passed, self revealing WHOPPER - w' unions 'n seditionist rebe; whooping mayo - in, of, bi undt 4 itzelf(z).


So. Here's the chartreuse response HD seeks, in having pushed an orange button, in anticipaton of no response at all, or a corroborately and more satisfying chartreuse one.

Before proceeding to whet HD hubris's alternating mal apetits, the record will briefly mention that HD's nuclei have already required Yours truly to defend himself in court, since over a year a ago, culminating (as a matter of official record, midnite, 31 March, 05; in which self inflicted entrancement will soon be published on the internet) in HD, or ITS ever active reps to officially capitulate and Take Cover! under every pile of highly stacked and seasoned excrement hurled at this record, the projectors of such curvilinear missiles apparently likewise obsessed with the aerodynamics of boomerangism (avante garde hard, soft, and mooshie science; frappe'd w' psuedo*psychology - not a science at all <How SAE hardness scaled Mr. SCIENCE is, this time?).


Snarled multilingual conjugation of verbs. The original inspiration for the (understandably) anonymous (outhouse and chamberpot residing, 16th century streets of London splashed, cholera and typhoid epidemic originating) author of 'There once was a man from Nantucket...' (etceteras).


One of HS's many likewise auxiliaries has recently renewed yet another banzai, seppuku, kamikaze affront on this record, even more self destructive than the last sortie of miserable failures - a potpourri of perjurious felonies carried out in a convened court of law, under the eyes of the presiding magistrate. The consequently pending result(s) of all these - earlier and most recently - 4.20.05 - efforts will be posted soon, as PART II of http://einstein.periphery.cc/machine_1 thru 4.; upon their forthcoming, compulsively defeatist encore and doubly applied resolution.


The statement that this record is paranoid schizophrenic causes Truly your's eyes to cross and hallucinate glowing animal totems day and night; imagine my vests to make me bullet proof. Hear voices summoning me to a bottle of spright.


Of course I - obviously - fictionalize and make up all my material. Mr S'parquette's spokesperson neglected to add that which I don't make up, I steal from others and put my name on it, and that I'm a known chickenplucker, mother and sister groper. That caveat has been delivered far and wide for some time all over the net, while, it seems Mr. ChestHairCounter still hasn't gotten the word.


Everyone in my birthplace of Virginia, Minnesota (population, 26,000; 40 miles south of the Canadian border; certainly including all three of my foster families and the residents of three different Native American Reservations) is fully aware that this record's grandfather spoke only English and knew not but a few words of Mongolian, and that he did not cross the ocean from Lapland - the land of White Mongolians who migrated from Central Asia to the Land of the Midnight Sun...

There to maintain their Asian features, but lose their dark skin, eyes and hair, due to the diminishment of foliate melanin as a consequence of a minimum of sunlight near and within the Arctic Circle, since millennia past, and that this record's birth mother's maiden name wasn't 'Savolainen', and that isn't a White Mongolian name, derived from what part of northern Finland (Savo) the Sami (Laplander, White Mongolian Finns) originated - and still thrive; as reindeer herding nomads.


Of course Truly yours isn't a half breed 'White Mongolian'-Scot, but rather, a 'mongrel lap dog', as a former, recent forum buster ineffably described this record...


Be it revealed in this contingent expose of the roots and cultural history of this record's blood ancestors, including *Subedai Bahadur - 'Of the reindeer people', was not subordinate only to Genghis and Batu Khan, and called by Genghis, 'the greatest General who ever lived' (since Subedai <Who?> and Batu - one of Genghis' four Royal *Ordu sons - *Eagle Princes, Aka, *Orkhons): conquered Eastern Europe - East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Chekoslovakia, between 1238 and 1241 AD.


Kent Berjamin Robertson is 'an admitted poacher.'

(And damned proud of it, not having perished deer with a 600 Weatherby Nitro Express, from the open window of a heated, idling Calillac, in like company, passing around a bottle of Chivas Regal and tuning in Flight of the Vulcaries on the AM radio...


But, rather, snow-shoe'd and skii'd and hi-stepped through three foot powder snow - there were no snow mobiles - to take deer out of season (not counting three Indian Reservations, where there were no limitations on hunting;this record''s White Mongolian Mother - had not a drop of Caucasian blood in her veins, having divorced an insane Scotsman and gone on to marry 'the only Indian in town') because in-season a hunter as likely as not will be shot down by some city slicker doing a fly-over from a chartered Piper Cub, 'mistaken for a deer'. When KaiduOrkhon poached, he dressed out that hallowed animal - skun and eviscerated, quartered it, suspending from a tree what he couldn't drag back home with him so that other critters couldn't get to it before he returned, sometimes as many as four or five times and as far as twenty miles round trip, through geophysically chartered 'impassable touraine', so that he could feed his foster families, in three different places, none of whom of course know anything about this since it's all horsefeathers and far too noble and real for this record's wretchedly shamed, self designated enemies to stand up in an open public confrontation with: and is merely a 'self-described EuroAsian phony'.


Didn't research, originally author, assemble, anthologize and write or copyright, print, publish or distribute six small press, hard cover, sold out editions of GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION, or NOMADS, CIVILIZATION & WAR: A Brief History of the EuroAsian HorsePeople; or A MOVEABLE VIETNAM: A Continental Misunderstanding, or THE JUDICIAL, JOURNALISTIC & ROGUE CIA INSPIRED 'Code Of Silence' in Santa Cruz County, CA.: A Memorial of the Murder of Corine Christensen in 1985, or A MOVEABLE VIETNAM: A Continetal Misunderstanding, or, REPORT FROM VFW - Bill Motto/Wage Peace POST 5888, or THE ART OF MISSING THE POINT: When You Can't Afford To Catch On; is a known - multiple - child protester, and in fact a veritably Native American shamed, whacko spirit entitled "Crazy Horse' (kraziequus). Whereas, KBR is a mendicant, vagrant, unemployed, U.S. Military record dishonored, federal firearms law violating felon-jailbird, certified madman and known coward in the presence of 'real men', as compared to KBR's widely known physical & mental weakness, psychological paranoid schizophrenia and sexual abuse of women and children.


Yea, and verily, all of (approximately) that and much more was placed on a website, addressed, 'whykbrsucks.tripod.com', since 12/03, ordered down repeatedly by New York State Police authority in January of 04.


... whereupon the 'webmaster/editor', refused to obey the order and passed the - actively reciprocating Guest Commentary, dialogue maintaining - hatesite ('Dedicated to Kent Benjamin Robertson') on to a - yet to be identified - 'new management', which was then ordered to take down the site 'immediately', by a Superior Court Magistrate, 5 April 04, from which time the cited site continued, all the while with actively posted dialogue, centered around guarding your children when KBR is around, stating that KBR has been openly accused of pestophilia on two different occasions, by two different people, in two different locations, at two different times, relative to two different infant female children... The site was not taken down until nine months later, mid September 04.


While in that interim, between 4.5.04, when the creator(s) of this website (not merely a post or forum) were ordered by a Superior Court magistrate to remove it 'immediately': it remained up and active, with a growing hate-site compendium of Guest Commentaries, until mid September, 04: w'out restraint or reprimand, w'out punishment, fine or imprisonment, without a word of dissent from the thereby over-run Superior Court Magistrate, by nothing less than a cult of multiple-perjurious, plurally pedophile accessoried, conspiratorially orgranized, Sr. Citizen abusing and child molesting conspirators - so proven, on the World Wide Web, as - briefly - aforedescribed.


Presently, Mr. HARD SCIENCE is getting and keeping it up, as usual (it could be one of hundreds of people, quite literally at this point, from anywhere in the world); having stalked this record to this post, forum, thread, as usual, to make the above entry, in the wake of dozens of such entries on and off the aforedescribed, finally extinctified website ('whykbrsucks.tripod.com'). Which, incidentally, in the nine month period that it remained up and active with a swiftly growing guest commentary list, and a hit count of over 4,000 - in the teeth of a court order to be removed, it's (unidentified) 'new management', opened up a second site, entitled 'whykbrsucks2'; requiring a password, on GO STATS. That site was not removed until November of 04.


All of this - and much, much more, would be horsefeathers, if, it wasn't documented fact; accompanied, literally, by tens, if not hundreds, if not millions of witnesseses. Moreover, the entire website is archive and about to go to court - again, as it was not permitted to be delivered last time, because the 'bristling' opposition - complainant's capitulated every point they wishe the court to endorse. Then went on three weeks later, to re-attack this record.

This time, the court will learn all of what it was previously prevented from knowing, by way of the submission of the described elements, because they knew if they didn't capitulate, after presenting their entirely vanquished case, the 'Respondent' (defendant) would present the described physically forensic - and much more - evidence, and utterly, legally, morally and socially destroy his heinous, self appointed, Invisible Empire inspired opposition (no contest on level ground).


The record will keep subscribing Reader's *updated. The assigned court date, this time, is 9 June 2005. (*If the - cogent - incumbent administrators, servers, mentors, avatars, et al, do not ban this thread and its originator from this forum, for 'flaming' (You know who you are). Yah.



Apparently, the unique, major contributions to theoretical physics herein, and elsewhere (and many other world class 'diatribe' on the most pressing problems in the world, and realistic efforts - such as acknowledgement of same, for openers - are overshadowed by my unacceptable, democratically out-voted 'style'. (Duly noted)


<A thousand pardons. As we tremble in anticipation of the next pestophile spread of unimpeded torpedoes to be fashioned and festooned over this thread, and everywhere and when else it pleases. Whereas, Heaven forbid, should it be reflected in, legal, moral, civil, obligatory, provoked defense of self and others?


The record knows of no one - certainly including himself - who harbors the option - or ability - of concealing his or her own history: every move, smile, frown and laugh, permanently and ineradicably projected on the the Universal Films presentation, starring everyone, in all times and spaces. At-one-ment. Atonement with the all knowing Godhead.

Meanwhile. Speaking of heads, this record intends to tumble a hell of a lot of them, publicly, in this mortal realm, before he transfers to the Grace of Unfathomable Impeccability and transmortal NIrvana. (You have me now?) <Thanks for the Ciao?>


If this message really don't suit you, simply don't wear it.


Whereas, if the shoes fit, you are impotent to acquit.

If you exonerate or are complicit with pestophilia, murder and rape,

you will not escape.


($ Go JackO.J.?! $)


"Vengeance be the Lord's, but (sweet, rare) Justice is Truth unchained on earth.

I am of the God who makes easy, that which was difficult;

who makes near, that which was distant."

Mangu Kha Khan 1258 AD,

in a Persian translated letter to Louis of France,

after the latter asked the former the nature of his God (if he recognized one).


Thank you for reading this missive.





(Before we were so crudely interrupted).


May we please carry on, Ladies & Gentlemen.


Truly yours is gratefully aware - he owes a few reasonable folks around here, an appropriate response (even though we may not altogether agree with you? <Seems the globally fashionable trend (who needs a substantial reason?), hither, skelter, thither and helter?>


Kiitos palia.



Kent Benjamin Robertson

World's #1 Albert - The Axe - Einstein Groupie & Apprentice.


Vini. Vici...


(I've not played Nintendo, either.)

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Brevity, brevity, brevity, wherefore art thou brevity.

Cut to the chase dude.

The ethical principles of Judaism were expressed in ten rules. Christ made inroads on that.

Is it arrogance, insanity or stupidity makes you think your message requires so much more?

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Today, 12:33 AM #15




Join Date: Oct 2004

Posts: 1,415


Brevity, brevity, brevity, wherefore art thou brevity.

Cut to the chase dude.

The ethical principles of Judaism were expressed in ten rules. Christ made inroads on that.

Is it arrogance, insanity or stupidity makes you think your message requires so much more?


Data ---> Information ---> Knowledge ---> Wisdom



: )


Dear Ms. or Mr. Ophiolite (Dude?):

Redundancy, reiteration, repetition,

where thou art, excessively surplus superfluity.*

(*No question mark, whereas your chosen interrogative opening platform of Shakespeare excludes *one, as though it is an imperative. Usually not a stickler here about such technicalities, but in your case the record is beholden to find the exception in you - Ophiolite.

(No kin to dolomite, serpentine, magnesite, calcite or verd antique?)

Welcome to the history channel, Mr. or Mrs. abbreviated, ersatz Cantor wannabe:

molded, stamped, template striped, bygone prefabricated representative of past, present and vainly foregone, curtailed future, events, times, places and spaces.


Swinging from Willie the Shake's blushing balcony, to plunge into the Old Testament Tablets of the would-be imperishable sanctuary of conflagrate flora on Mt. Sinai, winding down a post Christian inroad constructed by The Chosen One...


Finding so many new ways to make the same pedestrian mistakes, run so many red lights, T-bone and be T-boned by so much cross town TRAFFIC, and: in such an impressive conservation of words (and high mileage Av-6 gasoline?)...


(In search of the pre leonard Nimoy cliche'd, post Diasporan European settlement of the Ashkenazim - as distinguished from Sephardim? Webster's 'Brevity' - is the soul of wit'. - Shakespeare <who is also known to wax extensively <<re: 'dilate'>>; much to the chagrin of the increasingly abbreviated, big eye'd boob-tube-defending & cultivated, avante gardely flaunted, subsequently haunted attention span <What?>.)


(Dear Mr. Non Sepharim: You may hasten, flow rapidly expedite, smuggle, unravel a line in a nylon stocking, manage, conduct, operate, run up a bill while composing bad checks ascending Calvary Hill, but - certainly in this case - you've disabled yerself from ferreting out a settlement, deep, dark, bright, small or large enough to be out of sight - on or off this prosaic or poetic site, conceal or heal thyself (Paging Professor Galen?)


('Cut to the *chase'

<*Webster's 1. 'pursuit', 'also "hunting", 'quarry'> is it then?

'Dude'? <Webster's 1. 'Dandy', 'city dweller', 'Easterner in the West', 'Greenhorn'.


Webster's 'Cut' 1. to penetrate or divide with a sharp edge; cleave, gash. 2. to hurt the feelings of, 3. to strike sharply, 4. shorten, reduce, 5. to remove by severing or paring, 6. intersect, cross, 7. to divide into parts, 8. to go quickly or change direction abruptly, 9. to cause to stop >).


Acknowledged: often emerged 'diatribe' here. Sophocles, Euripedes, Pericles as well as dissertations on antifreeze may in like manner be greeted with similar lack of warmth.


You are affably called upon (refer 'bottom line') to disqualify the uprecedented, abundantly proved, unstealable, unpurchaseable, and until further notice, undisqualifiable statement 'Newton's Classical Mechanical space and time gravitational universe is Einstein's Relativistic 4 Dimensional space-time continuum (and all of the formerly dissolute, 'immeasurable', 'unimaginable', 'non-mathematically incomprehensible resolutions 'coincidentally' confirming the unprecedented statement at central issue here; however and whichever accompanying turned or extended phrases may annoy you and whomever of any like minded acolytes:

who may similarly deign to cynically (not to be confused with skeptically)) and rudely comment on and 'air'(speed, thumb-nail)-edit any of the more rudimentary foundational contributions to science at point (with counterparts and other supplementary sobriquets to follow), for duration, spelling, punctuation, and/or FILL IN HERE...


Or, remain smugly riveted to your New Age Compacted throne of impertinent name calling and altogether familiar, counterproductive digressive diversion.


You may or not be familiar with Buckminster Fuller's Gray (Yawn) Manuals, or the 54+ (boring) books of Bertrand Russel, or Immanuel Kant's triad of (ho hum) Critiques on Pure Reason; or the - often prolifically expansive; high English vocabularized - works of Descarte, Locke, Hume, Gibbon, Reed, Von Helmholtz, Whitehead, Freud, H.G. Wells, Noam Chomsky, James Michener, Clavelle, Bronowski, etceteras, whereas, you apparently are - notably - at least somewhat familiar with William - Brevity - Shakespeare...


Is it yer mudder, fodder or CALVIN KLEIN makes you wax shamly *Shakespearean (notably invoking the words of a woman calling out to and for a man) while you peevishly pay homage to *brevity? (Yah vuhl, mein singular liter <Hiccup. Burp, Flatulence - or all of the above> of the people?)


'Your (my) message': is 'out of the bag', sir.


What makes you say I think it my 'message requires so much more?'


You might ask the same question of the consummate findings of Democritus on 'atomism', Aristotle on inductive and deductive reasoning, Copernicus on heliocentric theory, Newton on Classical Mechanics, Kant on absolutism, Planck on quanta, Einstein on field physics... (In fact there were those who did so inquire of the briefly listed juggarnauts, just as you do now, and likely there will be like-minded others that will, per capital progression upon all - however less traveled; beaten down - promenades to undiluted, detoxified self & others realization, enroute Wisdom for its own - however non-commercial or socially unvaunted - reward.


Truly yours will stay with the challenge of opportuning the sentient world to consider the issued work(s) and draw it's own collective and individual conclusions...


On the other hand, how could and will it not in fact inspire - and consequently (with or without invocations such as yours or any like them or you) evoke 'so much more'?


Your manifestly operative task of forestallment and hindrance is to 'inadvertantly' (if not covetously and recreationally?) obviate the sentient world from considering the issued, revitalized 'viewpoint' of the collective and individual mortal coil.


In the data gathered information, intrigue motivated knowledge and duplicitous wisdom of the parlance of those who *filch the words of Truly yours while simultaneously denigrating same: *Pivot. Or Divot. (+'But don't waste my time, 3-D compost man' - +Bkparque's affectatious door slamming, would be 'gotchaism', upon pilfering the asterisk - * - marked ultimatum authored by Truly yours <Along with 'Snoopy goes Asiatic', 'We now resume our regular broadcsting schedule', mocking of vocabulary such as 'in situ', and 'secretions'; cut, pasted and/or paraphrased, uncredited dissertations on fractals, failed flailings in referencing H20 @ 4 dgs C - 'It's the water', - but having forgotten what he learned from this record,why that particular value of 'heat' and H20 in general is particularly and circumspecifically significant...


Moreover, while on the subject of affectation and disguising true intentions by deceptive words or actions: under scores of witnesses, including bkparque's - 1999 vintaged - co-workers and at least a dozen Vietnam vet memberships of my co-founded VFW - Congressionally chartered - POST 5888, who have graciously taken and given counsel, confidence and enjoyed non-profit sanctuary, shleter and food - often with their wives and paramours - in my formerly located, Santa Cruz, CA. stationed domicile (What B. wiggle K. wriggle Carpette mutates to 'Boarding House Ben/Makes the big time'), for over two decades...


All of whom witnessed bkparque introduce himself to this record (in front of his at-that-time workplace, a coffee-shop, from which he was soon thereafter fired - for an retinue wretched of reasons, emphatically featuring the endemic hazing and verbal abuse of mendicants - especially women - appearing in his place of employment during his shift), borrow the 54 p.p., 1999, condensed edition of THE REINSTATEMENT OF EINSTEIN'S PRESENTLY ABANDONED UNIFIED FIELD THEORY, in 20,000 words, w'out mathematics: The Big Bang Theory is Wrong. Gravity, Electricity & Magnetism are the 4th, 5th & 6th Dimensions (re: http://einstein.periphery.cc/)...


Thereafter (aggressively and amiably introducing himself to this record and praising the latter's works), ebulliently volunteering - with magnanimous humility, waxing freely - what a privelege it would be to post it on the net, since it had not been previously posted; repetitiously asking what I thought would happen once the 'magnificent and original' work was posted on the net. I consistently replied that I really didn't know, but that we would certainly find out (It is now, up to this point and until further notice, known 'what happens', when Einstein's hitherto 'incomprehensible' 4-D space-time continuum is non-mathematically translated <previously dogmatized as 'undoable'>, to proceed furthermore in resolving a passel of hitherto allegedly ponderously imponderable problems); ...


Mr. Parquette proceeding from there to perennially stop by my domicile, with stacks of - he said - internet posted printouts of complete copies the aforedescribed 6th, condensed, 54 page (speaking of 'brevity) edition of my nearly fifty year written, printed, published, distributed, copyrighted sold out book (following the 5th editiion of 627 pages duration - sold out all over California, especially Santa Cruz and all California State University's, certainly including Berkeley and UCLA.)


With Bkparquette's rightful - and what he in that era described as 'priveleged' proclamation as 'Posted by Brian Kirk Parquette', and the overt and repeated acclamation to this author - Kent Benjamin Robertson, aka, etceteras...


This was late - December - 1999 and thenceforth, where and when Truly yours used computers only for word processors, was not 'on line' and did not know the first thing about 'being on line'. The absence of this record from observatiion of or participation within the 'WebNet' continued until September, 2002, when my at that time neighbor, one Jeff Boggard, was kind enough to rent me a cable for $20.00 monthly and thenceforth 'hooked me up to', and instructed me in the beginner's basics (to say the least) of 'operating an on-line computer'.


I had been told by a number of persons who've read and have known and understood my physics work - in hard copy (sold out two limited printings of small press in Santa Cruz bokstores, including Niel Coonerty's Pacific Avenue located, pre earthquake - 10/17/89 - since relocated SANTA CRUZ BOOKSTORE alone) in the interim between when Mr. Parquette first began posting my work on the net, and the time I actually accessed same), that someone who called himself Brian Kirk Parquette was holding my work out on the net as his own, establishing Guest Commentary dialogue on a website he dedicated to one of several titles of my book, going so far not only to identify himself as the author, but to furthermore, consequently, impersonate Truly yours in his Guest Commentary modality...


I then began to witness this first hand, on my own (MAC 09 internet connected laptop), and, until further notice, now it is knowable, what happens when my work is posted on the World Wide Web...


Dear Mr., Ms. or Mrs. Ophiolite Brevity Serpentine Dolomite Placebo Semite

Do, by all means, stop by again - come and get'cher killer chilled redd hotts.

Invite yer friends to the ongoing fishinna-barrel & turkey shoot(s). Looking forward

to your cutting to the chase (and more abbreviated (pink 'n blue hued), 2nd floor escalated (softly shod?) Shakespeare?


(Anyone may and is certainly free to disagree with yer's truly, at any time, about anything. I learn things this way routinely. Whereas. Mr., Ms. or Mrs. Ophiolite <Inc.> are - self explicitly - far too overextensively abbreviated. Whereas, Truly yours digs the pain of research reading, writing, re-reading and re-writing a wide variety of typographic conveyances...


While not averse to 'off topically' praising self - the record isn't quite altogether book stricken or of geneaological literati larvae, per se, due, among other preoccupations, to his 145#, 5'7", 63 year old preoccupation with learning and teaching several forms of Asian martial arts (for the past half century), bench-pressing 200+ pounds of iron, curling 55# with each - alternating - arm, executing 60 consecutive *'spider' push-ups (*on fully extended fingertips), 3 sets of a dozen chin-ups, palms facing out, palms facing in, and palms parallel to the chin-up (ventral thorax) facing direction. This form of 'supranational' motion insures that each excercised muscle group is ergonomically maximized?


Modesty - and being the tall, dark, handsome and silent type? - being among my stronger (Brookes Brother's Italian Cut Continental) suits?

(Certainly, Ophiolite is not without a - however familiarly fashionable - knack for turning a phrase? Out standing - in the moonlight - in his field, of physics? The Aurora Borealis reflecting majestic, with the ruddy lunar glow and glimmer-flicking constelllations Zodiac, delicately leaping from his optically polished, demo-geographically polarized <Starry, Lor'n g'brough> - plow?)


Sair vouz plait, stop by any day,

for some feral cuisine at the ROAD KILL CAFE.


Today's Special soup d'jour:

Poodles, scabies 'n Noodles.


Free meal of choice from the world renowned menu, for any paisano proprietary pampered kitchen guest who can identify, scrape out and saute the freshly extant, moist morsels imbedded in the treads of the arriving and departing fleet of lunch - MICHELIN tubeless all touraine outfitted - wagons when they're paused (oiling the high heeled brake shoes?) in our famous coast to coast franchized, aromatically appetizing (Joanie Mitchell paved paradise & Waco - ATF - TRAFFIC endorsed) parking lot <Rully hot>).


Thanking the dispassionately pensive,

equitable Reader(s) for regarding this (otherwise invidious?) missive.



Kent Benjamin Robertson

World's Number One Albert - The Axe - Einstein Groupie.


(Why isn't universal gravity the 4th dimension?

Marca Registrada.

Where isn't the 4-D space-time continuum?

<Name a measured, measurable time and place?>)


(Sin duda. Wait til perusal of the arrogant piece de resistance sopreso 'n stupid dessert entree's?)


'More' insanity is optional (and eventually inevitable?), but not presently required.

Outside - effervescently sparkling, tinselTown Rhinestone cuff-linked 'n cuchillo

brandishing 'n baddest flashing blades in Baghdad sources most recently

advise: 'Cut to the chase'.


(At yore kommandt. <Let IT Bleed. Indeed.> Proximo:)


Gratzie mille per les ciao's y los mismos alohas del Capri Isle.


(Waiter. There are frenzied hammerheads, blues, grays 'n makos orbiting

in Ophiolite's Martini?


<A drink - or failed bar exam - may yet be named after use?>)


Kiitos Palia.

Prego. :roll-eyes

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There is nothing of value in these posts, just disjointed ramblings. Stop wasting our time, you worthless troll, and stop pretending you have a more complex thought process than a jellyfish.



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You know, the thing about English is that you can guess the meaning from a few simple words by the context they are uttered within.


So really, you don’t need to corral and steer thoughts along such a narrow path by predicting each and every way they will bolt, and blocking that exit.


So you think energy exists outside the three dimensions in other forms.




Anything else?


Ps I found a Roman Emperor who might speak a little Spanish.

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Today, 03:51 PM #17


Biology Expert


Join Date: Oct 2004

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Posts: 630




There is nothing of value in these posts, just disjointed ramblings. Stop wasting our time, you worthless troll, and stop pretending you have a more complex thought process than a jellyfish.




"With malleus aforethought, mammals got an earful of their ancestors' jaw" - J. Burns, Biograffiti



Dear Mokele:


soak yer (*'our') plural heads to eye, nose 'n earful capacity; improvise a tandem maxilla-mandible reconstruction. Take to anvils w' a glass of malice aforethought, avoid spelling or thinking bees, and call yerself a doctor when (and if ever) the nearest Hydrogen star breaks over yer vaulted cranial capacity.


(*En conversant mice in yer name calling pockets?)


Your porcine, would-be pearl casting post,

unimprovably describes and consumes itself.


(A lot of that coming and going around these daze. Stay calm. Extact the thingee. Put down the thingee. Back away from the thingee... <See reverse>)





Today, 05:12 PM #18




Join Date: Dec 2004

Posts: 681




You know, the thing about English is that you can guess the meaning from a few simple words by the context they are uttered within.


So really, you don’t need to corral and steer thoughts along such a narrow path by predicting each and every way they will bolt, and blocking that exit.


So you think energy exists outside the three dimensions in other forms.




Anything else?


Ps I found a Roman Emperor who might speak a little Spanish.




Dear reverse molecule:


It's not a matter of what Truly yours thinks, it's a matter of what is proven, transcending anyone's thoughts; including all of the newly recognized and proven information at issue here.




Anything else?

(Cualquier cosas otras?)


Inevitably and interminably that's about it for now - in this context (THE EVERYTHING - 'cept 'Final - THEORY) - that hasn't been realized, thought of, written or published by KBR, or anyone else known to this record, until further notice.


Either myself or someone else is predictably inclined to allow many others to know the qualified 'anything else' in this - very wide spectrum - context, post haste.


Entreating a wild notion in this thread... Contritely wandering 'off topic', regarding matters of physical science, or sincere efforts toward that subjection...


One (or two or more) may either submit a reasonably speculated hypothesis, propose a theorem, a plausible or scientifically tenable theory contributing toward explaining observed facts, and/or proven fact(s) - confirmed events and/or manifestations of qualified reality.


The thingee about English?

Guess meaning simple words within context uttered?

Corral and steer thoughts?

Along such a narrow path?

Predicting each and every way way they will bolt and blocking that exit?


(Corraling, controlling and bottlenecking thoughts, predicting all manner of 'bolts', and blocking exit? Sounds like someone held to account for what they say and unable to escape responsibiity for what they undo themselves with. No?)


Jim Morrison once observed 'Nobody gets out of here alive'.


Apparently he was speaking of worldly, corporeal matter(s) and the endemically controversial, global and intramurally ephemeral mortal condition. An interesting way to espresso a hauntingly ancient and traditionally concerned, stimulating observation.


Not a J. Morrison groupie here, but there seems to have been a lot of quasi genius about him, however over-inclined to self destruction he may have been. His dramatization of one of the major centerpieces burdening human consciousness, is no less poignant, and, briefly stated; however ironic or obvious.


I speak of this here because, since hearing that noteworthy statement, which is also the title of a book about Jim Morrison's life, and death (in a Parisian apartment bath-tub, apparently of an overdose of I.V. assimilated heroin. Found perished - 1970? - by his paramour, who departed this realm by approximately the same exit, about three years later.)


Since hearing the subjected quote by the unquestioably talented and bright, J. Morrison - and the title of his biography, Truly yours has considered a slight modification of that noted quote, perhaps slightly abbreviating it to:


'Nobody gets out of here'.


The 'alive' qualification is altogether subjective; abjectly - though certainly understandably and excusably - speculative. Confines and limits the meanings and definitions of life (something a self proclaimed expert biologist such as Mokele might understand, if his cerebral cortex was not displaced with a berserked, malleusly a4thought <imperatively kommanding 'Stop'', Stop' Troll! Jellyfish!> Man O' War?).


The reasoning of my light hearted suggestion to abbreviate Morrison's worthy quote to 'Nobody gets out of here', is, it seems, applicable to anyone who thinks, believes or proclaims any substantial ability to make a real 'exit', relative to the universal vessel containing you, me, he, she, it, or 'us'... To transfer to another kind of manifestation, yes. To depart altogether, probly not. Just an ephemeral, jellyfish brained troll stigmatized thought.


Please let Truly yours know when you confirm whether or not the Roman emperor you've exhumed, who may speak a little Spanish, speaks a little Spanish.


Your cunning lampoon on Latin remains in permanent 3-D orbit, way over my head and beyond malleus aforethoughts


Mayhaps, erstwile (while we're scratching our jellyfish?), you may look in to why it is that Spanish American - Hispanic - people are so often called 'Latinos'.


Perhaps you could bring the DeathSpeaking language issue up - and down - with them, in Greek?

You and yours may or not accustom yerselfs to gravity as the 4th-D. It's a free country where everyone is entitled to their own yenopines. (Including The New Math, cross bred with the academic cirricular abortion issue?)


Have you heard that there are 11, 27, 38 and an infinite number of dimensions, and that gravity is the 0th? Just wondering if some sort of bull - or torus - went with that mocha 'n liberally amphibious, bouyant, exposure suit donned doughnut dunker.


Leer es poder (en cualquier y todas lenguas).



K.B. Robertson,


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A kind challenge from me to you!


Are you able to say in a sentence of no greater than ten (10) words, what you like to do in your spare time?


as a reward, I will revel the “Emperor” in question.

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maybe it's a form of art?


Care and Feeding Tips for "verbosity".


Verbosity - that is, Verosity as a pet - is very easy to care for. Well, actually it's not simple, but it is in fact easy (the two words don't mean exactly the same thing, do they?), provided of course that you understand the difference not that that would be justification for not being eager to see some success for your Verbosity. Caring on the other hand is less simple and straightforward, but it isn't particularly difficult or impossible to achieve or even let happen on its own, with or without any intent on your part, so far as it goes. All that is really needed - essentially and ultimately required or called for, that is - is to be willing to talk to it, nurture it with words whether they be kind or cruel, pointless or deliberately designed and intended to have some bearing or relevance on the health (whether physical or mental) of your verbosity (or not, as the case may be) for I believe that truly happy verbosity cannot exist on its own. It needs a companion with a willing ear (or even an unwilling one, provided that this aforementioned companion is a captive audience for your verbosity. Get a good dictionary and thesaurus, read it out loud and learn the nuances of the language that you regard as your own as well as the one of your verbosity. There are so many ways to ensure that your verbosity enjoys a long and healthy life that I cannot list them all here, but I intend to try just as soon as my wrists no longer suffer from repetitive stress injuries, the chances of which I have been guilty of increasing by virtue of the number of words I have typed thus far, up to this point, that is (of course, I continue to type, but that isn't such a bad thing at present for what would life be if we could only admit our problems and then do nothing more. Surely it is a good thing to explain our meaning, to elucidate, exapand and enlarge upon whatever it is that we are saying or writing, typing or dictating for the production of something that is not entirely unlike the written word (even though it may not be written per se, or course). At this juncture I trust you will forgive my breaking off with these tips. I shall return soon, all things being equal - which, of course, as we all know they are not, so why I bothered writing it I cannot say unless it is a mere gesture in the direction of truth, honesty, forthrightedness and so much more that is good about the human tendency and ability to use words to their fullness and ...



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Incredibly your post in response to my last one is so tortuous I couldn't steel myself to read it all - I say incredibly because my ego would normally find it impossible to avoid reading and re-reading material though it contained a mere pseudonym rather than the real McCoy, or Harry Barnstable if you prefer.

I did note this one: "You may or not be familiar with Buckminster Fuller's Gray (Yawn) Manuals, or the 54+ (boring) books of Bertrand Russel, or Immanuel Kant's triad of (ho hum) Critiques on Pure Reason; or the - often prolifically expansive; high English vocabularized - works of Descarte, Locke, Hume, Gibbon, Reed, Von Helmholtz, Whitehead, Freud, H.G. Wells, Noam Chomsky, James Michener, Clavelle, Bronowski, etceteras, whereas, you apparently are - notably - at least somewhat familiar with William - Brevity - Shakespeare..."

I read Gibbon Decline and Fall, the unabridged version, when I was fourteen. I read most of Freud's work when I was fifteen. H.G.Wells' SF work preceded those of course, his conventional novels I am only getting round to now. I've no idea why you place Michener in such illustrious company, but everything he wrote prior to 1980 +/- has been digested. Locke and Hume have been recent, belated, additions to my completed reading list. Bronowski: well do you mean his popular works or his published papers? Chomsky? Of course, how could I not? Whitehead, no, unless by some pure accident. Etc. In short, having been long, your attempts to appear educated and well read lose much because plenty of people on this forum are at least as well read as you appear to imply you are - its just they don't normally mention it: it's impolite - I only raise my own list because I am impolite, especially faced with such an explosion of fecal matter. (And who the hell is Reed?)

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Thank you Coral. I thought it was a passingly good imitation, barring the obvious fact it was way too short!

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