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List 100 anticipated inventions that havent been invented yet?


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Theory of everything..... It's still not published, scientists are seriously anticipated about this, yet haven't got a good one. ToE should relate QM, relativity, string theories and all other hypotheses.

That is not an invention. It is a suite of scientific discoveries organised in a theoretical framework.

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Safe and cheap teleportation of people and objects.

Or at least of energy/electricity and data.

2) Very cheap, power dense, inexhaustible, and ecologically harmless energy source.

3) Completely safe, fast, flexible, cheap transportation.

4) Ultimate cure from many illnesses.

5) Ability to cure majority of illnesses without chemicals.

6) Advanced genetic modification.

7) Climate control.

8) Continental and planetary terraforming.

9) Paperless money.

10) Total employment.

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