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Let`s see who can answer this question


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I vote for sheep


It is a "well-known fact" that more humans have been born after 1700 A.D.than before - true in spirit if not precisely correct - and during the last few centuries a decreasing number of people have come into contact with leopards or hippopotami...but lots of people eat meat.

And how often does someone choke on an incompletely masticated cube of sheep.

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That's insubstatiated though...


AFAIK< it's so probable that it's pretty much definite. Especially since the only way to get a phylogeny of HIV viri to make any sense is to include several forms of SIV.


Basically, we know HIV came from SIV. Given that SIV, being "simian immunodeficiency virus", is present in monkeys, it's a pretty fair bet that HIV came from SIV making the crossover.



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"name the mammal who has killed more human beings than any other mammal?"


I think the question precludes disease. In plague and HIV, the killer is not rat or monkey, it's the disease and neither bacteria nor viruses are mammals.


If you sum the mortality from all conflicts since the time when the most high tech killing tool was a rock tied to a stick, the answer has to be man. I doubt anything else even comes close.

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I just read this thread and saw mossoi's comment

This leads onto another question though. If he was such a good killer' date=' why didn't George savage Zippo when he was being annoying?

[/quote'] - I think you mean Zippy but he's the frog? so you realy mean Geoffrey if we are talking about humans ROFLOL :D


Also you can add numbers to the sheep answer if you are including indirect means - what about all the clearances of populations from land used to graze sheep (Scotland, Austrailia, New Zeland etc.)?


I think indirect means is cheating.


Also, next time you watch a dragon in a movie, look at how feline the movements often are. Our fear response is triggered by felid movements (in part), while hippos look amusing to us.
- yea, but how many times have you seen depictions of cute fluffy kitties (oops, nearly typed pussies there). But I do agree, I hate cats myself. Come to think of it I never liked George much either.;)
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