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Mirrored time universe big bang!


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I have thought about this as well, anti matter and matter, times arrow, and the Big bang. What i have in mind is something like this:





While times arrow goes in two directions at the big bang and each direction has both matter and anti matter in one matter dominates and in the other matter dominates and each is rare in the other time direction. Is this representative of what you are talking about?


This would require anti matter to generate anti mass or antigravity which so far tests seem to indicate it does not... Although reverse time coordinates doesn't necessarily require anti gravity but it would make the idea a bit simpler...

Much to my surprise it would appear that this idea is really a thing.


I had no idea at the time, it just seemed to be... I don't know, the first time I ever saw that image it occurred to me that a big bang in the opposite time direction was necessary in some way... I know way to use conformation bias but I honestly had no idea anyone else had really considered it.




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