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PLS HELP !2 Homework questions


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1. A ball has less energy at the end of the bounce than it had at the beginning why ?

A. Energy is lost

B.The energy transfers to heat

C.energy is missing

D.Energy transferred back to owner

2. A paper clip is put in water and there's air on top of it and they're all in a close test tube . Can air get to the paper clip ?

3.A paper clip that is covered with grease is put into a close test tube filled with air . Can it rust and can air get to the paper clip ?



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1. Something to do with dissipation of energy



2. HINT: How fishes breathe? From where they get oxygen in an aquarium if there's no aquatic plants?


3. What are the conditions for rusting ?

Thanks for your reply !

1. A


3.Id say it won't rust and air can't get to it because it's covered with grease .


Correct ?

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Question #1 can be solved if you think of yourself throwing the ball. Throwing the ball itself creates energy, so when it hits the ground it will lose ____? (HINT: Although energy can create heat, you have to consider that the ball did not create friction)

Question #2 - Air tends to "reach out and grab surfaces"

Question #3 - Grease acts as a lubricant


I know this was already answered, but just in case you needed extra reasoning :)

Correction on myself. Friction can generate* heat not create

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