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Philosophy of Eternalism -- recommendations


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Greetings to all!

I come from a totally different and opposite background as my major and master's is in literature, but I am much interested in some theories of physics and especially those regarding the nature of time.

I'd love to participate in a local conference with Doctor Manhattan from Alan Moore's "Watchmen" and the philosophy of eternalism as my topic. The thing is, that apart from the basics, I am completely unaware of the main ideas of eternalism and perhaps important book titles in order to study and elicit the information needed for my paper.

I would be very much obliged if you recommended some kind of bibliography to start with. I hope that through this forum, I will gain knowledge outside of my expertise and broaden my horizons even more.

Thank you!


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Disregarding all religous fronts. If you were to find a way to become eternal you would most likely not want it. As your skin would decay, your brain would basically turn into a rotten tomato, and after all existence ends you would be floating around in an endless void for the rest of enternity. Though, if there were a god, or gods, this will totally disapoint them, as you have cheated life. Though if you were granted some kind of power through religion you would most likely bend the whole society of the earth and you'd either call a heratic, or be worshipped as a god, also this would totally change the way the world looks at religion, they would most likely worship it radically wanting the power you have been granted, causing chaos across the world. Now, I hope I helped you understand Eternalism, please forgive me for any spelling errors as I am quite young and still learning.


Have an amazing day!

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