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Try my webbcambattletank with paintball, laserdom and red dot aim over the web.......

Guest magi

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Guest magi


I have developed a system to remote control something over the Internet at my university LTH in Lund, Sweden.


So I made a prototype 2 as a battle tank.

It is a model of a Stuart M5 Tank with a paintballkanon, laserdoomweapen and red dot aim.



You can look at some pictures and movies here.



















Look what a guy from Australia , Sidney wrote....








If you can read Swedish you can here read about me in one of Swedens biggest newspapers




Here is two links that makes it possible for you to see from the camera on the tank, WITHOUT the possibility to control it. The first in medium resolution and the last with max resolution so you can test your equipment.


If it is the first time you log in on a "Axis network webcam" you will be asked to download an activex.


Log in is: tank1test / pass








You use:

Mouse click to fire,

Mouseweel to aim up/down



w/s forward/reverse,

a/d left/right,

2/3 to turn tower left/right,

q/z right drive chain forward/reverse,e/x left drive chain forward/reverse,

r to reload laser with 25 new rounds,

f to reset laser target for 10 hits,



Its on batteries and they only last for one hour so you have to contact me at the chat for a time to try it.


I can't have it going for you, because its quite annoying to have strange people driving around in the house.

And to be hit in the neck by the gun is seriously painful. :)


Go to my chat and ask for a drive.



PS: The chat works best in Internet Explorer.


MSN / spidg@hotmail.com



When you get in contact with me I neet to know if you get a camview from the two camlinks here. You probably need Internet Explorer.

I will then give you a controllink and password for that link.


Pleace read how to control it above.


I often have drivers that talk other languages so pleace just start to write in the chat and I will catch up.



In some years the wireless fast Internet(wimax,4G) will be possible to use in most big cities. That will give us the possibility to place cam robots all over the world that you can remote control over the Internet.


You can be somewhere else in a minute and use arm and hands on the robot to be able to for example go for shopping in New York and then take a taxi to a cafe and chat with a friend. Your friend in New York will be able to see your face on a screen on the robot.


You can be on a business tripp i another country and get a phone call from your child at home where he say he has hurt himself.


You will then be able to connect your mobile phone to the shirt and gloves and then connect to the cam robot at home and take care of your child over the web.


I have studied Technical Physics at my university for 5 years now and this will give people the possibility to remote control there jobs from all over the world.


Companies move there factories abroad and that also move development to other countries.

With this system people from abroad can work in your country by remote controlling it over the Webb, so the factories stay in the country and that means that development stay in the country.

All you have to do is send some dollars to another country as salary.

You can have a robot in the house and a Chinese can clean your house for a day and then you can send 5 dollar to china. With the cam bot in the house you have all the professional help you ever need in the house in a few seconds.

You can have a plumber, doctor, electrician, firefighter and so on in the house as fast as it takes for you to turn it on.


This is what will be possible in some years.


A lot of people have industrial works that today can be remote controlled by a cam robot so people can globetrott all over the world and still be at work 8 hours a day.


You want people to be free, right.


My next model will be a airplane with 3 m wingspan and paintballguns in the wings for live air battle.

The guns I have can fire 20 shots/sek that is needed in battle fights. A real war pilot I talked with said that in a real air battle you only get the enemy in the scope for a moment and in that moment you have to fire as many rounds as possible to have a chance to hit. Nice to have a real air battle over your head with bullets flying all over and to know that they are controlled from all over the world.......


Would you like to try my battle tank over the Webb?







Regards Magi



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Guest magi


When will these be commercially available??!!


Plus (sorry if you think I am very paranoid)' date=' are you [i']really[/i] the inventor, or just someone acting like him?




I have built it my self.

But these kind of systems has been used since 1990, but I have shown that it is possible with civil equipment now.


Regards Magi


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Guest magi


I have been invited to one of the worlds biggest LAN-meeting called DreamHack in Sweden.

DreamHack Summer 2005 on Elmia in Jönköping 16 - 19 juni.


There u can see my tank live, being controlled from all over the world.


I will demonstrate my "Man against Machine" arena.

People will be able to come to the arena and battle against webcamrobots in a paintball/laserdombattle.

So I will have the first Internetgame in the world where you can hunt real people on your screen.


Skynet is here.......... heheheheheeee


Regards Magi

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I have now got in contact with a company is Sweden that is interested in building a test arena with some laserdom-webcamrobots.


If everything works out all right we will begin build the arena in a month. I guess it will be up and running in 2-3 months if we are lucky....


I have two audio alternatives.

1. Stereosound from stereomicrophone in every webcamrobot. You will with this system be able to hear from where you get an attack.


2. Monosound, two way, so that you can drive up to another webcamrobot and talk with it over the web. But you wont be able to hear from what direction the sound comes from.


What system would you prefer?

I gues the first stereosystem is to consider becouse the ability to talk, pilot to pilot, can be done with skype or ventrilo and so on. And then every one else cant here the discussion.


I will probably get airsoft tanks and mount laserdomweapons on them.

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