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Behavior Modification

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I once saw a beautiful little girl who was labeled mentally retarded and had MS. The problem was she was put into the menatl health unit because of her behavior. Her parents stated she was behaving radically and they did not understand why so they admitted her. Come to find out later she was protesting in her own way, her parents behavior in disciplining her. I have a autistic/mentally retarded son as well. I have no degree or PHD in Psychology or psychiatry yet I knew aht the problem was.

I told the staff what the problem was and was transfered to another unit because I did'nt have a degree in the field.


Does a degree or PHD really qualify you as a qualified professional in that field?


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First of all, someone's ideas aren't right or wrong based on a degree they do or don't have.


Your problem is that you haven't shared any evidence or arguments about this girl's condition.


Come to find out later she was protesting in her own way

What does this mean exactly?


Just because you were right about your son, doesn't mean you are right about this girl's condition. If you are going to claim something, you need to back it up with evidence.

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