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Wall moisture next to the shower?


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I don't know squat about wall moisture so bear with me.

In my shower the tiles go up to my shoulders so when I take a shower the wall above the tiles invariably gets sprayed with water. The fella who painted the walls I THINK painted it with something that supposedly keeps the moisture out of the walls.


Is this something to be concerned about?

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Yes, you need to be concerned about molds. But-- if your walls are made of wall-board the standard for many years has been to use a special type of wallboard in kitchens and bathrooms that is mold and moisture resistant. You just want to make sure the paint has good coverage and let the walls dry after each use (I've got a shower in my house that has walls with one original coat of paint, applied in 1991 over mold resistant wallboard, and not a spec of mold yet).

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