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thanks Members


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:) To all the members,

You have gave me a tremoundous view of science. At first it was totally confusing, now it is coming into perspective. I will never get past basic science, Ion drive interests me tho. I watched a program on tv last night called alien planet very interesting, that program to me put future science in perspective . Science in the future or exploration in the future. I's hooked, thanks for all you help and knowledge. pljames

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heh, I was dumb before I spent a year here... now some would continue to insult me and call me dumb, but really, you learn a lot here... as Mr. Einstein said "everything is relative" and me now relative to me 1 year ago the now version is soo much cleverer, and it's not from school!


Thanks from me too!

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Thank god we have the internet. The internet is where, along with books (but mostly internet), i get all my knowledge of science and other things (like pyrotechnics).


I havent been here long but i have already learned alot also.

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