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Another Interesting Idea- Secret Societies


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Howdy, this thread is dedicated towards designing your own secret society, as well as collaborating with others in order to form a secret society.


Such secret societies are not limited to, but do have certain requirements, certain rituals, certain acts, and group involvement in certain activities in order to be a member.


Off topic discussions are allowed, as this thread is not mean to solve a problem, but merely to provide amusement to board members.



- Barbarians for Power society


The Barbarians for Power are exactly what the name implies, barbarians for power. The goal of this society is pure ambition, as well as to maintain the quality of life for it's members. It is utterly ruthless. The more competent members are guided into high education, corporate mergers and the like, and given great opportunities. The less competent members are guided into high profit illegal operations, such as counterfeiting and illegal drugs.


The group would be very big on innovation and technology. Creativity, intelligence, ambition and ruthlessness would be the defining characteristics of the group. The group is semi-socialist. If one of the members needs help, it will provide help. The group takes care of it's own.


The group would be aggressive about researching available methods for improving the quality of life(such as using neurosteroids on members offspring to give them an unbelievably high IQ, and growth hormones during adolescence so that the offspring are taller, thus getting advantages over other people), the society would try to encourage as much innovation as possible, and if you are creative, and you can solve problems, and come up with a new product or technology which has market potential, but you lack sufficient backing, they would provide it. Of course they take a huge chunk of the money, but your idea would be used, you'd be made a wealthy man, and everyone goes off into their own merry paths. It would also practice preventative medicine, basically giving people high doses of melatonin at night and high amounts of vitamins in general, thus making people healthier, and more capable. If neural regeneration works(which I am hoping it will, and according to all the research that I have done there is no reason why it shouldn't), it would be heavily exploited to give members IQs of like 230-240, making it's members far more capable to function in this society and make alot more money.


The group would focus on acquiring resources at cheaper cost. Whenever land became cheap that the group wanted, it could buy it, due to collective resources. The group would in essence, be opportunistic buggers.


The group, due to it's collective strength, would attempt, and would succeed at dominating the illegal drug market, due to the fact that it has access to great minds, which can devise better strategies at taking over such a market.


It also focuses on emotional health, as well as aiding in getting a wife.


It all common endeavors, the group develops strategies, techniques, and resources, and makes them readily available to members, making the members lives infinitely easier.


From reading this post, you can kinda get the picture. The group is ruthless to people outside of itself, but unbelievably benovelent and charitable to members.

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I've joined and dropped out of hundreds of these secret societies. They're only worthy when they are small and elite.


Problem is, the more elite they are, the more popular they are, the more members they attract, and then they're not small and elite anymore.


* sigh *

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Lately I've been using the phrase "Librarian Illuminati" in debate over the issue of control of information in public libraries. It's a bit of a humorous nod to Steve Jackson Games, which I use to make the point that the far left can have an agenda that's every bit as morality-based as the far right.

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