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Health related problems in people from diff coutries

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I've been thinking about these a lot. I was born and grown up in Asia. I moved to USA less than 5 years. And I ve been notive something here.


People here have allergy with weather. Even many Asian moved here, they did not have it at the beginning, but after a while living here, they have it every time weather has change. If based on evolution theory then after a while living in same environment, they should develop ability to get adapted to the environment ? Why they did not ?


People in US has allergy to many diff kind of food. I am really wonder why it happens. Some people have it since their birth, some just develop it during lifetime. That mean, you was fine eat that thing and suddenly one day you almost die just by eating same thing ?. And in my country, 100% people I've met never have any food allergy problem like that. In the container of the food we do not need to has caution like: contains nut, milk, egg,... Why and what make the difference happen ? Something in the body cause it or the environment or anything else ? Is any point of evolution get a part in here ?


Thank you all :)

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Evolution designed our immune systems based on -


Being hungry most of the time.

Consuming a wide variety of natural foodstuffs (especially mother's milk in infancy)

Daily exposure to potentially harmful pathogens

A day out in the sunlight (vitamin D is very important)

A good night's sleep


The more we depart from the lifestyle our immune systems were designed for, the less reliable they seem to become.


In particular, if we don't exercise them with a regular diet of authentic 'dirt', they seem to have this nasty habit of picking a fight with something else. Like nuts. Or even parts of ourselves.

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