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Can a particle exist without its intrinsic wave?


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You're making a common mistake. I'm going to talk about electrons but this can be applied more broadly.


An electron isn't a particle with some wave behaviours.


An electron isn't a wave with some particle behaviours.


An electron is something else, an object that we don't have a good analogy for as things like that don't exist in our everyday lives. You could use the term wavicle, an object that is both wave like and particle like, but something different.

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well, yeah ..except we are not allowed to observe the wave behavior at the atomic level. I want to know if we could ever remove/strip the wave behavior from a particle ..besides observing it.



We do observe wave behavior at the atomic level. In grad school I worked on an atom interferometer. Wave behavior with atoms. I've seen electron diffraction, too. That was a modern physics lab experiment.

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The fact remains that a 'wave' is a mathematical model of a Quantum Particle's behavior in certain circumstances, while a 'particle' is the mathematical model in other circumstances ( the experiment being performed ).

What an electron actually is, is anybody's guess. But these models, when applied to their respective and appropriate circumstances, make extremely accurate real-world predictions.

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Atom Interferometer! very interesting ..do we know more about different particles waves yet (besides polarizability)?


And check this out (Making Monopoles with Waves)




and this is why I'm so interested in particle waves (potential connection? Surface Waves Store Bouncing Droplet’s History)





one more (Ripples in a BEC Pond)



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