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The Periodic Table

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I was thinking ... why not make a thread where everyone can put great sites about the periodic table. Here are already some great sites. (**** = EXTREMELY GOOD, *** = VERY GOOD, ** = GOOD, * = NORMAL)

http://www.webelements.com   if your looking for some structures for simple compuds, go to this website.

http://www.chemicalforums.com/index.php?page=periodictable I have some personal preferences for this table as I am currently working on putting it together and have supplied the pictures used in the

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Arduino Powered Mineral Cabinet

I used a Periodic Table as the navigation for an educational tool I created.

Mouse over the elements to make appropriate Mineral Cabinet lights on/off.

Learn the chemistry and relationships of minerals or just have fun and make the lights in the cabinet go crazy.


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Love this. A few more views at the link. What do you think? Beneficial, or just another item for the rubbish heap?





In this beautiful, easy-to-read periodic table, created by London-based graphic designer Alison Haigh, each element is represented by a visualization of its electronic structure, rather than by numbers and letters.


The dots each represent electronsso, hydrogen, which has an atomic number of 1, is the single dot in the upper lefthand corner.


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the thing weird about the periodic table is the gradual change along a period and the sudden change back to the start. there is something or some barrier here.

Interesting comment, you should start a thread on this.

IMHO there are a lot of weird things in a periodic table.




As i see it, the table with its gaps is evidently a kind of projection of some "multidimensional object" upon a rectangular plane surface. Like a map of the world under a Goode Homolosine projection.



It may be that it is not possible to make an accurate projection of the "object" without obtaining some distortions or gaps.

This below alternative table shows the problem, at least to me who understands nothing about chemistry but understands something about graphical representations:



Personally, I like the Physicist's Periodic Table of Timothy Stowe in the link below.



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I did not read the whole thread nor opened all the pictures/links, but there they are my favorite ones:


IUPAC Periodic Table: Simple, nice and official



My favorite one, it has nearly anything you may want to know about any element, and also most frequently used in chemistry constants



This one is funny, it contains samples of most elements:


Ah, and this one which displays the elements according to its realtive abundance on Earth:


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I started a new project taking photographs of each element in hi-res. Wikipedia is the usual go-to source of images but erratic quality and sizes. I figured using the same type of lighting on a good macro setup would help this somewhat. Anyway, I hope it's of use to someone!

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(click on each for full size)


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