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Easy ways to remember ionic compounds?


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You might this pdf useful. http://ahs.arabcityschools.org/ourpages/auto/2016/5/27/49755078/Tips%20for%20learning%20Ions.pdf


A sample:



Polyatomic Anions


Most of the work on memorization occurs with these ions, but there are a number of patterns that can
greatly reduce the amount of memorizing that one must do.
1. “ate” anions have one more oxygen then the “ite” ion, but the same charge. If you memorize the“ate” ions, then you should be able to derive the formula for the “ite” ion and vice-versa.
a. sulfate is SO4 2-, so sulfite has the same charge but one less oxygen (SO32-)
b. nitrate is NO3-, so nitrite has the same charge but one less oxygen (NO2-)
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